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Zionist Entity Engaged in Lebanon Explosions: Report

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Israeli commandosThe Zionist entity had been engaged in several security operations in Lebanon in a bid to trigger chaos and internal strife in the country.

The Israeli Channel One, revealed that the Zionist Commando force, which was ambushed by Hezbollah fighters in the southern village of Ansariyyeh in 1997, were holding bombs that have the same technique of the bombs used by internal sides in Lebanon.

The report said the soldiers were to plant two bombs in the region in a bid to say that the blasts were as a part of Lebanese internal strife.

“Not using advanced bombs is due to the nature of the operation in Ansariyyeh. The technician unit in the (Israeli) army developed these bombs in a way that the explosion which would cause could be interpreted as a Lebanese internal conflict,” the Israeli reporter said in the report broadcast on Channel One.

For his part, the representative of Ansariyyeh soldiers’ kin said “there were specified things in relation with the issue of bombs which were held by the soldiers. I don’t want to get in analyses to keep the issue confidential.”

The report revealed information indicating that the splinters of Hezbollah’s bombs which hit the Israeli soldiers were like the splinters of the bombs held by the occupation troops themselves.
“The formula of the bomb shows it was non qualitative in which it threatens the soldiers who holds it. Splinters found in the corpses of the soldiers show that the bombs are not used by the Israeli army,” the reporter said citing the information.

“The source of these splinters may be the enemy‘s bombs (referring to Hezbollah), or the bombs which the Israeli soldiers had held with for military goals,” the Israeli reporter added.
Source: Al Manar TV
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Two Car Bombs Rock Syria’s Daraa as Opposition Fails to Unite

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Twin car bombs hit on Saturday the southSyria Daraa mapern Syrian city of Daraa,
killing a number of people, as the opposition failed to unite.

Syrian state news agency reported victims and damage in the area of the explosions.

“Two terrorist car bomb attacks hit Daraa city on Saturday, victims and huge material damage were reported,” SANA said without providing further details.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the blasts were minutes apart in the back garden of the club in Daraa, adding at least 20 soldiers were killed.

SNC talks in DohaMeanwhile, the Local Coordination Committees announced it was quitting the Opposition Syrian National Council, which has been engaged in talks in the Qatari capital, Doha, for four days.

The SNC, once regarded as the leading representative of the opposition but now derided in Washington as dominated by out-of-touch exiles was due to give its delayed response on Saturday to proposals for a new broader-based body.

The SNC had asked for two postponements while it elected its own new leadership amid strong resistance among some members to what they see as the group's sidelining in the new US-backed structure.

The group chose a Christian, George Sabra, as its new leader in a move seen as a response to criticism that Islamists play too dominant a role.
Source: Agencies
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A comment by Nahida Izzat on ICH

Through many years of work with Palestine solidarity, I came to realize that the movement is heavily infiltrated by Jewish (Zionist and anti-Zionist) activists*, thus affecting at core level the path, aims and strategy of the movement. They also have managed to influence many in the movement including some Palestinian "intellectuals".

Through this infiltration they were able to obliterate the concept of LIBERATION and remove it completely from the vocabulary.

Some other consequences of allowing such element at the heart of solidarity is their STEERING the movement towards a favourable position when dealing with "israeli"-Jews.

They aim to block intellectual discussion, suppress Academic Freedom, obstruct rational and scholarly debate, filter vital information and smother serious research that examines four main identifiable problems:

1) The problem of the Ideology of Jewish Supremacism (by accusation of anti-Semitism)

2) The problem of Global Jewish-Zionist Networking and Lobbying. (by accusation of anti-Semitism)

3) The problem of idolizing the Holocaust (which is used as a tool to further Zionists aims) (by accusation of Holocaust denial)

4) The problem of manipulating world policies through False-Flag operations. (by accusation of being a conspiracy theorist)
*word added by Gilad Atzmon
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Hamas to Mursi: "May God have Bless Mubarak" .. Open crossings and free Aqsa!!

Hamas to Mursi

In a second call directed to Egypt in order to break the siege of GazaFathi Hamad the Hamas interior minister demanded the States Arab revolutionsto to hold a special conference and immediately break the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip, and prepare for the Liberation of Aqsa

Observers say that the call is an attempt to put pressure on the Egyptian brotherhood regime to actually move away from slogans and open border crossings blocked by the Egyptian government for the flow of people and materials.

The "Arab" quoted sources close to the government in Gaza that leaders of Hamas feel overwhelming angrily on Mursi attitudes towards Gaza, especially after his explicit rejection of the idea of ​​the free zone, which was hoping by "Gazans" to escape the siege.

The sources said that one of the influential leaders of Hamas said angrily: "May God bless Mubarak, he besieged us and we were cursing him day and night, "this" in reference to the Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi, he is doing the same and we have to thank him"

There is a conviction in Gaza that Mursi has completely changed since he visited the United States on the sidelines of the General Assembly of the United Nations and meeting with U.S. Secretary of StateHamas leaders He says that Washington asked Mursi to chose between American aid peace  and the relationship with Israel or supporting Hamas, and he decided to turn his back to Hamas, and blame Gazans for what is happening in the Sinai.

The sources are talking about severe pressure experienced on Hamas senior leadership to control resistance factions and stop the rocket launchers in order to calm down and stabilize the situation to give the brotherhood time to rule then look at what can be done to Gaza and Palestine.

The sources say that representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood Leader in various meetings demanded Hamas to listen, obey and wait for orders.

Hamas minister Hammad said , during the graduation of university officers in Gaza, "there is no universal or an Arab or an Islamic decision  that prevent Arab countries from breaking the Gaza blockade imposed since mid-2007"We therefore call explicitly for new type of revolutions in the Arab countries that support the Palestinians and break the siege and move for the Liberation of Jerusalem." Hammad added

Hammad called the Arab nation to "rise from slumber for the liberation of Al-Aqsa Mosque, groaning under occupation," he said, adding "you may wake up one day and find no Aqsa while you are busy with your internal affairs."

He continued, saying "if it wants Arab states want to improve its administrative, economic and political, military, and all the affairs of life it must support the resistance in Palestine and lift the siege on Gaza."

Palestinian criticism has focused recently against Egyptian President Mursi and his regime emanating from the womb of the Muslim Brotherhood on the lack of seriousness in the siege and employing the suffering people of Gaza to serve their politicak aganda in the Arab world.

The Muslim Brotherhood organization popularity is influenced by failing to act effectively to lift the siege. Supporters of the Brotherhood are wondering with amazement how Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is besieging their  allies in Gaza?

Obsevers say the Brotherhood since they arrived to power has turned their back on the old principles, and opened the doors wide open for pragmatism, and did not pay any attention for the Palestinian cause. 

They noted what happened in Tunisia, when al-nahda movement during the election campaigns demanded that the new constitution should criminalize normalization with the zionist entity and now is in the government they rejects what they demanded.

Sahbi Atiq - one of its leaders and the President of the mass in the Constituent Assembly - claimed that his movement consulted Meshaal and Haniyeh and both said that there is no reason to criminalize normalization in the Constitution, Hamas denied.

While the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has placed many street plaques on the walls of Arab historical sites near the Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem inscribed with alleged Hebrew names as well as hints claiming the so-called temple of Solomon was once in the area, in a speech at the inauguration of the first conference of the Egyptian and Palestinian scholars organized by the Palestinian Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs in Gaza City  Ziad al-Zaza, deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister in Gaza, said that the government looks forward to excellent relations with Egypt, and that the Egyptian eastern gate will remain fortified against any aggression or violation.

Speaking on behalf of the visiting delegation, Dr. Salah Sultan Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, affiliated with the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf, stated that the Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi said during an earlier meeting with Egyptian scholars and preachers, that the security of Palestine is part of Egypt's security, and that he will not allow attacks on Palestinians and Gaza.

In Tunis, during the opening of the first founding conference of the Maghreb Center for Development of Jerusalem in Tunisia, Ghannouchi said that the nation is heading towards liberating its political, cultural, media, economic and military will which will (AFTER Another 80 years) enable it to liberate Jerusalem and Palestine... Al-Nahda leader also called on the Arab and Islamic peoples to "make use of intellectual, economic, cultural and military powers" in order to convince the West to give up supporting Israel.

In the final anal-ysis of Khalid Hamayreh, it is not written in the HOLLY QURAN, that Jerusalem should be liberated during the lifetime of Ghannoochi.


Egypt to Destroy Gaza Tunnels

An armored vehicle patrols the border with Gaza Strip during a security sweep of the Sinai in Rafah September 12, 2012. (photo by REUTERS/Asmaa Waguih )

Security sources have revealed that the security services in North Sinai governorate are preparing to destroy the most dangerous underground tunnels between Egypt and the Gaza Strip in the town of Rafah.
The location of these tunnels was determined via extremely accurate intelligence and investigations. The sources noted that the extensive security operation to demolish the tunnels will start in a few days
The sources told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the security services are preparing to carry out the attack on the criminal outposts located on the outskirts of the towns of Al-Arish, Sheikh Zuwaid and Rafah with the assistance of members of the Special Operations Forces and Special Military Forces. Heavy weaponry will be used to crack down on militants wanted by the security forces.
On the ground, additional reinforcements have reached North Sinai, including army and police forces, to address the state of lawlessness in the governorate
Witnesses told Al-Masry Al-Youm that 14 armored vehicles belonging to the armed forces arrived at the Security Directorate of North Sinai yesterday [Nov. 8] evening, accompanied by over 20 microbuses carrying members of the armed forces, three soldier carriers and police cars carrying officers and soldiers sent by the Interior Ministry
Dozens of police cars were seen patrolling the area of Jisr al-Wadi in the city of Al-Arish, where policemen were attacked last week as a number of fully-armed soldiers deployed at the bank of Wadi al-Arish
Some tribal chieftains in North Sinai said that the tunnels between Egypt and the Gaza Strip are behind the phenomenon of lawlessness in the governorate. They demanded the closure of the tunnels that are operating at full capacity, particularly the tunnels through which individuals pass to and from the Gaza Strip, which increase chaos and diminish security
They added that security will not return to the Sinai as long as the state of lawlessness is being addressed by "painkillers," rather than conclusive solutions to the problems. They stressed that Sinai today is out of security control


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Syria: The Puppet Sabra is the new Head of SNC

Syria: The Puppet Sabra is the new Head of SNC

Syria: New staged opposition group - launched in Doha, Qatar.

The multi-day conference in Doha, Qatar, is over now and the Christian Sabra follows the Kurd Sieda as the head of the dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC). Sabra took over the chairmanship of the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC) in Doha and is now at the top of this disunited committee, which often was already accused incapacity.

The last time, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has accused the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) with incapacity and while this accusation is true, there is a reason why Clinton finally did this. The same applies for the heads of this dubious council of Syrian exiles and Islamists.

Of course, that a Christian follows a Kurd as the new head of this non-Syrian council (including a lot of Exile Syrians and Islamists who just went to Syria for holidays in last years) is just a trick but it has never really worked for the “masterminds” behind this orchestrated “Syrian National Council” (SNC).

This was finally noticed by Hillary Clinton and thus, it was time for the U.S. administration to stage another “better” tool – the Syrian National Initiative (SNI) and to accuse the “Syrian National Council” of incompetence and other things.

The Christian Sabra is nothing more than a puppet in order to pretend that a Syria which would be led by this “Syrian National Council” (SNC) would also care about all religious groups equally. Of course, after all the sectarian violence, the terrorism and massacres in Syria, carried about by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and other religious and violent splinter groups, it is clear that this strange “Syrian” opposition requires a lot of image cultivation.

When even the propaganda channel al Jazeera had to finally publish some reports about the sectarian crimes and killings of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) within Syria, which can be seen as the long armed arm of the dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC) that is nothing more as a puppet for Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia as well as for Turkey, Israel and the U.S. administration, then it is clear that there is a need for a new staged council in order to still be able to maintain further functional propaganda about a “good” external Syrian opposition.

That the pseudo-Christian Sabra has requested several times the further arming of the religious fanatic and fighters of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), which is finally just an umbrella term that is used by mass media in order to sell the propaganda about Syria more easily, came as no surprise and shows his true colours. It is sure no Christian love that he demands the further arming of the radical fighters within Syria, is it?

By the pressure of the United States and some other members of this Zionist alliance of state terrorism against Syria they were able to establish a new pseudo-Syrian organisation in Doha, Qatar. The place of this meeting already shows that these machinations smell very bad – honestly, they stink.

The new organisation will probably be called the “Syrian National Initiative” (SNI) and consists of 50 so-called Syrian activists. The “Syrian National Council” (SNC) is not really happy about this new organisation and the new methods of the masterminds behind them. Objective observers should be already able to see through these staged “shows” for the masses.

Even in this newly established organization in which the United States had clearly and obviously their hand in the game, the internal Syrian opposition was excluded. Very democratically, Hillary! No surprise, that steadily less people believes in this propaganda and the democratic, peaceful aims of such dubious councils and the pretextual goals of the West.

The Syrian Exiles and the internal Syrian opposition have no basis for conversation anymore and the so-called Exiles are still strangers with dubious backgrounds, not to mention the Islamist background of a lot of them.

While the calls for an end of the use of weapons are getting louder and more urgent in Syria and while more and more of this historical and cultural important country gets destroyed, the staged “Syrian bodies” abroad stick with their policy of violence, including some Western governments, the Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but also the typical propaganda tools like Human Rights Watch and amnesty international.

David Cameron, for example, shows his true colours of a guy who is willing to immediately violate international law and to support radical Islamists abroad. In a better world, whole Britain would scream out and ask whether David Cameron is still legally sane.

The British Prime Minister David Cameron, who has visited some Syrian refugee camps in Jordan last week and also had an audience with the King of Saudi Arabia (no criticism about human rights in Saudi Arabia and no word about crackdowns of protests and the Saudi forces in Bahrain who steadily kill civilians), has announced a new aim of the British policy towards Syria, but also said that the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad should go into exile, if this would end the war in Syria.

This statement alone shows that David Cameron has no idea about the situation in Syria and the consequences of his dubious ideas – or it just shows that he is no more accountable.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary Hague has announced that he wants to seek a closer contact with the leaders and “rebels” of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in order to upvalue them politically. Another sign of state terrorism against a sovereign state like Syria. It is a shame that such people, who already stink like war criminals, are never taken to account. Hague and Cameron are not only warmongers, but also supporters of violent Islamist groups outside Britain.

The more support is there for the “Free Syrian Army”, the steeper is the increase of the cycle of violence in Syria. No surprise. The destabilization of Syria is further continued and a former secular and peaceful country is already in ruins in a lot of regions.

After all, in the new 50-headed group of the “Syrian National Initiative” (SNI) are not only radical representatives of the al-Qaeda derivate, the so-called al-Nusra Front, but also radical members of the non-moderate Muslim Brotherhood and further radical religious groups. The representatives of religious minorities were only allowed to remain in the new “Syrian National Initiative” (SNI) as pretence, as it already was and is the case with the “Syrian National Council”(SNC).

Bashar Assad speaking with RT′s Sophie Shevardnadze
On Cameron’s statement regarding Assad’s safe passage out of Syria, the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad said in a rare interview with the Russian channel Russia Today, that he is Syrian, he lives in Syria and that he has therefore also to die in Syria.

Also Russia`s leadership has again stated that Bashar al-Assad will surely not leave Syria. The Western media reports about the already prepared exit of Bashar al-Assad and his entire family to Russia were nothing but propaganda – the typical nonsense of so-called journalists.

Like it was to expect in the Western analysis and translation of the new interview with the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, Western media has installed a statement of the Syrian president, which was so never mentioned by him in this interview with Russia Today:
According to Western media fantasies, the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has announced in this interview with Russia Today that he is stronger than Gaddafi (Qaddafi) – but this sentence was not a part of this interview, not even rudimentarily; but as it is known, for example, also with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other unpleasant persons for the West, the Western media has no problem to stage, edit and fake some parts of interviews and translations.

The NATO countries, especially the United States, want to pursue their goal of a Syria without Assad as fast as possible, it already lasts much to long for them, but after the delivery of Russian weapons to Syria, a quick military intervention was no longer possible because the costs of a military intervention would have been too high and the situation in Syria is completely different to situation in Libya. Although it currently looks like Syria would lose on ground, nobody should underestimate the forces that are still kept restrained.

It is really no surprise that immediately after the re-election of the war criminal Barack Obama, some rumours and announcements went around that NATO countries are currently planning to set up some Patriot missiles in Turkey´s border region to Syria. The information came from an anonymous Turkish official, but officially, there was no confirmation until now.
According to some reports and rumours, the U.S. would have been involved in talks about a “missile shield” and also would plan to set up a protection zone on the Syrian-Jordanian border. Thus, Syria would be soon officially surrounded by NATO aggressors, but it is still questionable whether they are really risking an attack from outside because a direct, obvious military intervention in Syria would still be “very expensive” for the NATO alliance of war.

Assad’s threats are not yet died away, to use the Syrian chemical weapons in an attack by foreign forces. Not to mention the other possible weapons and here, it is really important to mention, that no Western side has a full knowledge about the complete Syrian weapons arsenal. Furthermore, it should be assumed that Iran will help Syria in the case of a foreign military intervention.

In addition, it is not yet foreseeable how e.g. the Egyptian army will react. There is still an agreement of protection in the case of a foreign attack between Syria and Egypt. Not to mention that any foreign intervention will further increase the level of chaos and violence in Syria and also has further immeasurable consequences for the region and even for the West. An attack would have the consequence that the entire region would be drawn into a huge conflict.

It is questionable whether the U.S. president and hypocrite Barack Obama is really interested in it, shortly after his re-election, but it is not completely to rule out, after all, they have a goal that is already persecuted for a very long time and they thereby go over dead bodies of many innocent and they do accept the cruelty of these terrorists, mercenaries and religious fanatics, and they even work together with them and strengthen these radical Islamists abroad.

These Islamist fighters and armed groups are increasingly more violent. And it is not only the Syrian capital Damascus, a historical city, which suffers under car bombs, terrorist attacks and shooting in recent days. Horrible events, in which again and again innocents are dying. The Western-backed Islamist forces do not care about the lives of Syrian civilians; it is even a useful aim for them to perform bomb attacks in civilian areas as already explained in earlier posts about Syria.

It is not possible to say in what extent the Western news about the situation within Syria are correct. For example the news about the allegedly 11,000 Syrian refugees to Turkey within one day and the conquest of a border town in the Kurdish area near al-Hassaka, and also the news about the huge amount of deserted commanders – hardly traceable and verifiable. The amount of propaganda is increasing in the West and there are so many stupid and even crazy stories by so-called Western journalists, that it would be more than just funny if the situation with this kind of media would not be so sad. Free press is something different.

They want to remove the Syrian government as soon as possible and do not care about the Syrian civilians. The West is using means that are not only against international law but also against humanity. The mean that would probably be able to end the suffering is not taken into account by the so-called democratic Western leaders: negotiations.

The Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has again stated readiness for negotiations in the interview with Russia Today, but it is questionable what actually enthusiasm is really behind it. The West, however, is not ready for negotiations and even does not, in the sense of the old respectable statesmen, offer negotiations or show readiness for talks in order to end the violence in Syria.

Instead, the current Western statesmen, including the brutal dictatorships Saudi Arabia and Qatar (all sleep in one bed currently, but it will change in future), are further involved in the increase of violence and dead in Syria. The current events might someday be remembered as the time of the downfall of democracy.

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Hollande Carried a Warning from Netanyahu in Lebanon Visit

Nidal Hamadeh

French President Francois Hollande made a quick visit to Beirut while he was heading towards Riyadh. This presidential visit was announced instantly after Hollande's return from Toulouse which he visited with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hollande-SuleimanLebanese media interpreted and explained the visit in different ways – each part according to its own benefit – until some of the March 14 theorists read Hollande's face expressions and hand movements to stress that the French president wants the ouster of this government, just like the Lebanese opposition is demanding.

Well-informed French sources excluded all the interpretations about Hollande's visit, assuring to Al-Manar website that they are only press-estimations. The sources added that the French president was not considering to visit the Lebanese capital Beirut and that he took the decision immediately after his lunch with Netanyahu in Toulouse, South France.

The French sources said that Hollande carried with him a warning from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the Lebanese President about the importance of "bridling" Hezbollah in any war between Israel and Iran.

Hollande-NetanyahuThe sources also revealed that the Israeli PM told the French president that "Israel is getting closer to bombard the Iranian nuclear facilities, and the Hebrew state considers this issue a matter of life or death," adding that Netanyahu also told Hollande that "we can't wait more, as the United States is taking the long path of sanctions which does not have certain results, and the West is busy with its economic crisis."

The Israeli PM expected that Hezbollah would interfere in case of a war for the benefit of Iran, indicating that he feared Hezbollah's rockets that are planted on the mountains of Lebanon, besides his fear that commandos units related to Hezbollah would penetrate North Palestine to take control over the settlements there and take thousands of Israelis hostages.

He added that Israel will destroy Lebanon if Hezbollah interfered in the war, and the French should inform their Lebanese friends about this issue.

For its part, the well-informed weekly Le Canard Enchaîné quoted sources, that accompanied the French president in his visit to Beirut, as saying that Hollande told his companions in the plane that took him to Beirut that he was "shocked with Netanyahu's obsession with his Iran… he talked to me only about Iran during the whole discussion".

France and the Syrian Opposition's Meetings in Doha

On the Syrian issue, well-informed Syrian opposition sources told Al-Manar website that proposing the name of Riad Seif as a substitute for the Syrian National Council came from the French, and it was the result of a recommendation from Former Spokeswomen for the National Council Basma Qadmani.

The sources added that the Syrian opposition's meetings in Doha that took off two days ago under the pressure of the US in specific did not reach any result, and the attendees have extended their meetings 24 hours.

According to the Syrian opposition sources, the Muslim brotherhood have apparently advanced more as they have achieved 23 out of 51 seats. For his part, "Syrian National Council" official in charge of relations with the "Free Syrian Army" Jamal Al-Ward said that an initiative to form and expanded coalition would not work.
Source: Al-Manar Website
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Looking for a Syrian Bachir Gemayel

بشير الجميّل سوري ... جان عزيز
Thu, Nov 8, 2012 7:27:00 AM
يقول الباحث الفرنسي والخبير في الشؤون السورية، فابريس بالانش، إن الأيام المقبلة ستظهر مرة جديدة، من يتبع من، ومن يتحكم بمن: المال الخليجي أم السياسة الغربية؟

ففي قراءة طويلة حول سوريا وموازين القوى فيها وأوضاع النظام والمعارضة، يخلص صاحب كتاب «أطلس الشرق الأدنى العربي» إلى أن القوى الغربية بدأت تنسحب من المستنقع السوري. فيما المعارضة المسلحة المستمرة لنظام الأسد لم تعد تعتمد إلا على تعنّت السعوديين والقطريين في الهجوم على الحكم القائم في دمشق. وبالتالي يعتبر بالانش أن الكباش بات الآن بين قرار واشنطن وباريس في السياسة من جهة، وبين دولارات الرياض والدوحة من جهة ثانية. الطرف الأول يحاول إملاء مصالحه السياسية. الطرف الثاني يعمل على ابتزازه بمصالحه الاقتصادية. لحظة غير مسبوقة في تاريخ العلاقات بين الطرفين. ففيما تجري في الظاهر معركة لتحديد مصير سوريا بين معسكرين متناقضين سورياً وإقليمياً ودولياً، تجري خلفها معركة موازية لتحديد طبيعة العلاقات وسلسلة القيادة والإمرة، داخل المعسكر الغربي، والبعض يقول داخل المعسكرين معاً، وإن بنسب متفاوتة.

 لماذا وصلت الأمور إلى هذا الحد؟

تشير معلومات دبلوماسية متقاطعة إلى أنه بعد نحو 20 شهراً على التورط الغربي في حقول القتل السورية، أجرت واشنطن مراجعة جذرية لخياراتها هناك. وانتهت إلى أن امامها مروحة ضيقة من الاحتمالات.

أولها أن تكرر في مواجهة بشار الأسد، تجربة دعمها المقاومة الأفغانية في مواجهة ما عرف باسم «نظام بابراك كارمل» في كابول. أي عملياً إقامة نوع من «لويا جيرغا» مقاومة، كتلك التي أنشأها «المجاهدون الأفغان»، بموازين دقيقة بين الباشتون والطاجيك والشيعة، والتي ضمت في خلاصتها 13 فصيلاً مقاوماً في إطار هيئة تنسيقية جماعية، حصرت فيها المساعدة العسكرية والمالية الأميركية، فانتصرت على الجيش الأحمر. غير أن هذا النموذج فشل فوراً في سوريا. إذ تأكد بشكل نهائي أن أجنحة «الجيش السوري الحر» الثلاثة غير قابلة للتنسيق في ما بينها، فكيف بالآخرين. رياض الأسعد رغم إبعاده من تركيا يرهص بنفسه ديغول سوريا. العميد مصطفى الشيخ «فاتح على حسابه» معركة في حلب، أدت إلى هزيمة عسكرية للمعارضة. فيما العميد «الإخواني» عبد العزيز سلامه مكتف بالقنص من شمال لبنان على شريط ضيق في الجنوب السوري. هكذا بدا لواشنطن أن القوى الوحيدة القابلة لتجربة النموذج الأفغاني في سوريا هم «الجهاديون». فهم تكوينياً منظّمون على أساس «فدرالية جهادية»، كما أن قادتهم ليسوا من الطامحين إلى ألقاب الفخامة والسيادة ورئاسة مجلس الثورة إما لأنهم غير سوريين اصلاً، وإما لأن أحجامهم متواضعة. غير أن فكرة استنساخ التجربة الأفغانية لم تلبث أن أطلقت الإنذارات الحمراء في كل الغرب، فسقطت الفكرة فوراً.
 النموذج الثاني كان تجربة «المقاومة اللبنانية» في الثمانينيات. إذ وُضع على طاولة واشنطن اقتراح بإيجاد بشير الجميل سوري، يعمل على «توحيد البندقية السورية المقاومة» بالقوة، ومن ثم يتم اعتماده في لانغلي ممثلاً وحيداً وشرعياً للثورة
وقيل إن وسام الحسن كان من العاملين على هذه الفكرة. وما نقله عنه دايفيد إنياسيوس في واشنطن بوست كان واضحاً لهذه الناحية، مع الكلام عن «تصفية الجهاديين فوراً». حتى أنه قيل ان الحسن كان لديه مرشح واضح لهذا الدور، هو مناف طلاس. أخرجه عبر بيروت وقدّمه للمشغّلين حاضراً ناضراً.

غير أن الغرب توجّس من طبيعة البلاي بوي السوري، كما من تركة عائلته الثقيلة. فيما توجس الخليجيون من كيفية المواءمة بين دعمهم للجهاديين الإسلاميين من جهة، وبين تواطؤهم لتنصيب صهر ثروة آل العجة عليهم. ما قد ينذر بانتفاضة مسخ «قاعدي» جديد، يخرج من خيبة الثوار وحطبها... فسقط النموذج البشيري ايضاً.

 هكذا لم يبق أمام الغرب إلا نظرية الخروج الهادئ. وبالتالي ترك الأزمة في حال استنزاف مزمن لكن مضبوط الجوانب، بحيث يفعل فعله في اهتراء النظام، من دون أي خطر بالتشظّي إلى ما حوله من براميل بارود. أي شيء ما من خيار التعامل مع صدام حسين بعد حرب الخليج الأولى سنة 1991. إلا أن خياراً كهذا يقتضي تنفيذه فرض ستار دخاني كثيف للتضليل والانسحاب في ظله. وهو ما يجري تنفيذه في الدوحة اليوم. وهو بالذات ما أطلق موجة الرعب والذعر في قلب المعارضة السورية، بجناحيها الشامي والبيروتي. ففي حساب المعارضة أن نموذج صدام يعني حتماً أن حلبجة الثانية قريبة، وأنها قد تباد كلياً قبل أن تسنح لها فرصة ثانية، كما حصل مع بغداد بعد 12 عاماً. فكيف إذا كانت البوادر قد بدأت مع اغتيال الحسن، كما تعتقد... لسبب غريب يبدو أن المعارضين لا يصدقون أوباما وهو يؤكد في خطاب نصره، «أن الأفضل آت لاحقا».

واشنطن تحاول حصر الهزيمة بحلفائها لتجنب الإقرار بفشل حربها السرية على سوريا..عقيل الشيخ حسين
«مجزرة» استخبارات المنطقة ومجازر سوريا الصراع الأميركي ـ الروسي بين الحرب والصفقة.."سامي كليب"

LBC Referendum: 84.8% Say ‘Yes to Resistance’

Local Editor
Lebanon: LBC referendum on HezbollahThe Lebanese journalist Marcel Ghanem posted a vote on the page of ‘Kalam el-Nass’ talk show program on the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) website, asking: Do you suspect a role of Hezbollah in the security bombings?
Even though the question has occupied the Lebanese public, where many believed it was unacceptable and suspicious, but that did not prevent around 30 thousand people to participate in the poll.
The audience of the Lebanese Resistance used every means to express his love and solidarity towards it, whether via Whatsapp messages, Facebook pages or Twitter accounts.
Ghanem announced the results during his Thursday’s episode on LBC, after the Resistance supporters made a spontaneous campaign supporting their pride and dignity:
Lebanon: LBC referendum on Hezbollah Do you suspect a role of Hezbollah in security bombings?
Yes 15.2 %
No 84.8 %
Chief of Beirut Center for Research Abdo Saad told Al-Manar website that "the vote results reflect the severe enthusiasm which caused the Resistance supporters to rise up in this way, especially as the result was not in favor of resistance at the afternoon of the same day.”
“This change that has occurred along with the high rate which reached about 85% in favor of the resistance are amazing and express the great will of the people and show that they went on alert themselves and their friends," Saad added.

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Friday, 9 November 2012

The Future Movement Without Wissam al-Hassan

Published Friday, November 9, 2012
The assassination of Gen. Wissam al-Hassan has begun to cast it shadow over the workings of the March 14 camp, and particularly within the Future Movement.
It has led to heightened security measures for Lebanese Forces (LF) leader Samir Geagea, who ordered more security at his main headquarters and for his entourage. These measures were extended to all leadership figures in the organization whose members feel it was Hassan who played the key role in information-gathering.
The Phalange party has long been on the alert. There is a deep-seated feeling that the family of former president Amin Gemayel is under constant threat. The precautions taken by MP Sami Gemayel in particular show the extent of these worries. Although in this case, they do not stem from the same calculations as the LF’s worries, even if the two overlap at times.
There is general apprehension among Christian figures in the March 14 coalition. Acting on Geagea’s advice, the prominent leaders among them have taken extra security measures. Geagea focused on what he termed the “pivots and keys” – those important figures who wield electoral clout, or whose absence would weaken March 14 in various other respects.
The same approach has been used with other figures. Marwan Hamadeh, the former telecommunications minister, has been persuaded that he is a permanent target, as his elimination would weaken the Druze element that keeps the country in balance thanks to the acrobatics of Walid Jumblatt.
The real beefing up of security is within the Future Movement, where the security machine has been mobilized on several fronts.
Included are measures to protect the Internal Security Forces (ISF) commander General Ashraf Rifi, Colonel Imad Othman (who replaced Hassan as head of the ISF Information Branch), as well as other ISF and army officers and commanders in Beirut, the north, and the Bekaa.
The central concern is for the protection of former prime ministers Fouad Siniora and Saad al-Hariri. The Future Movement’s forward thinkers believe that there would be chaos without Siniora – given his pivotal role as manager and communicator – and that the removal of Hariri would deal a fatal blow to Future and destroy the entire March 14 coalition.
Outside Lebanon, a different kind of security effort is underway. It seems that Arab and Western players are assessing the impact of Hassan’s absence on the ISF’s work, and also on the networks of informers active inside the state and political parties. These could be severely compromised, given that Hassan used to provide them with a security umbrella as well as financial support.
Most striking in this regard is the spate of personnel transfers and changes that have been quietly taking place. It seems that some of these steps are in accordance with advice Hassan had earlier offered, but was not heeded for reasons related to balances within the Future Movement. Others are moves Hassan had previously blocked, but are now being pushed through in his absence. It has reached the point of absurdity in some cases.
Ultimately, there is a different and deeper reason for all this worry, especially among Hariri’s entourage. It has to do with the role they have been playing in Syria. Their involvement in the conflict there broke through all ceilings. The state of delirium that prevailed during Future MP Uqab Saqr’s latest interview on Future TV indicated that these people know that important security players in the region are preparing for the next phase, and that this might make it necessary for dirt that was previously swept under the rug to be cleaned up.
That was reflected in a campaign of highly damaging leaks of information about the direct involvement of Hariri’s entourage in the Syria conflict. If the information coming from Paris, Ankara, Amman, and Abu Dhabi is correct, we should reconsider Suleiman Franjiyeh’s remark about Hassan’s assassination:
“The question isn’t, ‘Who killed Wissam al-Hassan?’ The question is, ‘Who sold Wissam al-Hassan?”
Ibrahim al-Amin is editor-in-chief of Al-Akhbar.
This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.
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The Return of Ali Abu-Fighter

The Return of Ali Abu-Fighter

Friday, November 9, 2012 at 7:48AM

By Gilad Atzmon
Ali Abunimah, the Chicago-based, American-Palestinian activist, is, once again, on the attack. In the last few months he has launched campaigns against some of the most prominent pro-Palestinian figures such as Prof. Finkelstein, Prof. Chomsky, Greta Berlin, Col. Ann Wright and myself. But now he seems to stepping one gear up.
Following PLO chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ renunciation of the Palestinian Right of Return (ROR) on Israeli TV, Abunimah now criticizes both Abbas and legendary Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat for compromising the most elementary Palestinian cause i.e. the ROR.
Abunimah is a Palestinian exile and so deserves our support for criticising his leaders’ compromising of his most precious right. Still, it’s hard to grasp just why Abunimah is so outraged by Abbas’ comment when he himself is so intimately associated with the BDS and its leader Omar Barghouti who has sacrificed exactly the same right.
It was back in June when we were so shocked to find that BDS in Ramallah changed its 2005 goal statement. To its original statement “Ending (Israeli) occupation and colonization of all Arab lands” it added four simple but nonetheless highly significant, words. BDS’ first goal now reads:

“Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands occupied in June 1967 and dismantling the Wall”. (
In his recent book, Omar Barghouti reaffirms the above. In the introduction to his book, Barghouti specifies that the first BDS goal refers to 1967 “ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands [occupied in 1967] and dismantling the wall” (p. 6).
On page 49, Barghouti lists “the minimal requirements of a just peace…BDS calls for ending Israel’s 1967 military occupation of Gaza, the West Bank (including East Jerusalem), and other Arab territories in Lebanon and Syria.”
Skipping to p. 235, Appendix 1, “Call for the academic and cultural boycott of Israel,” it again refers to “military occupation and colonization of the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and Gaza since 1967.”
Barghouti’s book and the BDS’s goal statement do not leave much room for speculation.
They all have given op on pre-1948 Palestine. But what about the 1948 refugees and the 194 United Nation Resolution*? BDS 3rd goal contends that it is “Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN Resolution 194”
BDS indeed ‘respects’, ‘protects’ and ‘promotes’ the ROR, yet it clearly comes short of ‘demanding’. Let me assure Mr. Abunimah that PLO’s Abbas is also committed to ‘respect’, ‘protect’ and ‘promote’ the ROR.’ Yet, like BDS and Barghouti he fails to demand.
More significantly, both BDS and Omar Bargouti refused to Join or support The Global March to Jerusalem earlier this year.
The Global March to Jerusalem was a symbolic reminder of the Palestinian right to return to their homes and land. Surprise surprise, Ali Abunimah also failed to support the March.
Today, chief organizer of the Global March confirmed with me that he personally approached Mr. Abunimah back in March, but, for some reason, Abunimah declined to offer his support.
One may wonder why Abunimah picks on Abbas and Arafat yet fails to condemn BDS, Bargouti or even himself?
One possible answer is that Abunimah, quite simply, does not have much ethical or moral integrity in his system. It is also possible that Prof’ Finkelstein’s diagnosis is correct – the Palestinian solidarity movement, and the BDS in particular are now operating as a cult.
It is also possible that Abunimah is now serving Israeli, Zionist or Jewish interests. This would explain why he engages in a relentless campaign against our leading scholars, activists and now even against Arafat and his legacy. It may also be possible that Abunimah is just a populist.
He could have thought that attacking Berlin, Finkelstein, Chomsky, Wright, Arafat or Abbas would make him popular amongst his Jewish followers and funders. In fact, it may be that all these explanations are equally valid.
However, here’s the twist. I actually agree with Abunimah. I myself have dedicated the last two decades of my life to fight for the Palestinian ROR only to discover that some Palestinian leaders may not be interested in it at all. But if Abunimah ever wants to return to Lifta, his mother’s village, I will certainly fight for him and with him.
Ali Abunimah must understand that if he wants to return to his land he might have to pick a gun and learn how defend himself. He will have to accept that liberation may demand sacrifice.
I’ve never seen a picture of Ali Abunimah in combat gear, though the issue can be easily resolved thanks to photoshop. However, this Chicago Palestinian activist may have to think it through and decide whether he really wants to return to his mother’s village. Because it seems to me that, in the light of his recent campaigns against the enemies of Israel, he may actually prefer to return to Tel Aviv, that 24/7 liberal non-stop, Jews-only metropolis.
* 194 UN Resolution article 11 directly addresses the Palestinian refuge issue. It reads as follows:
“ Resolves that the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or in equity, should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible.”
The bitter truth is that resolution 194/ article 11 does not offer Palestinian refugees much, it in practice offer them to return to live peacefully in a Jews Only State or, alternatively, being compensated. It is actually far from being clear, why would any Palestinian cling to this resolution rather than grounding one’s call for liberation on an ethical and universal right.
The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics & Jewish political interests. or

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