Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Syria’s National Defense Forces: New Style of Fight against Insurgents

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Damascus has managed to adopt a new style of fight against the foreign-backed insurgents via forming a popular army in a bid to support the national armed forces.Syria National Defense Forces

The National Defense Forces consist of popular committees formed in a spontaneous way, in addition to volunteers of civilians.

According to al-Manar correspondent, who toured a training camp for the National Defense Forces in the area of Latakia, this popular army is required to support the Syrian army in its mission to maintain security in the areas that witness chaos and attacks by foreign militants.

“Our army is set up of thousands of fighters. A group of fighters is being graduated twice a month after being well-trained,” one fighter told our correspondent.

Concentrated drills have been staged in a bid to train these forces to fight in the mountainous regions, the correspondent added.

“Other fighters are specialized with missions of surveillance and infiltration, in addition to collecting information about insurgents,” another fighter told the correspondent.

He added that there are militants who are in charge of dismantling explosive devices which are planted by the foreign militants.

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