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Syria: Open warfare with exclusion of world public

Syria Undermined Syria: Open warfare with exclusion of world public

In terms of Syria, Libya and a lot of other examples, the West is far away from democracy.

The Gaza war by Israel against the civilian population of Palestine has distracted the attention from Syria. As we have reported, a Syrian opposition alliance has been formed in Doha, Qatar, on the direct orders of the United States.

This constitutes a total undemocratic procedure without an election or anything else that would at least give the illusion of ‘democratic procedure’.

The members were picked by NATO. Hillary Clinton had just explained that the old “Syrian National Council” (SNC) would no longer be a representative. Does it not speak a plain language, how the so-called “members” let themselves push around by the dragon from Washington?

The participants of the Doha meetings were literally locked in a room. They were straight away told by the Qataris, that they are only able to leave the room again when the “council” was formed, like participants have explained it.

NATO acknowledges killer puppets

It is kids’ stuff to acknowledge such a group of pimps as government. How dark, stubborn, arrogant, embarrassing and ridiculous by the UK and France. France and the UK are both former colonial powers in the region and have both visited and also recognized the killers of the “National Transitional Council” in Benghazi / Libya.
We have just reported the day before yesterday about the concerted action of NATO for the internal and external destabilization of the country and we were correct.

Syria is getting more and more cut off from the outside world in the last hours. Western sources claim that the collapse of the Syrian Internet would be a measure of the Syrian government. But this is against all logic and against the known facts.

All interruptions of physical and electronic connections with foreign countries were always able to get attributed to the actions of NATO-Syrian friends.

When Syrian television channels were cut off – the satellites belonging to the “enemies of Syria” – was that also Assad? The Syrian news agencies have been blocked in all possible ways for months, was that also Assad? Who benefits if Syria is not able to refute the Tartar-headlines by AFP and Reuters?

Long live the freedom of speech and information à la NATO. The German state agency ARD confirms our perspective on NATO’s strategy in this undeclared war against Syria, to paralyze the civilian life there.
“The internet connections in Damascus broke down at noon, also mobile- and telephone networks only worked sporadically, as residents reported. The country is virtually disconnected from the network, like two U.S. companies that are specialized on the observation of the world’s Internet traffic have also noted.”

The enemies of Syria

Yesterday, they sat together in Egypt to form a “government”; today, the enemies of Syria, who are calling themselves the “Friends of Syria” in a very Orwellian method, will meet in Tokyo, then on the 12 of December 2012 in Morocco, where Hillary Clinton wants to announce the recognition of the so-called Syrian opposition, that was built together by herself, as the new government of Syria. On the 18 of December 2012, there will be another staged opposition meeting in Rome.

Whether the “sheeple” (sheep) in all countries want to hear it or not: we saw an imperialist conspiracy against Iran, Russia and China, from the very beginning.

The way passed through Libya and runs through Syria. This distinguishes us holders of the title “conspiracy theorists” from the conspiracy practitioners: our dialectical estimates prove themselves to be correct and have been proven in practice.

The embarrassing lies of NATO, for example, of the liberation of Libya, or about al Qaeda in Syria as the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) still only believe the Western evening news – and SPIEGEL – consumers, which are stultified by the NATO governments and its apparent (shame-) political opposition like the Greens and the Social Democrats.

War in front of the Iron Curtain

Syria is now experiencing – because there are no pictures – a battle with the exclusion of the world public. Obama is re-elected, and he has the free hand now to “solve” the “Syria”-problem in the sense of the military-industrial complex. The open acceptance of the leadership role by Hillary Clinton is an obvious proof.

This resulted in the formation of subversion troop in Doha with the purpose to stage a “unified Syrian opposition” – and to mislead the public to believe that it would have democratic and peaceful, secular goals for Syria. Third, the internal and external covert war against Syria is being fuelled by the foreign powers.

The German blog “Hinter der Fichte” has back then described in detail the attack “Mermaid Dawn” on Tripoli (Libya). We are now experiencing the exact same scenario in Aleppo and then finally in Damascus.

The U.S., Britain and France build up the pressure in order to achieve a military solution in Syria before even the last vassal government becomes awake and begins to campaign for a political, peaceful solution to not completely become ridiculous.
Obama Clinton masks 500x353 Syria: Open warfare with exclusion of world public
Obama Clinton Masks
Both sides impended to tire. This makes a diplomatic solution – such as new elections with the participation of the Baath Party and Assad – more likely.
The United States want so prevent this. This is why the forced formation of a so-called Syrian opposition-body is under U.S. pressure.

The puppet chairman Khatib, predetermined by Clinton, is a political pimp without a past and a former Shell manager and member of the Muslim Brotherhood, who is unknown outside of Damascus.

He is just a place holder who should represent some semblance of a united opposition or something like democracy. Obama`s termagant (fury) Hillary Clinton pulls the strings behind him.

The NATO prepares further the violent overthrow of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. NATO has never moved away from it. Therefore, the so-called democratic NATO countries are even discussing the lifting of the arms embargo.
Where is now the outcry of our native “freedom fighters”, who like it to chant for some “No-Fly zones” in order to “protect the civilians”?

The Syrian government was not responsible for the fact that the fighting continues in Syria. According to Lakhdar Brahimi, the Syrian government respected the ceasefire of 26 November. The truce in Syria was violated (and broken) by the Western-backed Al Qaeda / Al Nusra (Islamist) fronts.

NATO does not only bank on the fatigue of the Syrian government. This can be risky, given the situation that the Syrian civilians in its majority oppose the NATO murderer groups and that Bashar al-Assad still has a huge support in the Syrian population.

NATO also speculates on the flagging attention of the world public and the media. The point of attack has come when the mass wave it away: “I can no longer listen to news from Syria”
They will not hear Syria when the overt aggression starts and the new massacres are carried out. The Syrian media are blocked, the NATO-media lies, the “embedded” will be silent again.

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