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UK Rabbi thinks jewish law takes precedence over British Law

Rabbi Ephraim Padwa, who is leader of the UK’s Strictly Orthodox Jewish community, told the alleged victim that it was “mesira”, or forbidden, to report a suspected Jewish sex offender to a non-Jewish authority

Rabbi Ephraim Padwa told an alleged victim not to contact the police under any circumstances (Channel 4)
A senior British rabbi has been filmed telling an alleged victim of child sexual abuse not to go to the police.

Rabbi Ephraim Padwa, who is leader of the UK’s Strictly Orthodox Jewish community, told the alleged victim that it was “mesira”, or forbidden, to report a suspected Jewish sex offender to a non-Jewish authority.

His advice, which was secretly recorded as part of a  Channel 4’s Dispatches investigation to be shown tonight, will reignite the controversy about the cover-up of child sex abuse by religious groups following global scandals surrounding the Roman Catholic church

Strictly Orthodox Jewish people, known as Charedi, number 40,000 people, around a sixth of the Jewish population in Britain.

Rabbi Padwa, who is head of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations in Stamford Hill, north  London, was recorded by a former member of the tight-knit community using a hidden camera.
The footage shows the alleged victim telling Rabbi Padwa about someone “who sexually abused me when I was younger, when I was a child and I’m looking for your advice, to be honest, what to do…Would do you think maybe, is it a good idea to speak to the police about it?”.

“Oh no,” Padwa answers, explaining that doing so would breach Rabbinic Law.  The alleged victim says that child sex abuse is a “very serious issue”, but is told not tell the police. Rabbi Padwa adds: “Men Tur Nisht,” which is Yiddish for “people must not tell tales.” He continues: “The police is not the solution.”

Another Charedi Rabbi claims later in the program that Rabbi Ephraim Padwa recently forbade a father who had told the police that his son had been sexually abused from pursuing the case.
The man taped speaking to Rabbi Padwa agreed to help investigate possible sex abuse cover-ups after claiming he was abused as a child by a fellow Charedi, Channel 4 claims.

Rabbi Padwa’s organisation, the UOHC, sent Channel 4 a letter responding to the allegations stating: “The Jewish Community considers the safety and protection of our children as paramount.”
Last night it released another statement outlining its procedures for dealing with child sex abuse complaints. It said: “The Orthodox Hebrew Congregations have a special Committee to deal with incidences of attacks of this kind on the children of our congregations. The members of the Committee consist of rabbis, educators and members of the community, among whom there are those who have been trained in the right way to tackle this.

It added: “The Committee which will deal with it [sex abuse complaints] according to the advice of the Rabbinical Court and according to the law of the land.”

Britain’s Hidden Child Abuse - Channel 4 Dispatches Special - Wednesday 30th January at 10.30pm
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Nusra Front ordered new Personal for Syriann in Aleppo with the flah of FSA on the front flag of al-Qaeda on the back

Nusra front is forcing Syrians to extract thes card instead for 4000 lira in order to facilitate passing the Front victory check points.

الهوية الشخصية للمغلوبين على امرهم في حلب تحمل علم القاعدة... جاد نجم الدين

حصل موقع الخبر برس على صورة لهوية احد المواطنين المغلوب على أمرهم في مدينة حلب تحمل علم الجيش الحر من الامام،

وقد تم وضع علم القاعدة وجبهة النصرة على الخلف كما يظهر في الصورة، وذلك من اجل تغيير معالم الجمهورية العربية السورية تحت مسمى ثورة الحرية.

وفي التفاصيل فإن هذه الهوية ليست عسكرية ولكنها مدينة تعطى للمواطنين بالقوة وتحت تهديد السلاح وقد فرضت جبهة النصرة على كل مواطن استخراج هذه البطاقة بدل مبلغ مالي يقارب 4000 ليرة سورية من اجل تسهيل مروره على الحواجز التابعة لجبهة النصرة والجيش الحر الارهابين.
هذه بوادر الحرية بدأت تظهر بسرقة معامل حلب وقتل ابناءها واليوم تغيير معالم سوريا من دولة حضارية الى دولة متشددة يحكمها الارهاب.

*مصدر الصورة صفحة صوت الشعب من حلب

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Do us a favor!


[Daily Star] "... One of these losers is the Syrian people, who are decidedly unenthusiastic about seeing Israel enter into the uprising against the regime of President Bashar Assad in any way, shape or form. The other losers would be neighboring states such as Lebanon, if it is swept up into the violence because of the possible – and not yet proven – role of Hezbollah in the affair...."

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Victoria Nuland KAGAN: "I saw the pictures of the poor little monkey preparing to go to space"


'A happy US primate!'
[CBS] "...According to the State Department, however, the U.S. can't confirm whether or not "the poor little monkey" ever actually made it into orbit."I saw the monkey - the pictures of the poor little monkey preparing to go to space," said Victoria Nuland, a spokeswoman for the State Department, when asked about "extraterrestrial primates." "We don't have any way to confirm this one way or the other with regard to the primate." ..."

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Erdogan Boxed In by Syria

By: Tulin Daloglu for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse. Posted on January 31.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Jan. 30 once again made comments comparing the Republican People’s Party (CHP) to the Syrian Baath Party. One can only assume that by uttering such a reference to Turkey’s main opposition party, Erdogan hopes the public will believe that the CHP supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and is, like Assad’s Baath Party, incapacitated and unconcerned about its own people.

The civil war next door is about Syrians killing each other — not a conflict between Turkey and Syria — but it has spawned a domestic battle in Ankara. Surely Turkey would have kept its borders open for people fleeing to safety regardless of the party in power in Ankara. In addition, the compassion that Erdogan espouses toward the Syrian people on behalf of the Turkish nation is that of all Turks, including those in opposition. Thus, the problem between Erdogan and the CHP likely stems from the prime minister’s displeasure with opposition accusations that his Justice and Development Party (AKP) is either helping the armed opposition in the Syrian refugee camps in Turkey or is, at the least, turning a blind eye.

Although the Erdogan government has adopted a negative tone toward the political opposition and the international community, for its seeming indifference to the carnage in Syria, there is no clear path to altering the current state of affairs. Out of frustration, Erdogan thus may think that verbal assaults against the CHP will help in creating the impression domestically that the AKP’s Syria policy has been the right one all along — first, when it established close relations with Assad, and later, after the outbreak of rebellion when it called for Assad to step down and sided with the Syrian people. In addition, Erdogan does not mind highlighting that neither the CHP nor anyone else has offered a solution for halting the conflict.

Until 1998, when Syria expelled Abdullah Ocalan, leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party, Turkish-Syrian relations had been limited. A few years later, the opposition expressed the criticism that Erdogan was getting too close, too quickly to the untested Assad, who took power in 2000, and that such rapidly developing relationships usually have the potential to go off course. The opposition repeatedly stated that they did not oppose abolishing visas or developing trade ties with Syria, but that regardless of who controlled the Turkish government, such steps should be taken only gradually.

What is the current dilemma for Turkey’s Syria policy? There is a deadly stalemate on Turkey’s border and no reason to expect a turn for the better any time soon. Not only has a modern-day Turkish government for the first time declared its desire to topple another country’s regime, it has also made it policy. Turkey’s opposition has argued that this approach consigns Syria to never-ending violence.

Western diplomats in Ankara have told Al-Monitor that they are confused by Ankara’s accusatory rhetoric and unrealistic proposals. The consensus within the diplomatic community is that no end game currently exists and that it would be misleading to raise expectations of any sort of military intervention.

Diplomatic sources also questioned Turkey’s proposal to establish a no-fly zone, which has proven to be impractical. Referring to the long-running no-fly zones in northern and southern Iraq, they noted that that action followed the U.S.-led war against Iraq in 1991 and thus Iraq’s air radar system had been demolished long before Washington asked the UN Security Council for authority to establish the zones.

Furthermore, it is well known that Russia would be an obstacle to a no-fly zone, claiming to be driven by the principled position of protecting a country’s sovereignty and therefore using its veto to prohibit military interventions involving domestic unrest in states friendly with Moscow. The only time Russia has acted differently involved taking action in Libya, when it abstained to clear the way for NATO intervention to help bring down the regime of Moammar Gadhafi.

It is clear that the Turkish opposition has had no voice in shaping foreign policy for the decade that the Erdogan government has held power, but with the Syrian mess apparently destined to drag on, Erdogan appears to be playing a preemptive blame game by attacking the domestic opposition and the international community.

“Syrian factions are getting cross-border support from neighboring countries,” peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi was quoted as telling members of the Security Council on Jan. 29 at a closed-door meeting. “Syria is becoming a playground for competing forces. None of the neighbors is immune to the fallout consequences of the conflict.”

Of course, it was AKP’s policy, not the CHP’s, to approve weapons transfers to the Syrian opposition across Turkey’s borders. In the current light, maybe it would have been better not to have armed the opposition in the first place, though the point is irrelevant to saving lives in Syria today.

If the international community fully arms the Syrian opposition, it remains unclear whether it will help to build a democratic and free Syria. Once the civil war crosses the border into Turkey, the region will sink deeper in the morass, possibly pushing one of the region’s most resilient economies seriously off track.

Tulin Daloglu is a columnist for Al-Monitor's Turkey Pulse. She has written extensively for various Turkish and American publications, including The New York Times, International Herald Tribune, The Middle East Times, Foreign Policy, The Daily Star (Lebanon) and the SAIS Turkey Analyst Report. She also had a regular column at The Washington Times for almost four years.

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By Way of Deception

Click image for pdf

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Jalili in Syria for Talks with Assad: Officials

Local Editor
The Head of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, SaeePresident Assad meeting Jalili (archive)d Jalili, was expected in Damascus on Saturday for a meeting with President Bashar al-Assad, Agence France Presse quoted security officials as saying.

Jalili would also meet with Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi and Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem, the officials told AFP on condition of anonymity.
Jalili, who last visited Damascus in August 2012, is also Iran's top nuclear negotiator and a close aide to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei.

His visit was also confirmed by Al-Alam television channel, which reported that the trip would be important-- although it did not elaborate.

The vivist comes few days after the Zionist entity launched an airstrike against a scientific research center situated between Damascus and the Lebanese border, killing two people and injuring five others.
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Once again the PSC expels Palestinians

Read the following email from Sammi Ibraem:
Dear Gilad

Yesterday, 26th of January, I attended the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign AGM in London. On entry, I was asked if I was a member and I replied that I wasn’t, but that I was a Palestinian journalist and would like to attend the meeting as an observer. I was given a package and a yellow badge.

However, a few hours later, during the lunch break, while standing in a queue in the cafeteria, I was approached by PSC Vice-Chair Kamel Hawash who again asked if  I was a member. I confirmed that I wasn’t, but that I had been granted observer status. Hawash replied that I wasn’t supposed to be there and that I must leave.

I am left perplexed. How can an organisation that claims to lobby on behalf of the Palestinians expel a Palestinian from its annual gathering? I am afraid that, yet again, we are furnished with clear proof that the PSC is now under full Zionist  control and that this group is serves now just as a mouthpiece for the British establishment and the Zionist lobby.

Regrettably, the PSC in the U.K. now has very little to do with the Palestinian plight or the Palestinian people.

Yours sincerely

Sammi Ibraem
An exiled Palestinian journalist
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USA 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad's regime


It is possible that the documents are fakes. Britam-Fakes | chartophylakeion tou polemou - Translate this page

The following is from the David Icke site:

Why has this massive story of global importance been removed from the Daily Mail Website?

Friday, 01 February 2013 10:55

This image of the article was captured by Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton who read the story and thought that it may well disappear given the content. She was right.

This was the original Daily Mail link for the article:

Syria is not a war caused by 'rebels' within the country just as the Libya 'revolution' was not.

They are part of a systematic fake 'Arab Spring' takeover of the whole of Africa and the Middle and Near East by forces working through the United States, Israel and NATO (all the same thing if you go high enough or deep enough). 

I have been exposing this plan in my books for years and what is now happening in Mali and planned for country after country in Africa orchestrated through the US AFRICOM network is all part of this. 

Watch out South Africa because they want you, too. They want everything because they are insane.

They manufacture a different excuse for each new country although with Libya and Syria it was exactly the same. 

'Rebels' funded and armed by the US and NATO (via Qatar) start attacking government targets and when the government returns fire the forces behind the 'rebels' scream through their compliant and ignorant media 'Gadhafi/Assad is killing his own people'. 

They then use this 'humanitarian' excuse to send the boys in to slaughter the innocent and steal oil reserves and other assets.

They did this in Libya and they have been desperate to do this in Syria but it has not been as easy as they thought and so they planned to covertly arrange a chemical attack so they could say 'we have to send in NATO to stop Assad killing his own people with chemical weapons'.

No wonder the Daily Mail article has been removed so quickly. When their game is exposed they lose their cover stories.

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Lib Dem MP David Ward Told the Truth

Ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day, Liberal Democrats David Ward, MP for Bradford East made a comparison on his website. He equated the Shoa with the treatment of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. But in Britain 2013, we are not supposed to think freely, we are advised not to follow our ethical intuitions or even to think historically or critically. The Liberal Democrats already "condemned" Ward for his "use of language."
Here is what Ward wrote:
Having visited Auschwitz twice – once with my family and once with local schools – I am saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza.
Under pressure he later issued a statement in which he attempted to "clarify" this:
The Holocaust was one of the worst examples in history of man’s inhumanity to man. When faced with examples of atrocious behaviour, we must learn from them. It appears that the suffering by the Jews has not transformed their views on how others should be treated.
Time is ripe for our liberation..
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Daniel Mabsout,


The total blackout the Irish struggle has been subject to seems to have no par and maybe due to the fact that Great Britain and its allies holds the major keys to world media . Since we were at school we were never told the truth , we were given lies about a struggle being a religious one between two sects of Christianity -Catholics and Protestants- like the struggle activated now between Sunnis and Shi’as . - I remember that – as pupils- we wondered to what avail and over what were Catholics and Protestants fighting in Ireland ? And if so why weren’t they fighting everywhere else and why isn’t the Catholic Church or the Vatican involved ? Dissatisfied by the evasive answers of the teacher we would ask more about the matter to receive the same response. Finally I think we gave up and ended up telling ourselves that Ireland must be a place- like Lebanon - where multiple religions were source of trouble .

We thought Ireland was England or part of England. We didn’t know that it was a country and a people and a culture and even a religion standing by itself, that it was just a neighboring country to Britain speaking an altogether different language. We did not know that Ireland was under occupation, that it had been invaded by the British the same way Egypt or Jordan or Palestine were invaded and occupied. What we learned also is that not only Ireland was invaded and occupied by its harmful neighbor but was- as well- colonized- with settlements built and settlers coming in from outside to settle and exploit the land and build plantations on usurped territories that belonged to the Irish people. In fact Ireland was a British province the same way Algeria was a French province under French colonization.

Until now the British colonization of Ireland constitutes a great surprise to us and the question arises that : if the British colonized us - Arabs- or colonized Indians who were strangers to them, why -on earth- did they colonize their own neighbors with whom they shared so much ? We still have not found an answer to this question , but it seems that predator nations will not refrain from doing so and from preying on whatever is accessible - be it close or far. They will oppress and exploit and kill their own kith and kin if necessary. This feature applies to Spain –as well – since the first thing the Spaniards did- before sailing to colonize the world -was to invade their neighbors like Catalans and Basques - and subdue them to their own oppressive rule from which- both Catalans and Basques- are still suffering.

After all this, seeing what England did to Ireland, one wonders why people were so shocked when Adolph Hitler caressed the dream of invading his neighbors and expanding his rule to the rest of Europe . He must have been greatly inspired by both Britain and Spain who preceded him along this line.

No doubt Ireland constituted a great experimental field for the British crown to experiment all kinds of oppressive measures and abusive steps and all kinds of repressive policies that will be used overseas to oppress other peoples and subdue other nations . That is why , when the English Puritans sailed to the New continent at the beginning of the seventeenth century , they had mastered many of the means of subjugation of other nations . Like the British , they usurped the land , built settlements , waged war on the Natives chasing them out of their territories, enslaving them and starving them and exterminating them, committing every single violation towards those who welcomed them and greeted them and fed them when they were hungry and taught them how to plant the seeds and work the land. One can even say that the destruction of the potato crop that lead to the starvation of almost one million Irish in year 1840 and to the exile of another million, inspired the settlers of the new continent to exterminate the white buffalo in order to starve the Natives who relied greatly on this animal .

So many parallels can be drawn between the abuses of the British in Ireland and that of the Puritan pilgrims of the new continent, the least of them being the demonization of their enemies picturing them as savage unruly evil creatures that needed to be exterminated for the betterment of humanity. This demonization is still the weapon used in many instances by the imperialists to wage war on poor countries and expose populations and cultures calling for their extermination and cultural extinction by depriving them of their evil traditions and evil language and heretic religious practices .

The policies of religious conflict and partition and division and setting part of the population against the other and creating civil wars and local conflicts- as has been carried on in Ireland for centuries- bore its fruits in all the British colonies of the British empire . In India , in the Arab and Muslim world, the policy of divide and conquer perpetrated the rule of the colonialist enemy even after he evacuated the land. In the Arab Nation, it created Israel on Palestinian land . In India, it created Pakistan and Kashmir . In Iraq it created sectarian warfare and ethnical enmities and so many other irresolvable conflicts that are not restricted to a place or area . It killed and is still killing and the crime of the Irish people, like the crime of the Native Indigenous , like that of the Palestinians , was to resist and to refuse to be subdued and their nation subjugated .

If one resists occupation and exploitation and abuse and violation and partition and acculturation, one becomes subject to extermination. This is the rule of the British Crown and the rule of its off Springs : Israel and Uncle Sam , and the rule of the European predators who preyed on their neighbors before preying on us . Long live the Struggle of the people , of all people who are facing the predators by all means. And the Irish people have been resisting for so long , alone , only relying on themselves , not betting on any external help or world solidarity or international support . People who sacrificed so much cannot be denied freedom and inborn rights. Long live Ireland ! Long live Iran! Long live Syria ! Long live Iraq! Long live Lebanon and Palestine! The predator monsters will be defeated for sure , they have been defeated already ! The administration of this world will change hands and they are doomed and condemned by their own doings !

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Hariri Facing Lawsuit over Unpaid Debts: Al-Akhbar

Local Editor

Saad Hariri and JacketIt has been a while now since former PM Saad Hariri, listed as one of the 100 richest men in the world, started facing silent protests by Future party employees who haven’t been receiving any salaries.
Al-Akhbar daily reported Friday that Hariri seems to be overcoming his crisis, as he recently paid his debts, according to sources in the party.

However, the paper pointed out that this partial financial relief was limited to the party and its employees, as Hariri have not yet paid the debts he have in his political work and business.

“The evidence,” Al-Akhbar revealed, “is a lawsuit in the Lebanese judiciary by a Jordanian transportation agency against Saad Hariri.”

“This lawsuit is against Hariri in person, and it demands him to pay three million US dollars to the complainant who says it is the second part of the money Hariri was supposed to pay for transportation services to passengers from the Gulf to Lebanon in 2009,” the Lebanese daily added.

“The agreement was that the agency gets paid eight million dollars, but it only received five million,” Al-Akhbar said, indicating that “the lawsuit also mentions services that Hariri presented in 2009 to transport Lebanese from Beirut to participate in the parliamentary elections then, which is also considered electoral bribery.”

In a similar context, and after wide landed properties for Hariri family in Lebanon were put on sale, Al-Akhbar knew that Saudi Oger (owned by Saad Hariri and his brothers) also put a big number of landed properties that it owns in Saudi Arabia on sale for their need for cash money.

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Christians being 'driven' out of Libya due to Nato installed terrorists

Vatican City - Christians are being driven out of eastern Libya by Muslim fundamentalists, the Catholic Church's main clergyman in the country told the Vatican missionary news agency Fides.
The situation was "critical" and the "atmosphere very tense" in the Cyrenaica region, the Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli said in the interview on Thursday.

He said two religious communities are leaving "after being pressured by fundamentalists", adding that the Apostolic Vicar of Benghazi was cautioned to take shelter ahead of a large-scale demonstration on 20 February.

"In past days, the Congregation of the Holy Family of Spoleto who had been there for nearly 100 years were forced to abandon Derna," east of the main eastern city of Benghazi, he said.

"In Barce [located between Benghazi and Derna] the Franciscan Sisters of the Child Jesus will leave their home in coming days."

On Friday, Martinelli told Vatican Radio that for some time now fundamentalism has governed decisions in Libya.

Christians have voiced fear of a rise in sectarian sentiment in the overwhelmingly Muslim nation following the 2011 revolt that toppled dictator Muammar Gaddafi and in which hard-line Islamists played a major part.

Before the uprising, 3% of Libya's population of around 6.3 million were Christian.

Now only a couple thousand of them remain, with the majority of them expatriates.

In December, two Egyptians died in a blast at a Christian Coptic church in the Libyan town of Dafniya, and two others were wounded

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دعوة محمد مرسي لزيارة دمشق لشرب الترياق ولتعلم فن التحليق / نارام سرجون

‏الثلاثاء‏، 29‏ كانون الثاني‏، 2013
أوقات الشام
نارام سرجون
لايختلف اثنان على أن محمد مرسي يعيش أسوأ لحظات عمره الآن .. . ومما لاشك فيه ان تنظيم الاخوان المسلمين في العالم كله متوتر ومتشنج ويمر بحالة من العصبية والهستيريا والنزق .. وهو لايكاد يستيقظ من صدمة الا وتصدمه صدمة أكثر قسوة لأنه لايزال يعتقد أنه في شهر العسل في فراش السلطة وأن طلاقه منها لايكون الا بموته أو بموتها ..
لاأريد ان أبدو وكأني في موقف ألقي مواعظي على الغرقى ....الا أنني أعرف أن هؤلاء الغرقى محاطون بأطواق النجاة وبالحبال الموصلة الى المراسي والموانئ .. لكن الغريق الأعمى والأصم لايرى أين هي أطواق النجاة الحقيقية .. فهو يعتقد ان الأجسام الناعمة حوله هي أطواق نجاة أو هي دلافين الله التي جاءت لتنقذه .. لكنها في الحقيقة أسماك القرش الملساء .. ونعومة أجسام الحيتان القاتلة ..والوليمة البحرية قد بدأت .. لقد وقع الاسلاميون جميعا في الفخ المحكم الذي نصب لهم .. فالغرب زجهم في هذا الصراع على السلطة لكنه قبل ذلك اقتلع أسنانهم وأظافرهم .. وسحب منهم هرمونات الرجولة والفحولة باستئصال خصى الاخوان من جذورها بل واجتث أعضاء الذكورة ..
فماذا بقي للاسلاميين بعد أن جردهم الغرب من شعاراتهم في التحرير والجهاد والعداء لاسرائيل وتحرير القدس؟؟ وماذا بقي لهم بعد أن أهان رسولهم وهم في ذروة القوة وقد بسطوا أجنحتهم على امتداد قارتين فاذا بهم يلزمون صمت القبور؟

وماذا بقي من شرف الاخوان وهم يحاربون خصومهم في البرلمان والتشريع بقذائف الرز والسكر وعبوات الزيت بدل بيانات الصحوة الاسلامية وجهاد النفس وكلمات (وأعدوا لهم مااستطعتم) .. لأن ماأعدوه لم يكن الا أكياس الرز والسكر وشوالات الفتاوى الانتخابية..!! ماذا بقي من الطمأنينة التي تسلحوا بها وقد سكتوا عن جرائم الذبح والسحل والقتل التي صوروها لارهاب المسلمين بالذات بدل (ترهبون به عدو الله وعدوكم)؟؟

ظن البلهاء الاسلاميون أنهم يتسللون الى السياسة العالمية بذكاء ويتمسكنون أمام الغرب الى أن يمسكوا بكل شيء فيتحولوا الى مناورات أخرى حسب اهوائهم بعد أن يشبوا عن الطوق .. ولكن في بهلوانياتهم السياسية ظهروا ضعفاء كالبغاث والضفادع.. فلم يضيفوا حرفا واحدا أو ينقصوا حرفا واحدا على نقيق بيانات وخطابات بن علي الرمادبة الباردة وحسني مبارك الجوفاء والجامعة العربية ..
لم يكن لصعودهم هيبة الثوار ولاهيبة الثورة .. وتمكنت بواسطتهم أميريكا من احداث التحول الأخطر في حربها على الايديولوجية على الفكر الاسلامي .. فبعد أن انقلبت الشعوب الغربية من متفهمة لتباين الأديان وحرية العقيدة الى شعوب نفرت من الاسلاميين ودين المسلمين ومنحتها صفة العقيدة العنيفة .. هاهي ذي الشعوب العربية تنفر بشدة واشمئزاز من الاسلاميين بعد ان كانت هي التي تشكل حاضنة للتيارات الاسلامية لان الاسلاميين تفننوا في قتل المسلمين واحراق بلدانهم وأمانهم وتفننوا في بيع بلدانهم ..

لقد كان الاسلاميون طوال عقود يعدوننا بالحكم الاسلامي وكانوا باختصار يستعيرون من تجربة ايران وحزب الله وحماس والمقاومة العراقية كل ألوانهم وشعاراتهم البراقة .. كان الاسلاميون يؤكدون أن بامكانهم نسخ التجربة الايرانية اذا ماأتيحت لهم الفرصة للحكم كما حدث في ايران .. وكانوا يرددون ان نجاح ايران تكرره تركيا كنموذج سني نظير للنموذج الشيعي .. وها هي حماس نسخة مطابقة لحزب الله .. ولذلك فان التيار الاسلامي بحاجة ماسة للوصول الى السلطة ليمارس ابداعاته الجهادية في الاستقلال وفي اثبات نظرية الحكم الاسلامي الناجح..

لكن الاسلاميين ارتكبوا غلطة العمر وشربوا من كأس السم على مائدة السياسة وهاهي بطونهم ملئت بالنار وباتت أمعاؤهم تتمزق .. لأن مافعلوه هو أنهم ثوار لم يفعلوا ما فعله الخميني في ايران الذي طرد الشاه وطرد معه اسرائيل .. واعلن يوم القدس ..ولم يفعلوا مافعله حزب الله أو حسن نصر الله من اعلان العداء لاسرائيل والنية بتحرير المقدسات منذ اليوم الأول لقيامه دون مجاملة ..

الثوار الاسلاميون الجدد في الربيع العربي أدوا فريضة الحج في ايباك ونالوا بركات كاميرون وساركوزي وكلينتون ولم يطردوا ذبابة اسرائيلية .. وتحالفوا مع أعداء كل الشعوب الاسلامية وهم أمراء النفط .. وليس خافيا أن الشعوب العربية والاسلامية لديها حساسية لاتقاس ضد أمراء النفط والغاز وتحس بالضغينة والكراهية لهؤلاء الفاسدين من عائلات الخليج العربي على ماتبدده من ثروات وعلى معاملتها القاسية للجاليات العربية والاسلامية المهينة بسياسة الاذلال بالكفيل واستغلال فقر الشعوب.. وهذه الشعوب لاتخفي عداءها الشديد لممالك الخليج ومستعمراته وحكامها .. ومع هذا فان الاخوان المسلمين واطارات الاسلاميين عموما تحالفت مع المال والنفط والثروة وقبلت من حكام الجاهلية الرشوة ..

بل ان مفتي الاخوان المسلمين عرض الرشوة على المصريين علنا ودعاهم الى قبولها عندما قال لهم ان قطر لن تدفع ملياراتها اذا لم يفز الاخوان .. اي فليقبل المصري المسلم بالرشوة وببيع دينه وضميره من أجل حفنة من الدولارات .. انها فتوى الرشوة علنا .. حتى اسلاميو تركيا ظهروا بسبب استعجالهم في اسقاط الدولة السورية حلفاء أقوياء للغرب وتبين أنهم من أشد المخلصين لحلف الناتو وليس للشرق .. والناتو هو أكثر عداء للمسلمين ولنبيهم من أبي جهل نفسه.. وظهر أردوغان كذابا كبيرا وغشاشا ومخادعا .. وعد بكل شيء .. ثم كذب بكل شيء ..

اليوم لم يعد الاخوان المسلمون في مصر الا في حالة ركاب سفن طارق بن زياد فالبحر من ورائهم والعدو من أمامهم ..فقد سقطت شرعيتهم الثورية (وليست شرعيتهم السياسية) وهي الأهم .. فهم يتصرفون كأي ديكتاتورية سياسية ضد شرعية ثورية حقيقية ..ولن يمكنهم بعد اليوم التلاعب في السياسة .. فقد وجد الشرخ بينهم وبين الناس ..وصارت أميريكا قادرة على ابتزازهم وتهديدهم باطلاق الثورات عليهم بعد ان سقطت حرمتهم .. وصارت أميريكا قادرة على ابتزازهم بسحب الشرعية عنهم لأنهم الآن بلا حول ولاقوة شرعية .. وفي حال قرروا اللجوء للعنف فقد بدأت نهايتهم كشرعية سياسية بعد نهايتهم كشرعية ثورية .. وكشرعية اسلامية ..

ربما كان الاخوان الآن مشغولين بسد الثقوب في مراكبهم التي يتسرب منها ماء البحر .. وربما لن يروا طوق النجاة الذي سنرميه لهم .. بل ان الحل السحري الذي سينقذ الاخوان والاسلاميين بسيط جدا .. واذا ماقرروا المغامرة وشرب الترياق الذي سيقتل السم الذي يسبب لهم تقطع الأمعاء وتقطع الشرايين فاننا نعرف أنهم لايقدرون على شرب الترياق لأن أفواههم مسدودة بالنفط والرشاوى وحلوقهم غصت بالأكاذيب وأكياس الرز والسكر التي توقفت في صدورهم التي يجلس عليها حيوان الكركدن القطري ..

الترياق الذي سيشفي الاخوان المسلمين يكمن في موقف اذا مااتخذوه فانه سيفاجئ الدنيا وستتحول السفن المحترقة خلفهم الى جسور طويلة بين اليابسة واليابسة يصل عليها مدد الله .. فتخيلوا مثلا أن يعلن محمد مرسي القرارات التالية بدل قانون الطوارئ وأن ينزل بدل الدبابات والمدرعات هذه البيانات:

1- طرد السفير الاسرائيلي وتعيين قائم بأعمال حزب الله في مقر سفارة اسرائيل ورفع العلم الأصفر لحزب الله بدل العلم الأزرق لاسرائيل فوق السفارة

2- طرد السفراء الفخريين لاسرائيل في القاهرة وهم: سفير قطر وسفير السعودية وسفير تركيا

3- الاعلان عن انضمام مصر الى محور ايران وسوريا والعراق وحزب الله

4- فتح كل الحدود مع غزة .. والغاء التحالف المشبوه مع حماس خالد مشعل

5- طرد الجامعة العربية كممثل شرعي ووحيد للناتو واغلاق مكاتبها في القاهرة

6- اغلاق كافة مصالح اتحاد علماء المسلمين في القاهرة واعتبار القرضاوي شخصا غير مرغوب فيه في مصر ..واعلان الأزهر مرجعية اسلامية مستقلة للعالم الاسلامي

7- زيارة دمشق كردّ رمزي على زيارة السادات للكنيست الاسرائيلي ولشرب الترياق الشافي من الهوان

8 - ارسال رسالة الى شيمون بيريز يبدؤها محمد مرسي بعبارة: عدوي اللدود بيريز .. ويختمها بعبارة: عدوك اللدود محمد مرسي..

9- اعلان الاستغناء عن المعونة الأمريكية والاعتماد على الذات المصرية .. فهذا الاستسلام للمعونة خلق عدم القدرة على ابتكار الحلول

10- الغاء كامب ديفيد

ولو تخيلنا أن مرسي فعل ذلك فان رد الفعل العالمي والعربي سيكون هو التعامل مع محمد مرسي كأحد أهم الرجال في العالم واخطرهم واشدهم تأثيرا على السياسة العالمية .. وسيقفز الى مطار القاهرة مئات الوسطاء الذين سيحملون كل ماتطلبه مصر دون اذلال لها .. وستتحول القاهرة الى قطب من اقطاب العالم بعد تكاملها مع أقطابها ومكملاتها الطبيعية في دمشق وبغداد .. لأن الشرق قام على ثلاث عواصم هي دمشق وبغداد والقاهرة ..وليس على تكامل القاهرة والدوحة وأنقرة ..

بالطبع أنا لم أكتب هذه الفرضية الحالمة لأنني أتوقعها فأنا أعرف أنها اقتراحات تعجيزية لمن هو في مقاييس الاخوان ويرفل في أثواب الحرير القطري .. وبالطبع لم أكتبها لأنني احتسيت أقداح النبيذ والفودكا فصرت أهذي بالخيال .. لكنني واقعي وأعرف ان محمد مرسي رجل ضئيل واخوانه أكثر ضآلة منه .. ولذلك فانني بدل اسداء النصائح الى من شرب نبيذ السلطة فانني سأروى له نكتة كنا نتبادلها مع ضباط الدفاع الجوي السوري في حرب تشرين (اكتوبر) عله يفهمها .. ولن يفهمها .. وهي على كل حال تقول:

بأنه في أعقاب تناقص أعداد الطيارين الاسرائيليين بعد أيام على حرب يوم الغفران حيث كانت الصواريخ السورية في الجولان تتصيدهم كالذباب .. فقد عملت القيادة الاسرائيلية على تجنيد شبان يهود متحمسين لتدريبهم بسرعة كطيارين حربيين على طائرات الفانتوم الأمريكية التي وصلت على متن الجسر الجوي الامريكي .. وقد تعلم هؤلاء الشباب الاسرائيليون فن الاقلاع والمناورات والقصف .. ثم أخذوا بسرعة الى الطائرات في المطارات للاقلاع في مهماتهم .. وماان جلسوا في مقاعدهم حتى تذكروا أن الدروس التي تلقوها في الدورة لم تتضمن التدريب على عملية الهبوط .. وعندما سألوا القيادة الاسرائيلية عن سبب ذلك جاءهم الرد من موشي دايان بأن ذلك سببه هو أن الصواريخ السورية ستتولى عملية انزالكم بلا شك .. فلا تقلقوا ..

اليوم الاسلاميون والاخوان المسلمون ومحمد مرسي يشبهون الطيارين الاسرائيليين الذين أقلعوا بطائراتهم من غير دروس الهبوط .. فقد قامت القيادات الغربية والأمريكية والاسرائيلية باصعادهم الى طائرات السلطة وعلمتهم طريقة القيادة والاقلاع .. وبالطبع لم تعلمهم طريقة الهبوط .. وبلا شك فان محمد مرسي واخوانه سيسألون عن السبب .. وسيكون الرد بسيطا وهو بأن الصواريخ السورية ستتولى انزالكم جميعا .. فلا تقلقوا ..

ان التمرد على الاخوان لم يبدأ في ساحة التحرير بل بدأ في ساحة الامويين التي أعلنت رفضها للربيع الاسلامي الصناعي.. وبدأ في أطراف حلب وادلب وغوطة دمشق .. والهزائم التي لحقت بالاسلاميين في سورية تسببت في ظهور بأس الدولة الوطنية وبأس الجيش الوطني السوري ..وكشف المؤامرة التي سميت ربيعا .. ولكنها أيضا كسرت هيبة الاسلاميين جميعا ..وصار الجميع يتجرأ عليهم .. وتبين لكل الأحرار أن سورية صمدت وتماسكت أمام الدنيا كلها .. فكيف لاتهب القاهرة وتثأر لكرامتها من هؤلاء القوم المحتالين وهم أضعف من قوة الحرية التي تعصف الآن بمشاعر المصريين والعرب ..

صدقوني ان الكثيرين الذين التحقوا باسراب الفانتوم الأمريكي من مطار الربيع العربي قد حلقوا في سماوات السلطة ولكنهم تذكروا أنهم لم يتعلموا فن الهبوط .. ولاالقفز المظلي ..ولكن الصواريخ السورية ستتكفل بانزالهم من أعلى ارتفاع ..

كل هذا السرب من القادة الاسلاميين والأمراء والملوك .. صاروا يعرفون أن سقوطهم صار في معادلة الاتفاقات القادمة مسألة وقت .. حمد وأبو متعب والحريري ومحمد مرسي وخالد مشعل .. كلهم يعرفون أن طائراتهم تنتظر الاسقاط ..حتى أردوغان صار مدركا أنه لن يطير طويلا في هذه الأجواء كما قال لي صراحة أحد الأتراك الناشطين من قلب حزب العدالة والتنمية فقد أسرّ لي بان كل القيادات في الحزب صارت مدركة ان اردوغان صار يقاتل للنجاة بمستقبله السياسي .. وانه يعلم الآن انه لايمكن في الشرق الأوسط بقاء خلطة اسمها (اردوغان والأسد) .. وأن على أحدهما ان يرحل .. فالشرق لايتسع للاثنين معا .. ويبدو الآن جليا أن الأسد لن يرحل في معادلات الأمر الواقع .. وربما صار لمن يريد معرفة اسرار البقاء في عالم السياسة ان يلتحق بدروة تدريبية في دمشق ليتعلم فن البقاء .. والطيران ..

ولكني قلت له أن يبلغ حزب العدالة والتنمية نقلا عن السوريين بانه اذا كانت نصيحة فريدريك نيتشه تقول: اذا عجزتم عن تعليم أحد فن الطيران فعلموه على الأقل كيف يسقط بسرعة .. فان العبارة بنسختها السورية تقول مايلي:

من يبقى محلقا في الأعالي ولاتقدرون على اسقاطه .. فتعلموا منه فن التحليق .. أو على الأقل فن مراقبة التحليق ..واحترام الأعالي والذرى
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