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Velayat 91 Unfolds ‘Qader’: Long Range Ground-to-Sea Missile

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Iran: Qader, the Long Range Ground-to-Sea MissileQader Sea Cruise missile has been successfully launched on the 5th day of the Velayat 91 Navy drills, Iranian Mehr news agency reported Tuesday.

With a long range of 200 km and rapid response capabilities, Qader is capable of targeting and destroying marine objects such as frigates, warships, as well as on-shore targets.

Among the main features of this new military product are its high destructive power against all fixed and mobile targets, flight maneuverability, automatic guide and control systems, firing capability on warships and fixed land bases, as well as its rapid preparation and response.

“Qader was successfully launched minutes ago and hit its target,” the Rear Admiral Amir Rastegari told local media outlets.

In the last phase of Velayat 91 naval drills, the Army Navy has launched its super-advanced surface-to-surface missile from an Iran’s Army ship. Noor tracked the target, hit and destroyed it successfully.

The tested missiles are the product of national expert knowledge of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army Naval Force and research and development centers of the defense industries.

“Yesterday also Nasr and Ra’ad were launched successfully and hit targets,” he added, indicating that the last stage of the final operational phase of the drill will end Tuesday.

Iran Navy Warns Foreign Planes, Warships Approached Drill Region

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Iranian navy issued on Tuesday dozens of warnings to foreign planes and warships that approached its forces during a five-day sea maneuver near the Strait of Hormuz.
Iranian Navy
Mehr news agency quoted Rear Admiral Amir Rastgari, spokesman for the exercise, as saying that oreign and international reconnaissance units had displayed different reactions, the main being collecting information on the Islamic Republic’s Army capabilities.

“The foreign force reconnaissance units were entering the drill regions, and we issued 30 warnings against their entering,” he added. “These warships were collecting information on Army Navy’s capabilities,” he said.

Rear Admiral Rastegari also said that foreign forces received warnings by Army’ Navy units and Khatam Al Anbya Air Defense unit. “They received the warnings and remained afar the drill zone,” he said.

The five-day naval drill, dubbed Velayat-91.

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