Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Dispute Flares between Nusra Front, Other Militants in Syria

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Dispute has erupted between militants in Syria and al-Qaeda affiliated group, “Nusra” front in the province of Aleppo, media reported.

Syria militants
According to the Syrian daily, al-Watan, the dispute changed to be armed clashes between the militants and “Nusra front” which is believed to be the most powerful armed group in Aleppo.

The newspaper said that the clashes left four militants killed, adding that the militants were from Tawheed Brigade, another armed group in Aleppo.
Al-Watan quoted an Aleppo resident as saying that the clashes broke out after militants from Tawheed Brigades tried to kidnap a gunmen, of the Libyan nationality, from Nusra Front, in Tareeq al-Bab (the road of the door) neighborhood.

However, the daily added, that the Nusra”front discovered the kidnapping attempt, and then executed four militants of Tawheed in front of residents in a bid to scare them.

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