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Sayyed Nasrallah Delivers Speech in Arbaeen Commemoration

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah delivered a televised speech on Saturday on the occasion of Imam Hussein's Arbaeen in the city of Baalbeck.

Main points

On the occasion
  • We will follow the path of Imam Hussein until attaining one of the two virtues, either victory or martyrdom
  • On the 40th day we adopt Imam Ali Bin Hussein's stance and say: Do you threaten to kill me? Death for us is a norm, and our honor is martyrdom
  • We also adopt Sayyeda Zainab's stance back then, and tell all the wagerers on our sanctities and all tyrants: even if you use all your powers, you will never erase our presence
  • We call upon all the scholars in the world to condemn these  suicide attacks that targeted Imam Hussein visitors in Iraq, as well as civilians in Pakistan, Syria, etc...
On Ban Ki-moon's deep concern about the military capacity of Hezbollah and the lack of progress in disarmament
  • I felt happy yesterday when i heard Ban Ki-Moon statement yesterday, and i tell him that you and America's fear is what makes happy
  • We tell anyone who wants dialogue for the sake of disarming us that he will fail

On interenal governmental  issues
  • We remember Imam Moussa Sadr and his two companions and renew our support to the steps take by the government to uncover his destiny
  • We reassure that we are committed to internal security no matter how much the political differences were
  • We are concerned that this government succeeds and work on solving the people's problems

On Syria and regional issues
  • We we call on the Syrian opposition to respond to President Al-Assad's call for dialogue and reforms, and call for dropping the arms
  • Sayyed Nasrallah to media outlets: your attitude is bringing sectarian incitements, and if you want to avoid such conflicts you have to change this attitude
  • The assassination of the Iranian Scientist will not stop Iran's progress,
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UN Ban Ki-Moon Arrives in Lebanon

Local Editor
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon arrived in Lebanon on Friday afternoon, the National News Agency reported.

Economy Minister Nicolas Nahhas represented Prime Minister Najib Mikati and received Ban at Beirut’s Rafik Hariri International Airport.

In the meantime, a rally was held near Beirut’s ESCWA building against UN chief Ban Ki-moon’s visit to Lebanon, denouncing his latest speeches against Syria and the region.
Ban urged the international community ahead of his visit to adopt a united stand in dealing with the revolt in Syria.

Ban told the Arabic-language daily An-Nahar that it was essential the international community stand together to address the crisis.

Ban said the UN Security Council must take Assad's behaviour into account and speak in one voice in seeking an end to the crisis.

Worth to mention that Russia has repeatedly sided with Assad's regime and earlier this month sent a large naval flotilla to the Syrian port of Tartus in what Damascus said was a show of solidarity.

Hezbollah says U.N.'s Ban not welcome in Lebanon

The head of Hezbollah’s Shura Council Sheikh Mohammad Yazbek said over the weekend that U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, who is scheduled to arrive in Lebanon Friday, is not welcome.

“The visit of United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon's visit to Beirut is not welcome, neither is the phony [U.N. special envoy Terry] Larsen or the messenger of evil [Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs] Jeffrey Feltman,” Yazbeck was quoted by local media as saying.

Yazbeck accused Larsen, who is tasked with overseeing the implementation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1559, of being biased toward Israel.

UNSCR 1559 was adopted in 2004 and calls for the complete withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon and the disarmament of Hezbollah. The latter has defended its possession of arms as the only means to fend off Israeli aggression.

Lebanon's resistance party has said that Ban is biased toward Israel, particularly following the release of Ban's latest report to the Security Council on the implementation of Resolution 1701. In the report, issued in November, Ban criticized Hezbollah as a threat to Lebanon’s stability, and called on the government to hold a national dialogue and work toward a national defense strategy.

Hezbollah responded by accusing Ban of bias toward the west, warning against Western hegemony over the United Nations which, the resistance said, threatened peace and security.

During his visit, the U.N. chief is expected to meet with officials and members of the U.N. Interim Forces in Lebanon. He is also scheduled to give the opening remarks at a U.N. conference in Beirut on reform and democratic transition in the Arab world.

Despite the apparent conflict of interest between the two sides, Hezbollah and U.N. officials in Lebanon have maintained good relations with U.N. Resident Coordinator for Lebanon Robert Watkins meeting with Hezbollah officials on a regular basis.

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Alan Dershowitz’ Attempt to Destroy a Memorial to Martin Luther King

 Friday, January 13, 2012 at 3:18PM AuthorGilad Atzmon
A year ago I was invited to attend a celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. at the Friends Meeting House, NYC. The Meeting House Orchestra was due to play music from my award winning Exile album - an album created to celebrate the prospect of peace and harmony in the Middle East and beyond.

Yesterday, the concert took place. Friends Meeting House was packed to capacity. The atmosphere was electric. Though I have performed at, and attended music events pretty well every night for the last thirty years, what I saw yesterday was one of the most moving events that I have ever attended or participated in.
However, one particular Zionist ethnic-cleansing advocate, seemed a little less than happy. Just hours before the event, the infamous Alan Dershowitz decided to destroy the party. In shame and desperation he attempted to pressure the organizers to cancel this concert. Perhaps the Hasbara mouthpiece truly believed that destroying a Martin Luther King Memorial was good for Israel and/or the Jews. He was wrong. Again, as ever, he overestimated his own power and influence.

As I opened my eyes today I learned that a humiliated Dershowitz had spread his vile demagoguery in the New York Daily News. As he now does at least once a week, again he calls me an anti-Semite and a Holocaust denier. Again, he stitches together sentences and half-quotes completely out of context.

Again, he attacks my many and distinguished academic endorser - He tried it with Professor John Mearsheimer and he tried it with Professor Richard Falk – but again, always he fails. The painful truth is that over the years Dershowitz has earned himself a reputation as a compulsive liar – and, save for a few noisy Zionists, no-one takes him very seriously any more.

Recently, I exposed Dershowitz’s Lies and Glitches in a comprehensive deconstruction of his duplicitous tactics, so I see little point in doing it again. But I do understand why Dershowitz is so upset about my latest book ‘The Wandering Who’. In the book, I present some harsh criticisms of Jewish identity politics. I don’t criticise Jews and I don’t criticise Judaism - but I most certainly do criticise the Dershowitzes of this world. I expose their lobbying tactics, their aggressive and deceitful behaviour and their advocacy of wars and global conflicts. So, I guess that Dershowitz must have now grasped the personal consequences for him of the success of ‘The Wandering Who’.
Dershowitz knows all his campaigns have been in vain. He knows that my book is endorsed and praised by the leading humanists of our time. And he knows that not a single endorser of my work has bowed their head or bent their knee to his relentless pressure. In effect, Dershowitz knows the tide has changed. For him at least, the game is over.

Unfortunately, winning a battle against Dershowitz doesn’t always achieve that much. The man has no dignity, no sense of worth. He is completely unable to do the decent thing and just drift away. So, I guess I’m stuck with him forever.

But I’ve learned to make the most of it. What I do is to allow Dershowitz to handle all my PR on this side of the pond. And you know what? The boy’s doing good. In fact, following today’s article in the Daily News, I’m looking forward to quite a surge in book sales.
Yesterday night, we ended the Martin Luther King Memorial holding hands and singing “We Shall Overcome”. Let me assure you - the Dershowitzes of this world won’t prevail – we shall overcome.

And sooner than you think.
Gilad Atzmon's New Book: The Wandering Who? A Study Of Zionist tricks and Dershowitz in particular. Available on or
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Egypt brothers to Burns: PLS. stop the attacks against the Palestinians and the "systematic murder against Syrians"


Head of the justice and development party, emerging from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Mohammed Mursi, said his party was convinced of the importance of us-Egyptian relations, but "these relations must be based on equilibrium", and called on Washington to reconsider its accounts and change its policies in accodance with spring Arab revolutions. [Let MB's govern]
During the meeting yesterday, William Burns, US Assistant Secretary of State Mursi called the United States to change its position towars the Arab and Islamic issues positively, saying that past US administrations bias policies against Arab issues was not in its favour.
According to a statement from the party,  the meeting started at its headquarters in Cairo with Burns congratulated the Party on the results achieved in Egyptian elections, and expressing his country welcoming the election results, stressing that Washington respect the Egyptian people choice in the  fair elections and  freedom of choice.
Burns said the USA is ready to support Egypt economically to overcome the current crisis afflicting currently, he stressed the importance of Egypt and its leading role in the region, that Egypt can play a positive impact on the various issues involved, and noting that his visit aims mainly to check the party's view regarding economic and political landscape in Egypt and the region in General.
[In particular, Burns wanted to know two things. The first is the future of Camp david, the second, is Muslim Brothers committment to regime change in Syria. He got the expected answers]
Mursi also stressed the important role which can be played by the US Administration to resolve Palestinian crisis and stop the attacks against the Palestinian people, given the great importance of the issue to the Egyptian people and its heart the freedom and justice party, Mursi also called the US Administration to take a clearer position towards systematic murder against Syrian people.
[ In other words, Mursi is calling for "humanitarian intervention" in Syria.]

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Palestinian Lesson In Ethics

DateThursday, January 12, 2012 at 5:11AM AuthorGilad Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon's New Book: The Wandering Who? A Study Of Israeli barbarism. Available on or
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Will a pro-Gadhafi “Green Revolution” topple the NTC?

Franklin Lamb
Graphics by Alex
This observer was stunned late last week when during a meeting in a Maghreb country with three high ranking former Libyan officials, among hundreds currently in hiding, and some organizing, in countries bordering Libya, one of them, in all earnest, asked me, “Do you believe there will be a counter revolution soon in the “Jamarariya (state of the masses)?”

The reason I was so surprised is that I was about to ask my hosts that very question. I was thinking that with all their security and serious faced male visitors, some western, coming and going and whispering that the reported Libyan Liberation Front groups along the Seral might be making some progress after not hearing much about them recently.

Of course this observer has little idea if the much talked ‘Green Revolution’ is strong or could topple the current NATO created and imposed government. 
Certainly there are heard today many complaints in Libya about the do-nothing “non-government”that increasingly people in all walks of life are boldly complaining about. What I have observed personally is that nearly all the reports on events in Libya on certain Internet cite are false. Frankly this was also the case during the summer months here in Libya when patently false claims about NATO using MAP 108 Spanish manufactured cluster bombs against civilian or loyalist military targets, NATO using depleted uranium, or that 150,000 Libyan civilians were killed were posted as truth “from reliable sources inside Liby.” Or additional wild claims, for example, that Misrata and other areas were always in loyalist control and that the rebels were surrendering en masse and that NATO was admitting defeat the next day.

A couple of recent false claims include:

- Last week a much circulated report that: “There are green flags flying all over Zawia and the Green Revolution has captured the town!” Quite by coincidence the evening I read that claim on the Internet, I had just come from Sorman and while en route was given a tour of the battle sites from the July-August fighting in Zawia by NTC checkpoint minders. We observed most the intense battle sites including the Gadhafi Hotel site and various other Zawia locations. I observed approximately 35 captured government tanks parked along the main road and still in working condition but there was not one Green (pro-Gadhafi) flag to be seen. I had just come from a cemetery outside of Zabratha where is saw local police/militia removing green cloth swatches from graves of some who had died during the summer fighting. Green flags if they appear in Tripoli are quickly remove and replaced with the tricolor of the NTC.
-Reports that Saif al Islam has married a Zintan tribe woman and has been seen taking walks with his captors and that they are defecting to his leadership. According to the military commander of the Zintan militia group holding Saif, this is also nonsense and he claimed that the Zintan “brigade” (none of the groups here like being referred to as “militia “ these days) are not preventing Saif from seeing a lawyer but that the permission must come from the Ministry of Justice in Tripoli. Specifically, from Mr. Abdul Aziz Hazaii, Chief of Investigations at the MJ and the gentleman from whom this observer is currently awaiting approval to visit 11 incarcerated individuals.

All of us know that misinformation and disinformation are common during armed conflicts, often politically motivated. But such grossly exaggerated and unsubstantiated claims and conspiracy theories only aid the aggressors, in this case, NATO.

There is clear and growing pro-Gadhafi political and military activity here and it is why NTC leader Mustapha Abdul Jalil, the other day warned against the Gadhafi children raising an insurrection. Aisha Gadhafi, given Saif’s current incarceration, is perhaps the likely leader, given her intelligence, energy and strong commitment to replace “NATO’s rebels”,vindicate her father, preserve his correct legacy, and organize a reform movement along the lines that she and some family members and loyalists were working--with the approval, she claims, of her father before his death.

Every night more pro-Gadhafi graffiti appears on street walls, buildings and around Green (Martyrs Square). Activists, and there appear to be more every day, assert that so far the NTC has not attacked them and they feel fairly free to speak out and even organize. It is anyone’s guess how long this situation will exist before a violent crackdown and open fighting.
It is difficult to gage the anti-NTC/ pro-Gadhafi mix and the extent to what extent each is propelling increasingly unpredictable event in Libya.

Yet, with the elimination of Muammar Gadhafi, which was NATO’s clear intension from March 19 when it took over the UNSCR 1973 campaign against Libya, NATO correctly concluded that without Gadhafi’s charismatic leadership in Libya and in the region, any “Green counterrevolution”would be very difficult. That is what we are seeing today.
While the restive Libyan population appears to be rebelling against the NTC for a variety of reasons, today, the urinating by NATO forces on the bodies of Afghani’s is dominating the news and discussions is this pious Muslim country. NATO has already lost much of its claimed public relations boost following its Halloween night ending of the bombing. One suspects that this is because of an accumulation of many more recently discovered cases of NATO bombing of civilians in Libya and additionally the reports of innocent non-threatening soldiers as in Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The population today in Libya is increasingly furious because more and more cases are coming to light concerning the high numbers of children who have been killed by NATO.

In addition to the fury caused by the urinating NATO forces, NATO officials are being ridiculed for all their denials that their bombing missions here in Libya, numbering more than 11,000, caused civilians deaths and their claims that NATO forces conducted themselves according to the higher moral and military standards, and sometimes put themselves at risk to avoid civilian casualties. The claims remind some of a generation of similar ludicrous public relations campaign undertaken regularly by the Israeli government.
The signs from Libya are that this country remains volatile and that contrary to NATO claims that it put into place a “new democratic Libya” that the predictable next chapter is starting to unfold that may bring the end of the NTC before the coming June elections when it is scheduled to be replaced.

Franklin Lamb is doing research in Lebanon. He is reachable c\
He is the author of The Price We Pay: A Quarter-Century of Israel’s Use of American Weapons Against Civilians in Lebanon.
He contribute to Uprooted Palestinians Blog

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Monty Python on Anti Semitism

DateWednesday, January 11, 2012 at 9:28PM AuthorGilad Atzmon

The punch line comes in the end, if you can take it...

You can basically get away with everything except 'anti Semitism'...
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Nuclear Assassinations: The Unholy Marriage of Spy Agencies

By Dr. Ismail Salami

“I saw a motorcycle. They were wearing ski masks — black ski masks. They were two people. I saw the motorcycle speed by. I saw them. It seemed as if they had something in their hands,” this is how a female witness described the scene of the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan.

As the blade of blame is being directed against the CIA and Mossad for orchestrating the brutal assassination of the 32-year-old Iranian scientist in broad daylight in Tehran on Wednesday morning, the duo have preferred to feign ignorance as to the identity of the main perpetrator of the crime.

“I want to categorically deny any United States involvement in any kind of act of violence inside Iran,” US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told reporters on Thursday.
Also, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the US had nothing to do with the assassination.

“We were not involved in any way — in any way — with regards to the assassination that took place [in Iran],” he said. “I’m not sure of who was involved…But I can tell you one thing: the United States was not involved in that kind of effort. That’s not what the United States does.”
The US is not the only party which has chosen to be in denial.

Israeli President Shimon Peres also denied on Thursday that Israel was involved in the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist. In an interview with CNN, Peres was asked if Israel was involved in the nuclear assassination, to which he answered: “Not to the best of my knowledge.”
“I know that it is fashionable that whatever wrong happens in Iran, it is the United States and Israel. There is nothing new in this approach,” said Peres.

What kind of answer would the viewers expect from Peres to such a native question? The question is indeed as unwise in substance as the answer given by Peres.

In order to find out who really killed the Iranian scientist, one needs to put together the factual pieces.
Just two days after Iran sentenced to death CIA operative of Iranian descent Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, two unidentified men on a motorcycle attached a magnetic bomb onto the car of Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a senior official at Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility, and detonated it on Wednesday, killing the young scientist and his driver.

It does not seem unreasonable to say that there was a link between the two incidents.

And in comes a third party e.g. Britain which bears as equal responsibility for the crime as the other two. British Middle East minister Alistair Burt has recently visited Israel and demanded all nations intensify pressure on Tehran to stall its nuclear program. Proudly he announced that “a few weeks ago the British government imposed tough new financial restrictions against Iran. These new sanctions make it illegal for any financial institution in the United Kingdom to have any dealings with any institution in Iran. They are the toughest of their kind. And we will build on them, getting others to follow suit.”

A close friend of Israel, Mr. Burt described the Iranian nuclear program as “the major issue at the top of our shared agenda,” saying that Israel can serve as a partner in a common cause against a regime dangerously loose.”

Lavishing pearls of British wisdom on the audience while speaking at Bar-Ilan University’s Feldman International Conference Center, Mr. Burt said Iran “does not just threaten Israel,” and sycophantically described Israel as the “bastion for stability in the region.”

Also contributing to the shared agenda of Israel and Britain in nuclear assassinations and sabotage activities in Iran is the remark of the Israel Defense Forces’ Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz who said on Tuesday in an address to a closed Knesset committee that Iran should expect more “unnatural” events in 2012.
While the hawks in Washington have already declared a nuclear war on Iran in a metaphoric sense i.e. the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientists, some of them avail themselves of a kind of literature in their reference to the nuclear assassinations which indicates the abyss of human degeneration. An impetuous example of this was reflected in a video circulated on the internet in which Rick Santorum, who is a sad excuse for a human being and a politically bankrupt White House aspirant, has unfeelingly described the assassination of Iranian scientists as “wonderful.”
“On occasion, scientists working on the nuclear program in Iran turn up dead. I think that’s a wonderful thing, candidly,” said Rick Santorum addressing an election campaign in Greenville, South Carolina.
He added that, “I think we should send a very clear message that if you are a scientist from Russia, North Korea, or from Iran and you are going to work on a nuclear program to develop a bomb for Iran, you are not safe.”
The assassinated Iranian scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan posing next to his son.
There are times when one wonders how on earth all these politically, ethically and intellectually Lilliputian-minded people have turned up together in this world.

All these facts aside, examples for the animosity of the UK, US and Israel towards the Islamic Republic are legion. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the myriad crimes orchestrated, funded and carried out by the trio.

There is no doubt that the recent assassination has caused a lot of intellectual anguish, emotional pain and political wrath in Iran.

In a stern warning, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, lashed out at the United States and Israel for orchestrating the assassination of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan. In a message of condolence to his family, Ayatollah Khamenei said the assassination was carried out under the unholy auspices of the CIA and Mossad.

“This act of cowardice, whose perpetrators and architects will never dare to confess to their foul and appalling crime or assume responsibility for it, has been engineered and funded by the CIA and Mossad [spy] services,” he said, adding, “The assassination shows that the global arrogance spearheaded by the US and Zionism has arrived at an impasse in their encounter with the determined, devout, and progressive nation of Islamic Iran.”

Central to the circle of the prime suspects in the nuclear assassinations is the IAEA itself. About two weeks ago, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan had reportedly met the agency inspectors.

Isn’t it strange that the nuclear scientist was killed only two weeks after his meeting with the IAEA inspectors?

Another point which actually strengthens the speculation is that the names and identities of Iranian nuclear scientists who have so far been assassinated have been published in the list of sanctions issued by the IAEA.

Israel Defense Forces’ Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz has said, Iran should be expecting more “unnatural” events in 2012.

Iran is certainly prepared for the worst but the enemies of the Islamic Republic should for their part await devastating consequences of colossal proportions if they wish to persevere in their path of mischief.

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Nuclear Weapons and Smoking Guns

by Eileen Fleming

The smoking gun behind the rapidly accelerating covert campaign of assassinations, bombings and cyberattacks against Iran, is widely believed to have Israel pulling the trigger.

During Tehran’s morning rush hour on Wednesday, a bomb killed 32-year-old nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, who had been a department supervisor at the Natanz uranium enrichment plant. Roshan was the fifth scientist with nuclear connections to be assassinated since 2007.
Iranian officials immediately blamed both Israel and the United States.

American officials deny any role in lethal activities to halt Iran’s nuclear program.
Tommy Vietor, a spokesman for the National Security Council claimed, “The United States had absolutely nothing to do with this.”

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton “categorically” denied “any United States involvement in any kind of act of violence inside Iran” and added, “We believe that there has to be an understanding between Iran, its neighbors and the international community that finds a way forward for it to end its provocative behavior, end its search for nuclear weapons and rejoin the international community. [1]
Many in the international community have been calling for a Nuclear Free Middle East-and world:

Vanunu Mordechai,Nuclear Weapons in Israel-May-23-2010.

Many opine that the multifaceted covert campaign against Iran is the alternative to outright war and that sanctions have slowed down Iran’s enrichment of uranium and uranium is used to fuel nuclear weapons.
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta thinks that sanctions are “working to put pressure on [Iran] to make them understand that they cannot continue to do what they’re doing…Are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon? No.
“But we know that they’re trying to develop a nuclear capability. And that’s what concerns us. And our red line to Iran is, do not develop a nuclear weapon. That’s a red line for us.” [2]
The red line for this candidate for US House of Representatives is:

US and Israeli Nuclear Deceptions

Panetta won’t “take any option off the table. But the responsible thing to do right now is to keep putting diplomatic and economic pressure on them to force them to do the right thing and to make sure that they do not make the decision to proceed with the development of a nuclear weapon.
“I think they need to know that if they take that step that they’re going to get stopped.
“We made very clear that the United States will not tolerate blocking of the Straits of Hormuz. That’s another red line for us. And we will respond to that.
“I think, you know, our preference is that the international community, including Israel, ought to work together on this issue. We have common cause here.
“We’re not interested in them developing a nuclear weapon.
“We are not interested in them proliferating violence throughout that region.
“We are not interested in them trying to assist in terrorism.
“We are not interested in them trying to destabilize governments in that region or any place else. We have common cause here. And the better approach is for us to work together and not act.
“If the Israelis made that decision, we would have to be prepared to protect our forces in that situation. And that’s what we’d be concerned about.” [3]
What we the people of America need to be concerned about is America’s collusion with Israel in sabotage, such as the Stuxnet computer worm.
“Over the past two years, according to intelligence and military experts familiar with its operations, Dimona has taken on a new, equally secret role — as a critical testing ground in a joint American and Israeli effort to undermine Iran’s efforts to make a bomb of its own. Behind Dimona’s barbed wire, the experts say, Israel has spun nuclear centrifuges virtually identical to Iran’s at Natanz, where Iranian scientists are struggling to enrich uranium. They say Dimona tested the effectiveness of the Stuxnet computer worm, a destructive program that appears to have wiped out roughly a fifth of Iran’s nuclear centrifuges and helped delay, though not destroy, Tehran’s ability to make its first nuclear arms.

“Though American and Israeli officials refuse to talk publicly about what goes on at Dimona, the operations there, as well as related efforts in the United States, are among the newest and strongest clues suggesting that the virus was designed as an American-Israeli project to sabotage the Iranian program…Officially, neither American nor Israeli officials will even utter the name of the malicious computer program, much less describe any role in designing it.
“How and when Israel obtained this kind of first-generation centrifuge remains unclear, whether from Europe, or the Khan network, or by other means. But nuclear experts agree that Dimona came to hold row upon row of spinning centrifuges…another clue involves the United States…an expert added that Israel worked in collaboration with the United States in targeting Iran, but that Washington was eager for ‘plausible deniability.’” [4]
The only plausible way out of this state of madness run by hypocrites in high places is a Nuclear Free Middle East and a world where all people are free and equal.
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Friday, 13 January 2012

Feltman-oglu-Hamad Maneuver And the Victory of Assad

By Nader izzeddin

In a fresh attempt to contain the failure of USA-Syrian opposition and prepare for the next phase, Jeffrey Feltman is Shuttling in the Middle East and North Africa. After announcing his arrival in Cairo a few days ago, we learned that Feltman appeared suddenly after few hours in Ankara!

Why Jeffrey jumped from Egypt to Turkey in a broad secret obscure visit?
Starting from Cairo, with the Lebanese newspaper Al-Saffeer story  (No 12081 number issued on 11/1/2012), about the "convening the first meeting between a senior Islamic organization in Egypt at the Rafah crossing. Following the story we learned that this meeting was personally sponsored by Feltman to prepare for another meeting with the Assistant Secretary of State William Burns (the meeting was held on 11/1/2012).

The Islamist organization is intended to play after the legislative elections in Egypt, a prominent role in maintaining "Camp David" 
PLS. stop the attacks against the Palestinians
and the "systematic murder against Syrian people."
According to our sources, the second objective of Feltman's  visit to Cairo to request in particular the Secretary-General of the Arab League Nabil Elaraby to withdrew Arab observers from Syria and move the Syrian file to the United Nations. Here Feltman failed because we revealed the US-Arab plot three days before the submission of Arab observers report; consequently the Committee postponed this step

The third objective of Feltman's visit to Egypt, is to complete a US maneuver initiated in the past few weeks, the"obscurity maneuver" as called by our sources, to release the pressure on Turkey and Qatar, transferring the Syrian file virtually to Egypt.

The United States began this maneuvering, after Turkey was hit by successive setbacks both regionally and internationally, to withdraw Turkey from confrontation with President Bashar Al-Assad before turn it into a "paper tiger", after Erdogan's policy turned Turkey into a lever to drop the Syrian regime, it's no longer possible to normalize relations with Damascus as long as Assad holds power, even more it is no longer possible to repair the mounting force of Turkey, which was a source of pride, without the fall of Syria.
According to Ihsan Dagi, a researcher specialized in political science and international relations and close to Erdugan party, Any scenario observing the survival of Assad in power would turn Turkey in regional policy in to "paper tiger", and make its claims as a founding player in regional system into a joke.

As for Qatar, it has withdrawn from the direct political confrontation with Syria, while maintaining its role in the propaganda confrontation, to play a role in pressuring the Arab League of and destroy any of its remaining credibility, with the successive attacks by Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad Ibn Jassem al-Arab who is at the same time Chairman of the Arab Ministerial Committee.
What He Stated is Completely False
In addition, Hamad planted a mine planted in the Observer Mission, namely Anwar Malik having a paternal relationship to Burhan Ghalioun, the head of the so-called Syrian national council.
Hamad has decided to blow this mine yesterday by announcing the withdrawal of the Anwar Malik from the mission and attacking its members and its head on Al-Jazeera, indicating the unquenchable thirst of Sheikh Hamad to fire the death shot at the head of the League!
Mr. "Zero Problems" left Tehran empty-handed
Returning to Feltman's confidential visit to Turkey, sources revealed that he arrived to Ankara after hours from Cairo for several major objectives:

1. To reassure Turkey that its own role in the scheme of the Syrian President continues to be essential and it would be a major player in the region after the fall of President Al-Assad.

2. Request Turkey to exploit the appeasement to meet with the Iranian leadership, and invite them to discuss the nuclear dossier in Ankara, and this is what Ahmet davutoğlu did on his visit to Tehran.

3. In application of carrot and stick policy, to deliver a carrot to Iran that Washington is willing to compromise on the nuclear dossier and reach an understanding on the "Straits of Hormuz" versus Iran giving up President Al-Assad, on the one hand, on the other hand, deliver a warning about transporting chaos and assassinations to inside Iran in the event of refusal.

4. Venting the tension between Ankara and Paris on the "Armenian genocide" and inform Turkey it would  soon return to confrontation with Assad.
5. Prepare for the implementation of the next steps to be aligned with Ban Ki-moon to visit Lebanon, which we talked about in our report: "scheme to topple President Bashar Al-Assad".
6. Most important was the regrouping of Syrian opposition, after disagreements between its members started killing it. In addition, temporary extension for Burhan Ghalioun presidency before removing him permanently, and move the post to Louay Safi, a Prof. resident in the USA at George Washington University.
The reason for this step is the disappointment from Burhan Ghalioun recently rejecting foreign military intervention, and his signing a document to refrain from internationalizing the Syrian crisis with Haytham manna.

We have learned that most claimants in this paradigm are the brotherhood.
The plot against Syria is exposed, as President Bashar Al-Assad said in a speech two days ago in Damascus University, it was not apparent from the outset, but its full features were not clear.  

Today the maneuver Feltman-oglu-Hamad won't work and won't be able to revive their conspiracies and their oppositions from and clinical death,

As President Assad yesterday addressed the Syrian people in Omaweyade square in Damascus, "we do trust the future, put trust in you, and through you we are to be victorious against the conspiracy,''  President al-Assad said lashing out at the conspirators who are in the final phase of their conspiracies.

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