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Children First

Is it fair to abuse little girls like so, and push them to become sex objects?[/caption]

A view on the implication of politicisation of sexual behaviour/ orientation and its infringement on children's rights.


For whatever reason, I often find myself engaged in writing about taboo topics, very few willing to touch, and expressing "politically incorrect" views, no one willing to even ponder about, this article is just one of those. However, this article is not a condonation or justification of any form of discrimination or persecution against people with various sexual orientations or disorders, it is a mere expression of an opinion and sharing of concerns associated with promoting explicit sexual education amongst children and pressurising other societies to change their codes of ethics, thus destroying the cradle of child-protection, the family unit and the foundation of these societies.


As a mother and a grandmother with great love and devotion for children, as a human being with intense concern for children's welfare, and as Palestinian, with a deep rooted culture, in which FAMILY -not the individual, is the nucleus of society, I feel the need to drop my two cents on the issue of adult sexual behaviour and the need of child protection. Palestinian culture, being predominantly  Muslim, is in by large a culture of faith where believing in Creator, accepting that action have consequences and taking responsibility for people's own deeds sits at its heart. Most socio-dynamics in Islamic societies stems from that belief; starting with God-man relationship, ending with man-nature relationship, including all which is in-between. i.e. the boundaries of personal freedoms, and extents of responsibilities in the human-human relationship. Such traditional culture views society not as the sum of the individuals, as cells floating in a vacuum,  rather the very expanded social collective of families and extended families, the result is a neatly woven, well bonded social fabric, in which the welfare of the whole is understood to precede that of the individual. At the heart of such societies the concept of "All mankind are born free but OUR FREEDOM ENDS WHEN THE FREEDOM OF OTHERS BEGINS". Such culture puts very strong emphasis on the rule of traditional family in the upbringing, welfare, health and protection of its children (the nucleus family ; consisting of mother and father, and the extended consisting of relatives swell as neighbours and friends) Is it not only reasonable then to assume that any ideology or practices which prioritize the INDIVIDUAL might not fulfil the needs of a deeply religious, family oriented and tightly woven society? If Muslims choose freely to have some restriction upon themselves (like modest dress code, abstinence from consuming alcohol or self-discipline in sexual behaviour) in order to create a more attentive and more protective, more family oriented atmosphere for the sake of its most vulnerable members, namely children, what harm is there in that? If the support for human rights in Palestine or elsewhere in the world is conditional and dependent on the People denouncing their religion, cultural heritage, and social traditions and adopting new sets of social behaviour alien to them, which only mirrors that of the West; consequently denying them a most basic human right, the right to think, and live within a specific ethical code and legal system of their own choice. The East have different history and different experiences, different perspective on existential issue and different views of the world. It has different social structures, different ways of dealings with it's social wells and of healing its ills, thus it is nonsensical and rather presumptuous to assume that East and West share exactly the same problems, thus need the same solutions! TRANSFERRING the PROBLEMS of the West on the East, then JUXTAPOSING the SAME SOLUTIONS on the East is rather shortsighted and very condescending, IMHO. Trying to standardise and sum up humanity in the form of Western civilisation is a grave mistake. We can’t simply assume that what is good and right for the western culture is the norm, nor we can accept that it is superior to that of other cultures, and for me this is a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT. The Muslim world has suffered enormously from colonial imperialism, military and economic occupation, we are longing for FREEDOM, but the freedom that we long most for is the FREEDOM of THOUGHT. We have to come to common grounds of accepting that each culture and civilization has its own structure that depends very much on a huge heritage and millennia of accumulated experiences, understanding this and respecting it is vital for the future peaceful existence of human race.

Now, coming to the topic of homosexuality:

I don't think it is my business, or anyone's business for that matter to know what people do in their bedrooms, or to be exposed to such private matter, let alone be asked to support, object to , demonstrate for, or celebrate what people do in the privacy of their own homes. However, like every issue in the world, people are entitled to express an opinion or to have personal views on it, such views should not be considered as persecution, infringement, or  violation of the human rights of homosexuals.

For me personally, what makes me cringe about this issue :

it is the deliberate forceful insertion and  the politicisation of a private intimate bedroom act , pushing it to become one pivotal item on the global political agenda and one major factor in determining the "progressiveness" and "liberality" of any one political group, It is the premature relentless enforcement of sex education about adult sexual behaviour, on very small innocent kindergarten children as young as five, in the name of defending and promoting LGBT rights, It is  coercion, intimidation and imposition for the promoting and celebrating of a minority group's sexual behaviour on poor countries in exchange of aid and traditional societies under the pretext of "liberalism", even if it was against the will and welfare of those societies, It is the unfathomable defence and glorification and campaigning for the "rights" of convicted sexual predators and child abusers when they face courts of justice for their criminal molestation of children. (That does not necessity mean that I approve of such type of punishment, however I strongly disapprove of letting child molesters escape justice and roam freely, hurting ever more children). It is the use of the same methods of "activism" in which they managed to legalize and normalize what used to be classified as a sexual disorder, some are using their experience and "activism" to trivialiselegalise and normalise the molestation of innocent children. Enough to examine some of the names behind such movements, one cannot fail to notice that gay activists play key role in such promotion. For example political activist and historian of the gay rights movement and former president of  Gay Activists Alliance namely  David Thorstad was the founder of North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) . .


 All the above should raise red flags in any decent person's head, it should ring bells of alarm and concern to those who cares about children' welfare and wellbeing.

Is this FREEDOM, or SLAVERY?[/caption] I see so much contradiction in dealing with these issues in Western societies: Encouraging children to be sexually aware, educated and active as young as possible, yet pretending to want to protect them from sexual abuse. Campaigning for human rights of one group yet being ever so quiet about other groups of similar tendencies. Trying to shelter children from abuse yet see nothing wrong in putting them in a situation where they might be emotionally, mentally and psychologically abused. Allow me here to storm your brains by throwing out some questions: Homosexuality is what it is, a sexual orientation, like any other, so why make it into a defining identity? Why should people be defined by such a narrow aspect of their behaviour, done in the privacy of their own bedrooms? Why should the rest of mankind -including their young ones, engage in promoting and celebrating the sexual act of some of its members? Why should humanity be split into two categories : hetro, homo, thus identified by such limiting and insignificant parameters? Can we tell how civilized a county is by the size of its pride parades? Is civility and respect of human rights measured by its celebration of how fast growing its homosexual population? Can we define humanity by those who love to sleep on their backs and those who prefer sleeping on their sides or tommies? Can we start having "Pride Parades" for left handed people, or for people who prefer using coloured tissue-paper in the bathroom, rather than the common white, for they too are minorities? Do the words "WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT OTHERS DO BEHIND DOORS IN THEIR BEDROOMS" mean anything to anybody? If this zealous support of homosexuality is all about human rights, why do people in the west favour to defend the human rights of homosexuals yet they are not so keen on the human right of: Paraphilias: Exhibitionism, Fetishism, incest, Frotteurism, Zoophilia, Mysophilia Necrophilia, Troilism, Coprophilia, Masochism, Sadism, Transvestitism, and Voyeurism? All the above display "less-common" sexual behaviours. Just like homosexuals, they too can not control the impulses and desires they feel, and they are only sexually fulfilled in their own different way, so should they be invited to schools to "educate" children about their sexual peculiarities? Should humanity celebrate a week "pride parade" for each and every sexual orientation or deviation there is? Why are the above –unlike homosexuals- still seen as sexual disorders  and given medical advice when needed? Why are they –unlike homosexuals- given medical advice and psychological treatment instead of being accepted as they are? Why are they forced by society to suppress their feelings and "live miserably" instead of promoting and celebrating their sexual habits in public? Who can define sexual disorder, or “normal” and “abnormal”, who is allowed to vote? Who has the right to draw the lines? Why is it that those who view homosexuality as a disorder are condemned and accused of being homophobes? Do exhibitionists have the right to fulfill their desires by imposing their nudity on society? Whose rights come first exhibitionists or society and its children? What about Zoophilia (people who are attracted to animals) or Necrophilia (gratification by having sexual contact with dead bodies)? Is a man entitled to marry a dog, a corpse, or a woman’s underwear in church? Why are such individuals not allowed to promote their sexuality, teach children about it and celebrate it publicly? Is it appropriate and healthy to have children reading stories titled "My daddy John and my mummy black & red underwear"? or "My daddy Harry and my mummy mountain goat"? Will there be human right groups calling for the right of those people to get married and adopt children? After all this person is only expressing his love and is harming no one in the process? Are we sure that teaching very small children all this intimate adult materials would have no negative effect on their emotional, psychological and mental state? It is clear that with paedophilia children’s rights are violated, because they are unable to give their consent as they are immature, vulnerable and unable to make good judgement. But why are we seeing individuals and groups trying to legalise and normalise such criminal activities? Who can decide who is a child then? Who can say who is a child? Who can define age of consent? Is a 16 year-old a child? Is 12, 13, 14, 15 year-old a child? Why then girls and boys as young as 12 are – by law- given contraceptive on demand? Is it ok for children to have sexual relations with mates of similar age or a few years older? How many years difference is deemed acceptable? What age difference makes the relationship unlawful and wrong (Paedophiliac)? Who can regulate and have the say on this? What about the rights of adopted children, what effect will have on their psychological health, having two mums or two dads, and not knowing their biological parents? Nowadays, where exactly is the persecution of homosexuals in the west, where is the abuse of their yuma rights? Where is it all heading? Is there an end to how far humanity would go in its abuse of children in order to gravitate its most primitive behaviour? Is expressing an opinion considered "infringement on rights"? Moreover, why impose on the rest of the world, Western definitions, Western values, Western problems, and inflict Western solutions upon them? Isn't that yet another form of imperialism, i.e thought imperialism? If Western countries along with gay-rights "activists" are so keen to help other "undeveloped" societies into "progress", wouldn't their help be much more appreciated when it gives the other the freedom they desire in devising their own social structure and the respect they deserve in choosing ethical codes of their own? 1239872_10151941433643185_1248239448_n
They may never have experienced the so called "freedom" of having relationships
outside the frame of marriage, but they are committed, faithful and content[/caption] Wouldn't be more modest to learn about other cultures, how they function, how their people interact, and how they solve problems, resolve conflicts and deal with disagreements, before thinking of exporting ideas, educating their children and imposing solutions to imaginary problems? Do we have sufficient knowledge as to the effect of early exposure to certain explicit sexual materials or behaviour might have on little one? Who have the right to decide what is appropriate, descent, acceptable exposure for children? How do you feel if in other societies, majority of its citizens view homosexuality as a disorder? In societies where the welfare of the whole is much important than the individual, who are encouraged to practice self restraint, sacrifice, and altruism, rather than pursuing selfish fulfilment and egoism, if they willingly give up some desires in order to keep a healthy society and less traumatized children; why the obsession with imposing change? If some societies cherish family unit as foundations of a healthy society, protection, care and commitment as the finest expression of love, thus producing a socially cohesive and healthy society, where the weak is looked after and the needy is provided for, why attempting to replace it with failed experiments as documented in their own societies, where family unites are disintegrating and individualism is eating the fabric of their own societies away? Now, is the issue of promoting and celebrating homosexuality (again, I reiterate, a private act which should not be anyone's business)  related to the Palestinian struggle for Liberation? Are we obliged to start teaching our young Palestinian boys and girls and LGBT as to be "accepted" as being a "progressive" society worthy of support? Are we obliged to start competing with"Israel" which prides itself of being gay heaven in order for our supporters to be satisfied? Just like attempting to tie our Palestinian struggle for liberation with causes which only distracts us from focusing on our goals and deplete our energies, like "fighting antisemitism", "holocaust denial", or "conspiracy theories", pretending that this is the way for Palestine liberation, we refuse the imposition and the premises that the issue of "homosexuality is central to our cause", urgent to deal with in our community, or that it the most burning issue in our quest for justice and freedom. Moreover, this issue should be left to the Palestinians and other societies to examine, discuss and deal with, in its own time and in accordance with its own ethics and what is best for those societies. We refuse to be distracted and our aims obscured by side issues while we struggle for survival facing threats of genocidal magnitude. has no weight a It is more humanly decent and respectable to let various societies exercise their rights of freedom of thought, by following ethical code of their own choice and without manufacturing artificial consent imposed upon them by donor countries or any other pressure group. [caption id="attachment_7206" align="aligncenter" width="468"]1238770_619920118030233_1656407432_n copy
They may be struck with extreme poverty, but they are protective of one another
They are bonded with love and commitment[/caption] My fear is that all this promotion and disproportionate importance given to homosexuality, would be used as the first crack in the foundational rock of human ethics which took mankind millennia of evolution and slow progress in order to fine-tune a complex and refined moral systems founded on justice and compassion, thus followed by all sorts of behaviours; child molesting, beastality, and incest would cause total regression and collapse of nucleus family units bringing us back to stone age. If prematurely and inappropriately and for selfish reasons, children are to exposed to all these types of adult sexual behaviour, are we not allowed to cry then, where is the their safety and protection? Isn't all this direct infringement on children's right? 1012419_485433951539421_1843113735_n
The wonders of purity and innocence of childhood is precious
Do not take it away[/caption] Conclusion It is more humanly decent and respectable to let children be children, do not rob them of their purity and childhood. Children are not meant to be exposed to concepts, images, words or acts which they are not ready for. Allow them time to enjoy being young and innocent and carefree, without having to be burdened with adult stuff. Allow them to grow up and mature in their own time. Allow them to play without concern, to run light heartedly and to laugh loudly when they slide or use a swing. Allow them to BE.
Give them protection
Allow them to play
Allow them to jump and run
Allow them to have fun
Allow them freedom to BE[/caption] Disclaimer: This article is not a condonation or justification of any form of discrimination or persecution against people with various sexual orientations or disorders, it is a mere expression of an opinion and sharing of concerns associated with promoting explicit sexual education amongst children and pressurising other societies to change their codes of ethics, thus destroying the cradle of child-protection, the family unit and the foundation of these societies.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Herodotus rebukes Morsi: Nile does not stem from Syria

نارام سرجون

الى من يعتقد أن أوباما قد أخافنا بأسوده المتأهبة فانه لايعرف انه يتعامل مع مدرسة سياسية عريقة في منتهى الحذق والمهارة ورباطة الجأش .. والى من يعتقد أن أوباما فاجأنا فانه لاشك لايعرف أن جفون المحاربين لاتنام .. ولا يعرف أننا نعرف أن اوباما قد تأخر في اعترافاته عدة أشهر فقط لأن الثورجيين مسلحون بكل شيء حتى أسنانهم ..

والى من يعتقد أن احتشاد الفتاوى والاسلاميين الارهابيين في مؤتمرات واسعة قد ألقى في قلوبنا الرعب فانه لايعرف عنا شيئا وعليه أن يسأل اسرائيل وجيش أوباما عنا وعن حلفائنا ..وسيلقى الجواب ..
الى من يعتقد أن محمد مرسي قد أخافنا فانه مخطئ جدا لأن الحقيقة هي انه أخافنا على مصر أولا وعليه ثانيا .. وربما لاأغالي ان قلت بأن خطاب مرسي بالذات قد طمأننا .. وان ماقاله هو مؤشرات قوية على أن الثورة السورية ليست بخير وهي في موقف حرج وتمد يدها وهي تغرق في النهايات والأزمات .. وسنمر بسرعة على سبب هذا اليقين ..
قبل كل شيء .. ليس محمد مرسي من يخيف أحدا .. وهو لايخيف حتى قبيلة واحدة في افريقيا فمابالك بالشعب السوري الذي شغل العالم ولم يتمكن منه هذا العالم .. والجميع يعرف أن الرجل لاحول له ولاقوة .. فهو يصارع مع اخوانه للبقاء على عرش يهتز .. وليس الغريق هو من يهدد الواقفين على الصخور .. وهو لم يقدر حتى على حماية نهر النيل الذي يجب أن يشد رحال الجهاد اليه ..
مرسي أخافنا على مصر لأن رئيس مصر لايرى شرقه المليء بالتنظيمات التي تتسلل اليه واسرائيل التي تبحث عن حدودها التوراتية وقصصها القديمة في سيناء ومصر .. ورئيس مصر لايرى جنوبه المتفكك في السودان والزاحف اليه والدول الناهضة تحت سريره ومخدته .. ورئيس مصر لايرى غربه الدامي في ليبيا المتفسخة .. ورئيس مصر لايسمع أنين الشوارع المصرية الحبلى بالأزمات الطائفية .. كما ان رئيس مصر لايرى أن نهر النيل يستغيث .. لكنه يرى استنجاد سليم ادريس ..
ان شخصا يسرق منه نهر النيل جهارا وعلنا لايخيف أحدا .. وان شخصا يرضع من ثدي أميريكا ولايستطيع أن ينفطم عنه لايخيف من لايهاب أميريكا .. والكل يعرف أن وقوفه لاعلان مواقف ضد الشعب السوري هو موقف ليس المقصود منه الا منع اسقاط النظام الاخواني المصري الهش .. ومنع تداعي القطع الاخوانية المرتبكة من تركيا الى تونس .. الرجل مأزوم جدا وتنظيمه مأزوم أكثر .. ولديه علاقة متوترة مع الغالبية المصرية ومع كل شيء في مصر حتى مع أبي الهول .. فعلاقته غامضة بمسلحي حماس وهو متهم بالتآمر خلسة على الجيش المصري اضافة الى وضوح الفشل الذريع في التعاطي مع أهم أزمة في حياة مصر منذ وجودها وهي مصير نهر النيل الذي قال هيرودوت عنه قوله الشهير: ان مصر هي هبة النيل .. وفي عهد مرسي سيقال ان مصر سرق منها النيل ..

مايلفت النظر هو هذا الاسهال والسخاء في المواقف الدولية تجاه سورية التي توّجها عنتر مصر محمد مرسي والذي بالطبع يبدو مفهوما للغاية بأنه لتقوية معنويات الثورة السورية وحقنها بالمقويات بعدما سقطت القصير بسهولة فاجأت العالم .. وهو الذي انتظر صمودا حتى لأيام في الحي الشمالي حيث تكثف الوجود المسلح بالآلاف .. وصار السؤال الملح هو متى تتهاوى بقية القلاع الحديدية المسلحة في سورية التي تبين أنها ليست الا قلاعا رملية بدليل تخلخل المسلحين وقوى الثورة دراماتيكيا في القصير .. فهذه القوى انهارت في ساعتين رغم كل الدعم في مدينة كان يعول عليها ان تقصم ظهر النظام السوري عبر جغرافيا تشطره وتغلق الباب الخلفي لحزب الله لفصل الأخ الأكبر عن الأخ الأصغر .. بعد فاجعة القصير بدا واضحا للجميع أن بقية المناطق السورية ستسقط في منتهى السهولة واحدة تلو الأخرى وسيتم دومينو السقوط لكتائب المسلحين ومواقعهم بأسرع مما كان متوقعا .. ففي خلال شهرين من تحرك الجيش على مهله تحول الثورجيون الى حالة الدفاع وشوهدوا يمارسون الانسحاب التكتيكي على أصوله ويهرولون في تراجع مهين .. وهذا يعني أن محور الشر لن يبقى له في الميدان قوة ليتفاوض باسمها خلال الأسابيع القادمة ..
التقارير الميدانية الغربية تشير الى أن الثورة تحتاج الى معجزة للبقاء طويلا بعد الصدمة التي كشفت وهنها العسكري الشديد في مفاجأة القصير اللامتوقعة .. وحدثت صدمة أخرى بسبب الوضع التركي الذي قد يحرم الثورجيين من نصير كبير في معركة تحرير حلب بسبب انشغاله بلملمة بيته .. والاستطلاعات الميدانية تشير بقلق بالغ الى ان الوضع النفسي للثورة مؤرق للغاية بسبب هذه التطورات وأن هناك حاجة ملحة لفعل شيء لأن الكثيرين من الثوار بدؤوا يغادرون الميدان .. ومن هنا يفهم أن سلسلة المواقف المتوالية تشبه اسعافا سريعا بالأدوية والمصول والاسعافات .. سيارات الاسعاف والشرطة تتداعى وتتزاحم ونسمع صفاراتها المختلطة فيما الأطباء والمسعفون يهرولون الى موقع الحادث .. فقد وصل الاسلاميون وفتاوى الجهاد ووصل الفرنسيون والبريطانيون ووصل الشرطي أوباما .. علّ جمهور الثورات يطمئن نفسه بأن الشرطة وصلت وأن الاسعاف وصل وبأن الثورة لن تموت باذن الله وبأن المشروع الاخواني لايزال قادرا على البقاء..
هذا الضجيج يدل على شيئين مهمين وهو أن القلق كبير جدا على مصير الحركة الاخوانية على العموم والتي تبيع مواقفها مقابل البقاء وهي الآن مستنفرة وقلقة .. ولكنه قد يدل برأي البعض على أنها تحضيرات مؤتمر جنيف .. بحيث تظهر المعارضة وقد أرضيت بالسلاح (ولو رمزيا) وتتشدد الأطراف الداعمة .. وعندها تستطيع قوى الثورجيين القول بأنها الآن قادرة على الحضور .. فهي قد اشترطت التسلح لتوازن النظام عسكريا كي تقدر على التفاوض في جنيف .. وهي الآن تحظى بدعم خارجي عارم ينسي الناس مر الهزيمة في القصير وعدد من المواقع ..
ولايرى الكثيرون أن الموضوع يتعدى العض على الأصابع .. لأن تغيير الاتفاق الروسي الأمريكي ليس واردا الآن وهو اتفاق ليس نحو المواجهة .. بل الاتفاق هو حمل الأطراف الى جنيف .. والأمريكيون - كما يتردد - يريدون أن تصل الدولة السورية الى جنيف وهي قلقة من التغيرات المفاجئة ومستعدة لبعض اللين اثناء المفاوضات .. وكذلك يريد الأمريكيون أن تحس المعارضة أنها لم تؤخذ الى جنيف مهزومة ولابد من اعلان تسليحها وتشديد الصراخ بمساندتها كي تبرر لجمهورها الذهاب الى جنيف ..
لذلك قام محور الشر باطلاق مجموعة من المواقف المتتالية والمتلاحقة التي لايفهم من تلاحقها وتسلسلها الا تطمين القلقين والواجفة قلوبهم .. ولذلك بدا الكلام عن جبهة حلب وخطوطها الحمراء والسلاح الكيماوي ثم انتقل الأمريكيون فجأة من حالة الأسد المتأهب الى التسليح المتأهب .. وبحركة سريعة مفهومة متوافقة مع الحركة الأمريكية تداعى الاسلاميون الى مؤتمر في مصر للافتاء بالجهاد السريع التي تلاها موقف من الرئاسة المصرية الأسرع بأن المصريين قادرون على القتال في سورية دون مساءلة .. ثم شمر محمد مرسي عن عضلاته .. وأعلن عن جملة اجراءات هي الأكثر عنفا لمعاقبة النظام السوري وتهديد حزب الله .. وكان يتحدث ويكرر عباراته وكانه يستجمع خطاب عبد الناصر عام 1956 عندما أعلن عن تأميم قناة السويس .. ولكن ليس عند محمد مرسي شيء لتأميمه .. لاشيء بقي في مصر .. يبيع الاخوان كل مابقي من الأثاث السياسي العريق في البيت المصري .. لذلك يبحث مرسي عن شيء يؤممه في الخارج ..
ظهور مرسي كان مسرحيا جدا ومثيرا للسخرية وهو يطالب حزب الله بالخروج من سورية فيما اسرائيل في الأقصى يوميا وفي كل فلسطين ومنذ أن ولد مرسي .. ولكنه مسكين لأننا جميعا نعرف أنه ان مدين لاسرائيل في وصوله للسلطة .. وأنه لاحول له ولاقوة .. وكان الله في عونه ..
لقد أراد مرسي الظهور مع جملة البيانات كما لو كان يظهر في الحملات الدعائية والاعلانية مع حشد كبير يهلل ويصفق .. وربما كان كل واحد من المصفقين ينتظر كيس رز وسكر بعد الخطاب كما درجت عليه عادة الرشوات الاخوانية للفقراء والمتدينين في مهرجانات دعائية وانتخابية .. ولكن الحشد أيضا كان حشدا للاخوان بامتياز وتميز بكثرة اللحى والجلابيب والأغطية والاقنعة والشراشف وغابت مصر الجميلة البهية عنه كليا .. فهو حشد للاخوان المسلمين وليس للشعب المصري الذي ليس همه الآن الجهاد في سورية وهو يرى أنه محاصر بالأزمات في وجود اسرائيل شرقا وحماس التي تتحول الى بلاكوتر على كتف مصر بالتدريج .. وتستعد فوضى ليبيا لاجتياحه غربا .. ومياه النيل وأزمات السودان جنوبا ..ومع هذا يريد الرجل أن يحارب في اقصى الشمال ..
هذه التمثيليات وأبطال الكرتون تسبب التثاؤب .. وعلى الجميع أن يدرك أننا في الحرب لانؤخذ على حين غرة .. والسيد حسن نصر الله كان يعرف انه ان دخل سورية أم بقي خارجها فان الثورجيين قد أحضروه معهم الى سورية في رواياتهم الأسطورية منذ الأيام الأولى وفعلوا العجائب لاتهامه واستفزازه كي يدخل الى سورية حتى وصل الأمر الى اختطاف حجاج لبنانيين في اعزاز .. ولكنه لم يدخل الا عندما عرف أن الثورة هي في النهاية ثورة اسرائيلية خالصة وأنه هو ومقاومته المقصودان وأنهما غاية الثورة .. ولكنه صبر على تحرشات الثورجيين حتى نضجت جلودهم .. فقال لهم: سنكون حيث يجب أن نكون .. لاحيث أنتم تريدون .. وحيث يكون نصر الله تكون الحقيقة ..
مرسي 2013 لايمكن أن يقف في حذاء ناصر 56 رغم الجهد الواضخ لاضفاء صورة ناصر 56 على مشهد تأميم (سورية) ..
ولايمكن لمرسي أن يمد جناحيه كما مد عبد الناصر جناحيه اللذين وصلا من المحيط الى الخليج .. ومرسي ليس الا مجرد طائر صغير بلا زغب القطا لايكاد جناحه العاري يخرج من شرفة قصر الاتحادية .. فهو ليس أكثر من هبة قطر لسليم ادريس ..
ولابد من تذكير مرسي أن نهر النيل لاينبع من شمال سورية .. وهيرودوت يراقب هذا الذي يعبث بأم النيل وحضن النيل .. ولابد ان يقول له شيئا قريبا .. انتظر هيرودوت يامرسي .. عند هيرودوت الخبر اليقين ..
يامرسي تعلم الجغرافيا ومسير الأنهار الكبرى .. نهر النيل .. ونهر الفرات .. ونهر بردى .. ونهر الأردن .. وأهم الأنهار .. نهر نيران الجيش السوري وحزب الله الذي وصل الى مابعد بعد حيفا .. فكيف بك تريد الوصول الى مابعد بعد حيفا .. شمالا ..
يا مرسي هذا عار ..وهذا حيف ..
فاقعد قبل قبل قبل حيفا مع صديقك العظيم .. وارفع الأذان بصوتك في الكنيست الاسرائيلي أن تمكنت .. تبا لك
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Posted on June 14, 2013 by Alexandra Valiente

By Dmitry Minin

The Battle for Aleppo
The Battle for Aleppo
The Syrian army is successfully expanding its most important operation since the beginning of the civil war, launched on June 9 of this year. This operation, «Northern Storm», is aimed at liberating the opposition’s main stronghold – the city of Aleppo, the country’s largest city and most important economic center, located near the Turkish border – from rebel forces. It is possible that this will be the deciding battle of the entire war; it is no wonder that president Bashar al-Asad calls it «the mother of all battles». After many months of confusion and mistakes, the military and political decisions of the country’s leader and the Syrian army command are astounding in their forethought and even their strategic elegance. Instead of running around the country and wasting its strength, which was a mistake it made in earlier stages, the army is occupying key points, cutting off the opposition’s most important lines of communication and supply routes, and then unerringly determining the direction for the main strike. And the political leadership is just as ably ensuring the aid of allies and protection of the army’s flanks. For example, after the victory at al-Qusayr, everyone expected the government forces to start the long-term purging of rebels from the vicinity of nearby Homs, the third-largest city in the country (over 800,000 residents); however, they limited themselves to surrounding the rebels and moved north toward Turkey, from which the greatest danger threatens. Risky? Yes, but completely justified. It is not difficult to see that for the army to make such a move, the left flank on the side of Lebanon was protected beforehand militarily, and the right flank on the side of Iraq was protected diplomatically. Important rearward defense points near Jordan were taken under control early this year. The moment was chosen perfectly with respect to the situation in Turkey as well; as it is in the grip of internal turmoil, it is unlikely to want to invade Syria. In essence, in Ankara the Syrian rebels «have lost both military support and diplomatic coverage from the state which is closest and friendliest to them.» (1)
To a great extent the troops owe their success to the military talent of the Deputy Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Syria, minister of defense since July 2012, colonel general Fahd Jassem al-Freij (born January 1 1950 in Hama, received a military education in Syria, included in the sanctions «black list» of the American administration), who, incidentally, is a Sunnite, which in and of itself speaks of the religious tolerance of the regime in Damascus. (2) The goal of the first stage of operation “Northern Storm» is to «liberate the federal highway connecting Aleppo with Azaz on the Syrian-Turkish border, which has been controlled by opposition fighters for over a year and has strategic significance for the logistical support of the rebels in Aleppo,» a source in army command reported to the Syrian information agency Suria al-An. On Sunday the troops attacked rebel positions along the axis which passes through the cities of Kafar-Hamra, Anadan, Hareytan and Atarib, supported by armored vehicles. Fierce battles continue in the vicinity of the Minnigh military air base near Aleppo. (3) Hezbollah divisions are not yet participating in the operation and have been placed in the strategic reserve. (4)

President Bashar al-Asad has pointed out another reason why the scales have tipped in favor of the army: a change in the attitude of the people in the province. «These people supported the rebel groups not so much due to a lack of patriotism, but because they had been deceived. They were made to believe that a revolution against the faults of the state had taken place. Now their position has changed, and many people have left these terrorist groups and returned to normal life.» (5) A final sobering example is the public execution of a 15-year-old boy by Islamists in Aleppo for a careless statement.

A radically new element in the developments in Syria which further worsens the rebels’ situation is the active involvement of Baghdad in the conflict. Israeli sources, for example, note that, while experts have focused their attention on the actions of the Lebanese Hezbollah in western Syria, the entry of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki into the war on al-Asad’s side is a much more significant factor. Unlike in Iran, which is under sanctions, Western funds are flowing freely into Iraq for the oil they sell, and «they are being passed on in ever growing quantities from Baghdad to Damascus». The Iraqi government has even passed a special act which stipulates that weapons and ammunition purchased on international markets, as well as petroleum, oil and lubricants for the army, are to be supplied to Syria on favorable terms. (6) In the past, relations between these two capitals have not always been rosy, since they were competing for regional leadership. However, now the Shiite government of Iraq has realized that the accession of militant Sunnites to power in Syria could significantly destabilize the situation in their own country. The new wave of terrorist attacks by the Iraqi allies of the Syrian rebels (and thus of the West, albeit indirectly) points to the same thing. In May of this year alone over a thousand Iraqis have been killed as a result of terrorist attacks.

Furthermore, by order of al-Maliki a group of 20,000 military troops have been deployed at the border with Syria to cut off all supply routes for the Syrian opposition from Iraq. DEBKAfile reports that on June 9 the first large clashes of Iraqi government forces and Syrian rebels took place at two border crossing points. The Iraqis suffered losses, but the rebels were pushed back. Israeli sources assert that as part of this union special forces are currently preparing for raids deep in Syrian territory for fighting the rebels. (7) At the meeting of the Council of Ministers of Iraq which took place on the same day in the city of Erbil in the northern part of the country, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki warned that the region has been seized by a storm of extremism due to the activities of terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda and Jabhat al-Nusra, urging everyone to resist this. (8)

Tel Aviv is also experiencing growing difficulties in connection with its involvement in the Syrian conflict. In military circles of Israel there are complaints against their own commanders, unheard of since the unsuccessful Second Lebanese War in 2006. This can be seen on several sites and blogs. Special forces and military intelligence are displeased, in particular, with the de-facto alliance with the «bearded fundamentalists» in Syria, from whom they «can expect a knife in the back» at any moment when they are dozens of kilometers away from their own bases, as well as the exaggeration of the successes of the opposition and the understatement of the victories of government forces (9). They believe that false assessments of the situation in the theater of operations «could lead to erroneous decisions». For example, the site DEBKAfile, which is close to Israeli military intelligence, has openly criticized the speech of Minister of Defense Moshe Ya’alon in the Knesset, when on June 3 he asserted that al-Asad holds only 40% of the country’s territory, and the rebels control a significant part of Damascus. In reality, Israeli intelligence possesses information that the opposition has been almost completely defeated in the capital; there remain only isolated pockets of resistance. The picture is similar on the other fronts as well, where the army, «thanks to Russian and Iranian supplies», is putting pressure on the rebels everywhere. Furthermore, people in these circles admit that Israeli interference in the Syrian conflict, including the bombings of ammunition stores, only raises the fighting spirit of the Syrian army and weakens the opposition by facilitating the loss of its authority in the eyes of the population. (10)

Not only the West, but the current leader of al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, is also troubled by the defeats of the opposition in Syria. In June he recorded a video message in which he urged his supporters worldwide to increase support to the jihad forces in this country, as well as to unite all groups with a similar orientation there into a single movement. The main priority for al-Qaeda in al-Zawahiri’s message is currently not Afghanistan or Iraq, but Syria. (11) The American consulting center Flashpoint Global Partners has stated that the majority of foreign fighters who had been killed in Syria from July 2012 through May 2013 were connected with al-Qaeda. The center’s report emphasized, for example, that during that period at least 280 foreign fighters from the U.S., Chechnya, Kosovo, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Libya and Saudi Arabia were killed. (12) The last was a Belgian who was killed a few days ago.

The well-known expert on the Middle East Michael Young believes that, considering the advantages president al-Asad has achieved in the civil war, the opposition’s demands that he not be allowed to participate in the Geneva conference are «not realistic», and its leaders’ refusal to participate in it themselves is «a mistake», since in this case the blame for the failure of the peace process will fall on them. For the Syrian opposition this could prove «fatal». Not long ago, very few believed that Bashar al-Asad would remain in power. «We may have been wrong,» laments Young. Unfortunately, signs that this realization has come to the leading Western politicians are so far not apparent.
مناورات “الأسد المتأهب” تنطلق في الأردن
In particular, this can be seen in the military maneuvers of the U.S. and its allies and the landing of 4,500 troops in Jordan at the height of «Northern Storm». By imitating preparations for an invasion of Syria from the south, they are trying to stop the advance of the Syrian army. However, the Syrians already have enough forces to bear an attack from that direction without abandoning their advance toward Aleppo.As official sources in the White House have reported to AP, U.S. president Barack Obama will also make a decision on supplying weapons to the Syrian rebels this week. Obama most likely will approve the decision, «as in recent days the situation of the opposition has become quite lamentable». According to AP, Secretary of State John Kerry has postponed his tour of the Middle East for several days, since he must participate in meetings of the National Security Council, where the issue of arms supplies is being discussed. (14) However, an attempt to change the objective development of events by pumping money and weapons to the losing opposition is unlikely to save them, and can only cause innumerable new calamities for the Syrian people.

If «progressive» Europe and the U.S. do not want to defend the Middle East from an al-Qaedan medieval period, they should at least not hinder it from defending itself.

(9) In this respect the publications of the Russian resource, for example, are very telling.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Zionist’s “Muslim” war on Resistance

"Is it a pre-condition to recognize Israel in order to govern?" asked Rashad Bayoumy, a Muslim Brotherhood’s leader,before highjacking the Egypt's poular revolution.

On that I wrote:"Thirty years ago, Khomeini, faced a similar situation, without storming......he turned the Zionist embassy into a Palestinian Embassy.....He did it because, the vision was clear, the enemy was clear, and because he was after power to put Iran on the right track, and he did.

Iran now, despite the 8 years war launched by Arabs (almost all Arabs except Syria, Islamists, and nationalists except Syrian) and 30 years of sanction, is super power who dared to say to US: get out of Gulf."

Though the Iblis-Brotherhood declared “that they will respect Egypt’s international obligations” and thhoug “Camp David treaty was not really a treaty of peace, but rather a treaty of submission and capitulation to Zionist regional hegemony, arrogance and military supremacy” as described by their sectatiam mouth piece, Amayereh, they failed to deliver in Syria, they failed to govern in Tunis, Egypt and Libya, and they may lose power even in Turkey.
Finally, on behalf of International Zionist's Brotherhood Mursi declares the war on Syrian Arab Repuplic and the Arab resistance.

Egypt’s Mursi Cuts Ties with Syrian Arab Republic
Local Editor

Egyptian President Mohammad MursiEgyptian President Mohammad Mursi announced on Saturday evening cutting ties with Syria, shutting down the Syrian embassy in Cairo and withdrawing the Egyptian charge d' affaires from Damascus, at a popular conference aired on state TV.

He called on the international community not to allow the "reproduction of repressive regimes," urging a UN Security Council resolution for imposing a no-fly zone on Syria.

Mursi also urged Arab and Islamic states for an emergency summit to discuss the latest developments in the Syrian conflict.He slammed "regional and international powers" for their military support of the Syrian government that led to the continued bloodshed in the country.

“We reject any military or political interference in Syria whether by states or militants," he said. Moving to internal affairs, Mursi criticized the intended anti- president protests on June 30 urged by activists and opposition who call for ousting Mursi and holding an early presidential election. He said such protests "seek to ruin the state without knowing how to rebuild it afterwards," insisting they are urged mostly by "residuals of the ex-regime."

 Mursi called such acts, ruining Egypt through such protests, as "illusions," yet he stressed respect for the right of peaceful protests without riot, damage or weapons. "We should rather save our energy for work and production," Morsi added, warning against acts of violence during such protests and calling on the opposition to unite with the leadership to meet the challenges of the country.
Mursi’s warnings come as youth movements emerge, especially the “Rebillion” movement which announced itself about a month ago and called for mass demonstrations in June 30 being the occasion of the first anniversary of the Mursi’s presidency. Egyptian press stated that Rebellion has so far succeeded in collecting nearly 15 million signatures of citizens demanding early presidential elections. Recently, the National Salvation Front announced its support for the call to demonstrate and demands of Rebellion.

Source: Agencies
16-06-2013 - 12:10 Last updated 16-06-2013 - 12:10

Sayyed Nasrallah: When Challenged with Takfiri Ideology, We Become More Determined

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah tackled various regional and internal developments on Friday.

On the Day of the Wounded, Sayyed Nasrallah hailed the efforts and saluted the wounded brothers and sisters who are present at the rally or in hospitals or in their homes.

"I salute the families of the injured heroes and all the medical crews who accompanied our wounded fighters from the very first moment, from first aid to the continuous health care, and I thank all the members of the Wounded Institution," His Eminence stated

Greetings and salutations to the wounded

"Your wounds today are a living witness of real acts and events that happened in the very recent past," he said, and pointed out that "each of these injuries tells the story of an incident or an event that should be recorded for the coming generations."
In parallel, His Eminence added, "Your wounds remind us of the heroic acts of the Resistance during the "Grapes of Wrath" 1996 aggression as well as the 2000 liberation and the epic victory in 2006."
On the occasion, the resistance leader mentioned, "The birthday of Abul Fadl Abbas is a day for every wounded resistance fighter and every jihadist warrior. It is a day for our wounded, who were the men of courage and steadfastness in all battlefields."
He further thanked the families of the martyrs, "who defended the land and the sanctities, particularly those of the latest military confrontations, who showed a high level of presence and steadfastness."
"The resistance, with all its sacrifices, is the one that liberated Lebanon," Sayyed Nasrallah confirmed.
Moreover, he hailed the resistance's sacrifices that led to all the blessings of this country. "Without this resistance, our land would have turned into an "Israeli" colony."
"The story of the Lebanese resistance recalls that this resistance had enough awareness and a clear vision to realize the danger of remaining silent over the American and "Israeli" occupation or coexisting with the American hegemony in 1982," His Eminence affirmed.
Moreover, His Eminence recalled that this resistance has been offering martyrs and wounded fighters as thousands of its men were subjected to its detention camps and their homes were destroyed.
"This resistance, through these countless sacrifices, is the side that liberated Lebanon from occupation," Sayyed Nasrallah stressed, and added: "Today, if there is a Lebanese state and if there is dignity, fortunes, water, oil and gas, the credit goes to all the resistance fighters and their wounds."

Uproot the Resistance

In response to those calling for uprooting the resistance, the Hizbullah Secretary General wondered: "The most powerful armies in the history was defeated and to brought to its knees in front of the feet of our fighters in Bint Jbeil and Maroun al-Ras, and who are these people who talk about uprooting us?"
"Some people find it easy to pack up and leave when the situation is not great, but we have nothing outside Lebanon," His Eminence stated, and highlighted that "We were born here, will be martyred here and will be buried here and no one will rout us out of here."
He also reiterated Hizbullah's readiness to pay the highest prices for protecting this country.

Domestic Affairs; Sayyed Nasrallah urges self-restraint

On the internal front, he clarified that there are no new developments in terms of the elections.

In this context, he condemned the US interference in Lebanon's internal affairs.
"We warn of the American interference that seeks to push things in a certain direction and this is the tip of the iceberg of US blatant interference and intimidation in Lebanon and the region," Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized.

He further explained that "all sides wait, today, the decision of the Constitutional Council."

Moving to the Lebanese security situation, Sayyed Nasrallah urged all people to exercise self-restraint, given the fact that Lebanon entered a critical stage since 2005.

Thus, the Hizbullah top official called all those present on the Lebanese territory from Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians to show extreme restraint and to avoid any form of tensions, whether during grief, anger or joy.

"Any incident might have inappropriate repercussions on people, security and on all of us," he warned, and noted that "even when it comes to personal disputes, people should have even more restraint, since any dispute is nowadays being given sectarian meanings."

On the phenomenon of opening fire in the air in any occasion, Sayyed Nasrallah affirmed that people are frightened; some are even getting killed.

He revealed that after revealing with the religious authorities, we got the reply that these acts are definitely impermissible in Islam."

"The fatwa is stricter...This is haram [religiously forbidden]. If the weapons are ours, using arms is not allowed in such a manner," His Eminence said.

Lebanese security issues

On the security developments that the Lebanese region of Baalbek-Hermel area is witnessing, Sayyed Nasrallah mentioned both the incidents of rocket falling on the area as well as the rumors of kidnapping.

"The sensitive point is that some media outlets are circulating rumors that these rockets are being fired from Arsal and its barren mountains -- they are accusing a Sunni town of shelling Shiites towns," he warned.

"Some media outlets continue spreading lies," His Eminence said, and called on everyone to verify any report.

"If anyone in Arsal is killed for personal reasons, some sides start accusing Hizbullah of the incident.

In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah confirmed that "none of the rockets fired into Baalbek-Hermel were fired from Arsal."

"The armed Syrian groups are responsible God willing we will find a solution to this issue," His Eminence vowed, and urged all rational men, scholars and figures of Baalbek-Hermel to foil any attempt at inciting strife.
"We should be very vigilant and efforts should be exerted to put an end to these attempts to create strife in these regions," he said.

On the incident near the Iranian embassy, Sayyed further condemned the killing of the innocent person.

Regional developments

On the regional level, Sayyed Nasrallah warned that there is a US attacking scheme to be implemented in Syria and launched by Europe, as well as many Arab and Gulf countries.

"Some are speaking out about their views on what is happening, but others are silent because they fear Takfiri attempts against them. Why did they shoot at Sheikh Maher Hammoud and tried to assassinate him? Why other clerics are also being threatened?"

His Eminence stated that as "some people accuse us of not respecting the other opinion; we are being cursed night and day."

"Our figures, scholars, sect and ideas are being cursed on podiums and we haven't responded because our religion and our brains forbid us from doing so," he mentioned.

Moreover, His Eminence welcomed any opposition from within the Shiite sect.
"All the accusations against us and that aim at terrorizing us will not change our stance. When we are challenged with insults and Takfiri ideologies, we become even more convinced and determined," he affirmed.

His Eminence further vowed that Hizbullah will continue to "defend Syria and the Syrian people and Lebanon and the Lebanese people."

"If they think that we will withdraw and retreat, we are not of the sort. During our battle with the Zionist entity and while whole buildings were collapsing on our heads, we did neither withdraw nor surrendered," Nasrallah confirmed.

On this level, the resistance leader denied all what is related to the story of the regime and the people."

"Let no one tell us that we are with the regime and against the Syrian people, as large portions of the people are with the regime and we are with these people," he added.

Moreover, Sayyed Nasrallah elaborated that "We are the last to have interfered in Syria. However, we took the decision to interfere on the Syrian ground to oppose the plot in Syria."

"With time the nature of this plan became clear for us, including its repercussions on the whole region and its people," he said, and reiterated that "Hizbullah is neither with the Syrian regime nor against it."

He further highlighted that Hizbullah stands with the side of the Syrian people that calls for reform, away from the destruction of Syria and its people.

"There are around 100 thousand fighters that came to Syria. Can anyone convince us that some Arab and Islamic countries that do not have originally elections are with the rights and reforms?" His Eminence wondered.

Sayyed Nasrallah clarified that "these sides don't care about the people's life. They just want to topple the regime in Syria, even the alternative is mess and chaos. The alternative is the groups that are killing and slaughtering people.

"Those who want to bring down Syria seek to make Lebanon and the rest of the region under the control of the "Israeli"-American-Takfiri powers," he warned.
His Eminence also slammed the Future Movements double standards: "We were the last party to intervene in Syria while the Future Movement and other Lebanese parties were the first to intervene, not to mention the other nations, groups and organizations."

"We do not send our young men to Syria saying that we are sending milk and bed covers, and we do not secretly bury our martyrs and tell their relatives to stay silent."
"When we fight, we do not hide, but rather we proudly hold public burials," Sayyed Nasrallah asserted, and wondered: "are we really fighting in al-Raqqa, Tartus, Idlib, Deir Ezzor, al-Hasakeh and Daraa?"
"The answer is no. We have decent capabilities and we believe that any modest support is useful in the face of a global scheme that is targeting everyone," His Eminence confirmed.

Gulf decision to blacklist Hizbullah

He also commented on the Gulf decision to blacklist Hizbullah as terrorist.
"When did the Gulf have a list of terrorism?" His Eminence wondered, and reiterated that "Hizbullah is proud that we are on the American terror list."
"There are no Hizbullah members in the Gulf anyway," he said, and noted that "Hizbullah understands their anger: they are losing a project that has cost them millions of dollars in Syria and their project is now being defeated."

The Resistance Leader also commented on the alleged sectarian claims that Shiites controlled a Sunni mosque.

"Is that a wise and responsible act? Why are they turning the issue into Sunni-Shiite strife? This story is false," His Eminence said, and noted that "there are Syrian Shiites living in al-Qseir."

"These are Shiites, who have a neighborhood and a mosque. These men erected an "O hussien" flag on their mosque. If anyone thinks that through lies, killings, and threats we will change our stances, they are wrong."

Iranian elections

On the Iranian elections, Sayyed Nasrallah hailed the Iranian people on this day where democracy is being celebrated. "Iran today is presenting to the Arab world a model of popular elections."

"The Supreme Leader's vote is the same as that of any villager in Iran," Sayyed Nasrallah concluded.

Source: english.alahednews