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Syria: The Situation behind the Screen of Fog


The Syrian Arab army continues its operations against the NATO groups.

The Syrian Arab army continues its operations against the NATO groups in Aleppo and Damascus. The collapse of telecommunications and the Internet should be partly due to attacks of these groups among others in the Syrian city of Douma (about 10 km North-East of Damascus).

As already mentioned several times, this tactic corresponds to the requirements of the U.S. Army for the “unconventional warfare” and was already applied in Damascus and Aleppo. Armed gangs, which were trained, equipped and financed in Turkey, were smuggled across the borders to Syria and were labeled as Syrians (“FSA / defectors”).

Their task was to perform attacks on leading Syrian representatives, Syrian transmitters and journalists, telecommunications, radar and military installations. We remember the gruesome images like when the “freedom fighters’’ threw postal workers off the roof.

The renewed disturbances of the Internet and telephone lines represent the second wave of these experiments. The terrorism and the aggrieved supply should wear down the Syrian people and put them at odds with the Syrian leadership.

“De-escalation” by weapons and U.S. functionaries

The U.S. appointed head of the SNC (Syrian National Coalition), Al Khatib, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and former Shell Manager, has addressed publicly his friends, the democracies Saudi Arabia and Qatar, in an interview with Al Jazeera.

Among his friends are even Britain and France, who are now taking a stand for the official equipment of the combatants with weapons. Even the Washington Post reports that the militia in Syria had received around 40 portable rocket launchers, of which, at least, some came from Qatar. They are used against air targets.
The New York Times informs that
Hollande Khatib Syria: The Situation behind the Screen of Fog
France hand in hand with U.S. flunkies
“the U.S. government takes a more extensive intervention into consideration in order to oust Bashar al-Assad from power”.
France’s foreign minister has announced that France had paid $ 1.5 million to the newly formed “Syrian National Coalition” (SNC).

This is the so-called “de-escalation” of NATO, which has been recently announced by Thomas de Maizière (allegedly currently working as Minister of Defence “for” the German people).

The assessment of the German blog “Hinter der Fichte” that the deployment of the Patriot missiles to Turkey is an act of aggression was self-fulfilling faster than we have been able to imagine it.

German-American Brothers in Arms against Syria

A Turkish deployment and exploration group currently chooses the locations for the Patriot missiles – for American missiles in Turkey. Turkey, better named ‘Ottoman madman Erdogan and his fellows’, has spread the completely paradoxical thesis that the Patriot missiles would be intended against a threat by Syria from the air or with missiles.

So, the Bundeswehr (German army) is standing shoulder to shoulder with its missiles on the side of the U.S. comrade-at-arms in this war against Syria.

The missiles located at the Turkish-Syrian border are able to reach the Syrian cities of Aleppo and Homs and they can be also used to attack the Syrian air force in the battle against the invaders.
Who wants to control it? Thomas de Maizière? This deployment of the Patriot missiles to Turkey corresponds to the attacks of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) ground forces on the radar unites from the Syrian air defence. One of three relevant Syrian radar stations (M1) was allegedly destroyed by NATO.

This allows an air corridor in Syria after the Libyan scenario. It is clearly amazing how fatally congruent is this with the “humanitarian” demand of the war monger Kerstin Müller from Germany`s Green party from March this year.

We have again been proved right. The in course of this strategy destroyed an important Syrian radar station M1 that is located towards Israel. This could facilitate the unnoticed approach of the Israelis towards Iran from the land and the Mediterranean significantly. Well, what a coincidence. The Syrian radar units M2 in Homs and M3 near Latakia remain. They cover central, northern and eastern Syria.

Two-front war

Altogether, it seems to be the plan that a NATO-Arab alliance under the leadership of the United States should invade towards Damascus from the north (Turkey) and the South (Jordan).

The “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) / Al Qaeda / Nusra terrorist groups have meanwhile the task to fall in the back of the Syrian armed forces and to spread terror among the Syrian civilian population as well as to cut off supply routes. NATO has learned from Libya.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Africa and Arabia, Amir Abdollahian, has said on Tuesday that the militias in Syria would lie in its final throes.
“Unfortunately, irresponsible armed groups which receive support from foreigners have targeted human resources and the infrastructures of Syria.” (Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Africa and Arabia)
The militias determined the government, people and resistance as their targets. The weakening of Syria only serves the U.S. and Israel. National negotiations between the Syrian government and opposition would be the best political solution.

The attack on the freedom of information is carried out on all levels. NATO wants to prevent that any true information is able to come out of Syria. On Friday, a bomb attack on the colleagues of Press TV was thwarted, because the perpetuator was recorded while he was placing the bombs under the vehicle of Press TV.

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” – George Orwell


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