Saturday, 9 February 2013

Christian Muslim Unity / Church and Mosque in Beirut


The 6th of February 2006 witnessed the historical agreement signed between Hizbullah and the Free Patriotic Movement of General Aoun representative of the Largest Christian faction in Lebanon . This agreement resolved the issue of the weapons of Hizbullah, and the Liberation of whatever remains of Lebanese soil under Israeli occupation, and the release o fall Lebanese prisoners from Israeli jails as well as the conditions of the return of the Lebanese who fled to Israel . It discusses also the status of Lebanese detainees in Syrian prisons , in addition to developing a Lebanese strategy of self defense .

This agreement saved the country from religious conflict and reassured the Christian community that Hizbullah does not seek hegemony over Lebanon. When asked why did it take so long to come up with this agreement: General Aoun answered that it was because we were serious about it and wanted to discuss each detail extensively in order to avoid any misunderstanding and we did well . The agreement is still standing and has become even stronger than before .This agreement is not a closed one restricted to the two parties but all political powers are invited to join in. In fact this agreement bears more than what it shows because it carries the seeds of a real understanding and coexistence and exchange between Lebanese at all levels .

The credit goes to both leaders, Sayyed Hassan and General Aoun , to their openness and tolerance and straightforwardness and their attempt at creating a real national understanding between Lebanese people. Not only this but the two leaders have started something that could be generalized to serve as a model to other attempts at bringing together different religions , cultures and political views around the world . Long live the solidarity and brotherhood of people everywhere!

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