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We are astounded by the silence of the Turkish state-controlled media over the Syrian Air Force bombing of what Erdoghan tried to tart up as some “humanitarian” convoy entering Syrian territory – ostensibly to help out the needy.  As it turned out, and as we reported a few hours ago, the convoy carried weapons and Turkish commandos whose apparent task was to attack with rockets the SAA Air Defense complex at Handaraat.  Amazing silence.  Not even a peep so far from Erdoghan’s loyal barking pest,  Davutoghlu.

Central Prison:

Another feeble attempt to rescue credibility by attacking this now newly reinforced bulwark of military steadfastness.  Yesterday, the Nusra pack, tried it again, with some really disoriented Pakistanis, and received another lifetime supply of fertilizer bags for its trouble.  Number of dead?  Unknown at this time, but, Wael says the terrorists came in without any regard for cover and were gunned down like flies.

Huraytaan:  A pack of terrorists in 2 vans were intercepted and told to stop, alight, strip their shirts to check for bombs, and to put their hands behind their backs.  They were foreigners, the whole lot, and they were intent on taking the Silver Bullet into Hell’s intestines.  And so they went – all 9 of them.  No names.

Al-Shaykh Sa’eed at the cement factory, an attempted infiltration went nowhere.  The SAA destroyed all weapons and ammunition.  No details available.

Old Aleppo:

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I just want to comment on the bombing of the Carlton Hotel.  This is obviously a sign of desperation attendant tocomplete defeat.  The hotel is old and pretty useless.  To take the trouble to dig tunnels under it in order to supposedly kill some SAA soldiers billeted there indicates how enfeebled these terrorists have become and how indifferent they are today to their own reputation among the people.  I am told that the hotel was used at times by some SAA people when tasked with security matters near the Citadel.  Other than that, it just stood empty.  Another example of Cameron’s plan to destroy the state of Syria.

Old Aleppo: A nest of 7 terrorists was found and its denizens exterminated like sticky grubs on the side of a trash can:
  • Saa`eb ‘Askari
  • ‘Abdul-Tawwaab Hoori
The other 5 were not named.

Hayyaan:  Fighting with no details.

  • Fighting reported in these areas: Khaan Al-‘Asal, Daarat ‘Izza, Al-Jandool Roundabout, Al-Raashideen, Castillo, Kafr Hamraa (a pack of terrorists destroyed), ‘Anadaan (another pack of terrorists destroyed).
Expect announcements soon of the complete liberation of these areas of Aleppo:

Al-Raamoosa where only remnant terrorists remain. It appears that Muhammad Al-Jawlaani, Al-Nusra’s leader,  may have escaped certain doom by sneaking away in a truck and hiding between the toilets, an appropriate place for excrement of his ilk.

Al-Shaykh Najjaar and Al-Burayj Axis:  Only remnant feral pigs remain.  Wael estimates 300, at most, foreign terrorists here.


It’s about to end, finally.  This area is totally under artillery control of the SAA.  When the big push comes is only known to a few officers of the SAA high command.

Industrial City (Zone):  More leftovers from Al-Shaykh Najjaar trying to survive on sawdust.  It’s going to end shortly.


Updated report.
SAA has uncovered a field hospital in Baab Hood containing all stolen medicines, diagnostic equipment and drugs.  Also, in Al-Qaraabees, both a field hospital and a network of tunnels were uncovered.  The tunnels were mostly dug under people’s homes.

Baab Hood:

IEDs and a mortar rocket factory were found.  The former were dismantled and the mortar rockets sent for destruction. The rockets contained very high explosive contents like C-4.

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