Friday, 4 January 2013


Daniel Mabsout,
The mother of the child- in Solomon’s days- wanted to save her child from the king’s verdict according to which the child would be split into two . She wanted to preserve the child above all. Similarly in war situations- like the one we are witnessing right now in Syria and elsewhere- we find two parties that have different considerations of the situation . One party , ...not caring about what happens to the child, is therefore ready to sacrifice its life , while the other party is caring for the child and wants to save its life.

There is a big difference between the two positions that cannot be bridged . The intention of killing the child and that of saving him cannot meet in any way . For this reason the situation in Syria has reached something like a dead end . In order to get out of the blood bath there has to be a political solution and the people caring for Syria -like its president, its army and the majority of its citizens- wanting to save Syria, are ready to negotiate with the opposition the terms of the cease fire and the settlement of other problems as well even if this requires some concessions . These negotiations require that armed assaults stop at once and the two sides sit together. The problem is that the other party- which is the party faking motherhood -is not seeking the preservation of the country nor that of the people , but will continue its scheme even if the country is destroyed and the people sacrificed . Their priority is destruction over preservation . They are NOT the mother of the child .

This was clear to day in Sayyed Hassan’s speech , that those who are escalating the fight are solely responsible for the deterioration of the situation and for spilling the blood of innocent people and for the innumerable killings and massacres that are taking place .They are responsible and accountable ; for this reason they should yield to the call of Syria and the Syrians and stop this bloodshed at once . All those attacking Syria right now should stop their assault and sit with the Syrian authorities and seek a political solution instead of a military one . The military solution is not a solution and it will stretch the war endlessly causing more casualties and harm, whereas a political solution is liable to save whatever remains to be saved of the country.

This war is not a vacation or a party to extend it endlessly especially if one party is willing to negotiate . In this context we salute the efforts of both Dr Ahmadinejad and Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah in seeking to get in touch with the Syrian opposition abroad and within the country and come up with a solution to the Syrian problem that will avoid bloodshed. But these efforts have not born fruit yet because the armed faction s have no political demands since they are hired mercenaries implementing a NATO agenda.

In the same context we also salute president Hugo Chavez who was the first one to take initiative and suggest a solution for the Libyan problem and offer his services as mediator . Unfortunately the forces of evil took over and the generous offer of president Chavez was not taken to make room for the crimes committed against Kaddhafi and the Libyan people who are still suffering the repercussions of the great turmoil that overtook their country due to the intervention of alien forces aided by their local clientele that are sacking Libya and confiscating its resources .

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