Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Iran Unveils Advanced Military, Scientific Achievements despite Sanctions

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Iranian officials unveiled that Iran has advanced combat helicopter “Toofan 2” and has become self-sufficient in electronic warfare equipment.
Toofan 2 copter
The Toofan 2, which became operational on Wednesday, is of high invasion power, precise targeting ability, digital fire control system and night vision.

Talking in the copter’s inauguration ceremony, Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi referred to the use of 11 advanced technologies in the copter, saying that it matches the best and most up-to-date world standards.

He also pointed to Iran’s achievements in air industries and said that the industry is presently among the world top ten in terms of designing and manufacturing air industry parts and equipment.

The minister also said that Toofan 2 enjoys a bunch of domestic technologies in electronics, optics, laser and arms fields.

He believed the production of such an advanced helicopter by Iranian experts is just one of the outcomes of sanctions imposed on Iran which has boosted creativity and productivity in the country.

Nour surface-to-surface missileIran’s Navy launched six-day naval drill on December 28, 2012, in order to display the country’s capabilities in defending its maritime borders.

Spokesman for Iran’s Velayat 91 naval drill Rear Admiral Amir Rastegari said Wednesday the Islamic Republic is self-sufficient in electronic warfare equipment.

“Despite sanctions, we have developed capabilities that have made us independent from other countries in electronic warfare equipment,” Rastegari said on the sidelines of the final day of the massive naval maneuvers.

The Iranian commander noted that Iran’s Defense Ministry has developed communication, radar and signal technologies to identify and counter hostile electromagnetic waves and launch necessary offensives.

Rastegari also announced that modern electronic warfare systems were tested on surface and sub-surface vessels as well as air defense units during the last day of the Velayat 91 naval drill.

The Iranian Navy successfully test-fired the latest version of the indigenous surface-to-air missile Ra’d (Thunder) and launched its indigenous short-range cruise missile dubbed Nasr (Victory) on the fourth day of the major military exercises.

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