Monday, 28 April 2014


Ziad Fadel 
بينهم شيشان ومصريون وسعوديون.. مقتل عدد كبير من الإرهابيين في المليحة


The number of foreign vermin dying in this area is a record.  The non-Syrians will not surrender because they believe there is some Paradise awaiting them in the afterlife. They also know that the Syrian government does not offer any amnesty for them – but, instead – reserves for them the kind of end appropriate for war criminals.  Yesterday, in the rural areas around Al-Maleeha, the SAA killed 238 terrorists, all from Chechnya, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.  Over 4,000 terrorists have died in this area since the SAA campaign started.
  • Habeebullah Al-Nimraawi (CHECHEN VULTURE. Id pending)
  • Muhammad ‘Ali  (EGYPTIAN COBRA SPUTUM)
Only these names were published.
 Adraa Town:
Jabhat Al-Islam got its numbers reduced last night when SAA and NDF found a nest of terrorists, surrounded it and wiped it out before the terrorists could escape:
  • Muhammad Farhaani
  • Ghaazi Al-Hakeem
  • Naader Kurd
  • Muneer Al-Shatti
The other 9 could not be identified because they did not have papers. All foreigners.
 Harastaa east of the Salaahuddeen Mosque: 2 terrorists killed.  No names.
 ‘Adraa Workers’ Residencies:
Jabhat Al-Islam nest operating as a command-and-control center was demolished by SAA and NDF near the Lamees Factory.  24 terrorists killed with 9 taken prisoner in different medical conditions.  Some of the terrorists taken prisoner are Chechens and Jordanians.
 Jayrood in northeast rural Damascus:  At Al-Batraa` near stone quarries, 7 terrorists killed and their 2 RPGs and assault rifles confiscated and given to NDF for use in killing Saudis.
 Dayr Al-‘Asaafeer:  Fighting with no details.
At Zibdeen, Al-Qaasimiyya Farms and Al-Bilaaliyya, SAA killed scores of terrorists in final mop-up of this area.
Tanks are parked but ready to go into battle on the coast of Latakia.  All the shoreline at Al-Samra has been cleansplague.ed of the terrorist

Summit 1017: 

Only 2 hours ago, Damascus time, SAA has cleared this area killing over 20 terrorists with many scurrying back to Turk lines.  Only non-Arabs are allowed back into Turkey.

Summit 959:

Same as above, in a coordinated operation. Here, the momentum is toward an axis between Al-Nab’ayn and Kasab.  Prediction: total victory here in 8 hours.

Ziad Fadel
Attorney for 33 years and Supreme Court Certified Interpreter for Arabic/English Diploma with Honors from Ann Arbor Pioneer High School in 1968; B.A. University of Michigan in Ann Arbor 1968-1972; M.A. University of Michigan Dept. of Near Eastern Studies 1972-1974; Ph.D. Cand. Univ. of Michigan 1972-1977; Then went to law school. Credits: Harvard University for classes in Islamic Philosophy; Fellowships from University of Pennsylvania 1976; 2 from Univ. of Michigan. Read English, Arabic, German, French, Farsi, some Hebrew. Studied Ancient Greek and Latin before grad school. Michigan Supreme Court Certified Interpreter/Translator for Arabic and English

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