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“Hezbollah Will Shake Ground If a War Breaks Out” - Iron Dome Cannot Protect Civilians: Zionist Commander

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Yahya Dbouq - Al-Akhbar

Hezbollah military mightHead of Technological and Logistics Directorate in the Zionist Army, Major General Kobi Barak, stated on Monday that “the ground will shake in Israel by Hezbollah’s missiles if a war breaks out on the Lebanese front.”

Speaking before recruitments in Tze’elim military base, Barak called upon new Zionist soldiers to be more linked to reality in what is related to the upcoming war with Hezbollah, according to the Hebrew news website Walla.

He indicated that “any improper field deployment will cause casualties within the Israeli army’s ranks. This requires us to get prepared and deploy in a better way; otherwise, we will receive severe blows.”

“Our future officers should realize in advance that a real war will begin on the home front; as the security agency reports that 1,200 missiles will fall daily on Israel if a confrontation with Hezbollah breaks out,” Barak added

General Barak further pointed out that the Lebanese field is the most vulnerable to explosion: “This requires us to be prepared for attempts by Hezbollah to diminish the army’s ability to move and drill,” he said, adding that “the first day of the coming war will witness the firing of accurate heavy artillery barrages.

“In the first day of the next war, heavy barrages of rockets will be launched against the main army centers primarily located in the military assembly areas, emergency stores and supply and logistics bases,” he added.

According to the website reporter for Military Affairs, Amir Bouchbot, officials in the Division of Technology and Logistics estimate that «everything on the map will be targeted by Hezbollah. On this basis, the goal of the exercises is to enable military forces from the quick exit of bases, reduce casualties within ranks and reduce the possibility of targeting stores and depots of ammunition and military equipment.

The sources added that the Logistics Division finally carried out various activities in preparation for the next war, including unannounced war scenarios, noting that “preparations ranging from food supplies for troops in the early hours of the war to the mental preparation of leaders.”
However, they warned that “military support troops will be exposed rom the first moment of the battle, including their heading to stores to receive military equipment, and during engagement with the enemy on its territory.

Moreover, “The Guardian” British daily reported that the Iron Dome anti-short range-missile system will not be allocated for protecting cities and residential buildings in event of a war with Hezbollah, but only to protect a number of sensitive military sites, such as Air Force airports, in addition to a number of otherof strategic locations, such as power and electricity plants.
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Iron Dome Cannot Protect Civilians: Zionist Commander

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Zionist Iron Dome defense systemThe Zionist anti-missile system cannot fully protect civilians from rocket attacks during a war, as it was installed primarily to defend strategic military sites, the Zionist ‘Home Front commander’ has admitted amidst growing criticism of the system, RT website reported.
“There are five Iron Dome units currently operating in Israel, which is not enough to protect Israel from rocket fire by Lebanon’s Hezbolla,” Home Front Command head Major General Eyal Eisenberg told Haaretz in an interview.

The Iron Dome is a US-funded anti-missile system developed to destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells.

For Israel to be able to fully protect its civilian population, it would need at least 10 working Iron Dome batteries in targeted regions, which it will not be able to acquire for at least another two years,” he added.

“But it has to be remembered that the anti-missile batteries only protect specified zones, mainly in the big cities… Self-defense instructions are issued to civilians as though there were no such defense systems,” Eisenberg said.

The buzz surrounding the system’s successes inside the occupied territories prompted US President Barack Obama to make his first stop during his March visit to the entity at an Iron Dome installation.
However, the achievements of the Iron Dome have given Zionist civilians a false sense of security, Eisenberg argued: “Because of Iron Dome, the civilian population perceived the confrontation as being less intensive than it actually was.”

There has also been growing criticism over how successful the system has been at intercepting “enemy missiles,” with US and Zionist security experts arguing that Iron Dome would fail to protect the entity of occupation from more serious attacks

"There are many question marks about Iron Dome now. The system may be good psychologically because it makes Israelis feel safer. But it makes no difference in saving lives,” military analyst and former Zionist fighter pilot Reuven Pedatzur told the National.

Pedatzur argued that the development of Iron Dome was a "mistake," both strategically and cost-wise, as intercepting one enemy rocket with the system costs at least $50,000. The Zionist Iron Dome interceptions during Operation Pillar of Defense cost $25 to $30 million, according to a statement of the Jewish government.

Despite the debate around the Iron Dome, the US has helped finance the system by contributing an initial $275 million, and recently pledged an additional $680 million for deployments through 2015, with Congress calling the system “very effective.”

The New York Times reported that weapons experts who analyzed online videos of Iron Dome’s hits and misses from November suggested that its interception rate was actually no higher than 30 to 40 percent.

Eisenberg also expressed concern that the enemies of the Jewish entity may possess more advanced weapons. “The threat is changing before our eyes. In the next war, for the first time, we might have more civilians killed on the home front than soldiers on the combat front,” he said.

Hezbollah reportedly possesses 5,000 warheads – if it launched a full-scale attack, the entire Tel Aviv metropolitan area would be under massive bombardment, Eisenberg added.
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إسرائيل: حزب الله سيزلزل الأرض إذا وقعت الحرب

يحيى دبوق

«الأرض ستتزلزل في إسرائيل جراء سقوط صواريخ حزب الله عليها، في حال اندلعت الحرب على الجبهة اللبنانية». تأكيد صدر عن قائد شعبة التكنولوجيا واللوجستيك التابعة للأركان العامة في الجيش الاسرائيلي، اللواء كوبي باراك، أمام دورة أغرار أنهت تدريباتها أخيراً في قاعدة «تساليم» العسكرية، جنوب تل أبيب.

وعرض اللواء باراك، كما نقل عنه موقع «واللا» الإخباري العبري على الإنترنت، دعوته الجنود الاسرائيليين الجدد الى الارتباط أكثر بالواقع، في كل ما يتعلق بالحرب المقبلة مع حزب الله، مشيراً الى أن «أي انتشار غير صحيح ميدانياً سيؤدي الى قتلى وجرحى في صفوف الجيش الاسرائيلي، الأمر الذي يفرض علينا الاستعداد والانتشار بصورة أفضل، وإلا فسنتلقى الضربات». وأضاف أن «على ضباط الغد أن يدركوا مسبقاً أن الحرب الحقيقية ستبدأ في الجبهة الداخلية. فالمؤسسة الأمنية تتحدث عن 1200 صاروخ تسقط يومياً على إسرائيل، في حال اندلعت المواجهة مع حزب الله».
وأشار اللواء باراك الى أن «الساحة اللبنانية هي الأكثر عرضة للانفجار، الأمر الذي يفرض الاستعداد مسبقاً لمحاولات سيقدم عليها حزب الله لتقليص قدرة الجيش على التحرك والمناورة»، مضيفاً أن «اليوم الاول للحرب المقبلة سيشهد إطلاق صليات ثقيلة من الصواريخ الدقيقة ضد المراكز الاساسية للجيش، الموجودة بشكل أساسي في مناطق التجمع العسكرية ومخازن الطوارئ وقواعد الإمداد واللوجستيك».

وبحسب مراسل الموقع للشؤون العسكرية، أمير بوخبوط، فإن «المعنيين» في شعبة التكنولوجيا واللوجستيك يقدّرون أن «كل ما هو موجود على الخريطة سيجري استهدافه من قبل حزب الله، وعلى هذا الأساس فإن الغاية من التدريبات هي تمكين القوات العسكرية من الخروج سريعاً من القواعد، وتقليص الإصابات في صفوفها، وأيضاً تقليص استهداف مخازن ومستودعات الذخيرة والعتاد العسكري».

وتضيف المصادر المعنية أن شعبة اللوجستيك نفّذت أخيراً أنشطة متعددة استعداداً للحرب المقبلة، ومن بينها سيناريوات حرب مفاجئة، مشيرة الى أن «الاستعدادات تتراوح ما بين إعداد الغذاء والمؤن للقوات في الساعات الاولى للحرب، وصولاً الى إعداد القادة ذهنياً». إلا أن المصادر نفسها حذرت من أن «قوات الدعم العسكرية ستكون مكشوفة من اللحظة الاولى للمعركة، بما يشمل توجهها الى المخازن لتسلّم العتاد العسكري، وأيضاً في مرحلة اشتباك القوات على الأرض مع العدو في أرضه».

الى ذلك، ذكرت صحيفة «غارديان» البريطانية أن منظومة القبة الحديدية المضادة للصواريخ القصيرة المدى لن تخصص في حال نشوب حرب مع حزب الله لحماية المدن والتجمعات السكنية، بل ستخصص فقط لحماية عدد من المواقع العسكرية الحساسة، كالمطارات التابعة لسلاح الجو، إضافة الى عدد آخر من المواقع الاستراتيجية، كمحطات توليد الطاقة والكهرباء.
موقع المنار غير مسؤول عن النص ومضمونه، وهو لا يعبّر إلا عن وجهة نظر كاتبه

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