Friday, 18 January 2013

When I was seven, Jesus cried…

When I was seven,
Jesus cried…
When I was seven
I was living
In a beautiful village
North of Jerusalem
Near the heart of Palestine
I used to play
Where Jesus used to pray
I ran up the hills
Where he used to walk
Listening through the wind
To the echo of his talk
“Oh, children of God,
Love one another”
A man of Palestine
Gentle, kind, and giving
A true prince of peace
Ever so loving…
Up above my head
White fluffy clouds
Slept all day
On my blue sky’s lap
I used to lie down
Jumping with my soul
Up in to heaven
Weaving with the clouds
Snow white and teddy bears
I’d make up stories
Dressed up as a princess
Dancing with the fairies
Flying on the wings
Of a pure white bird
With a magical brush
That no one could see
I painted the world

 With colours of the rainbow
I flew wiping tears away
Of every human face
Putting a big smile
Right in their place
I spoke every language
With no words at all
With all words of love
They answered my call
Every drop of water
Every grain of sand
Every green leaf
Felt God’s loving hand
white bird
One summer day
My life was turned
Up-side down
My peaceful world
SUDDENLY .. ran away
Leaving me to drown
Shivering all alone
In the grave-yard of town
The army of Zion
Marched ready to fight
Crushing us with bombs
Proud of all their might
Stealing our country
Was a “ God given right”
Killing.. maiming.. destroying
“CHOSEN”, so it’s all right
Bombing peaceful towns
All night and day
Killing young children
So, no longer to play
Tearing clouds apart
Scaring them away
Burning innocent lives
Chasing dreams away
Filled with shame and guilt
Of Hitler’s holocaust
Followers of Christ
People of the west
Cheered .. rejoiced ..hurray
To a cheap victory
While Jesus was weeping
Crying out loud
The murder of his children
And the rape of his land
When I was seven
Jesus cried
Ever so hard ! !
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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