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The Syrian dimension of the Egyptian national security

ماذا بعد_ البعد السوري للأمن القومي المصري_ د اشرف بيومي، د رفعت سيد احمد/ المنار 

سمير غطاس _ ماذا بعد / المنار 06 02 2014 

On the Terrorists – Sorry the So Called terrorist – war on Egypt 

Meanwhile, Mr. Mazbout, posing as a spokesman of the axis of resistance, continues his Zionist campaign to support Alqaeda/Brotherhood, and what he once called:  THE PALESTINIAN ZIONISTS.
"The involvement of HAMAS in the assault on Syria is more than just verbal it includes active participation in the battle against the Syrian army. Many HAMAS Leaders were busy recruiting fighters in the Palestinian camps of Syria for the war against Syria . Recruiting was also taking place in the Palestinian camps of Lebanon. This is how Palestinians constitute the largest group among non Syrian rebels fighting in Syria . No doubt that this represents a serious blow to the Palestinian cause ."
Brotherhood never been a tool for the world order.

President Eisenhower in the Oval Office with Muslim delegates
1953, after July revolution
Said Ramadan, the Son in-law of Hassan Al-Bana the founder of
Brotherhood, is second from the right. 
في أقصي اليمين سعيد رمضان في ضيافة أيزنهاور داخل البيت الأبيض

Brotherhood is a victim of a setup (Who prepared it?) and was not involved in the sectarian warfare. Brotherhood just lost their way!!!

"Now, after many years , the goal of the sectarian warfare has been revealed and the goal of the Arab Spring- as well- with the set up prepared for the Egyptian Muslim Brothers -where they fell, head first – bringing down with them their brothers of HAMAS – in the sectarian pit that was intentionally set for them and where they are still lagging ." 
Mazbout forget that he once upon a time called the so-called Arab Spring a ZIONIST SPRING
"al Sisi hopes to get the partnership with Syria- like Nasser did- and have a joined endeavor- together -as two states waging the war on terror – instead of the war on Israel – with the blessings of the USA and Russia of course."
"Now , this is not an easy task for the Field marshal because, even though fighting the Muslim Brothers is not far from Nasser’s general policy , pacifying with Israel and cooperating with Israelis and coordinating with the Pentagon are very far from Nasser’s convictions and line of action . Because of this, al Sisi has opened to Russia and Russia has opened to al Sisi and some posters in Cairo that carry Putin’s picture even say in big letters : “Bye Bye America.”"
They say a picture worth a thousand words, the following pictures worth a million words, because its prepared by Mr. Mazbout.



Removed from Mazbout's Site


Mazbout is not restricting his rage for Sisi's  witch hunt of the American brotherhood, but has extended it to include the Bararadei's 6th of April movement.  

"Now , in order to make the picture more complete , al Sisi has not restricted himself to the witch hunt of the Muslim Brothers whom he is sending to the gallows by hundreds, but has extended his enmity to include the 6th of April movement of al Baradei who orchestrated- for a great part – the Arab Spring in the public places and also played an important part in removing Morsi, but whom al Sisi accuses of having foreign affiliations . 

 Again Mazbout's Picture worth a million words



"Al Sisi – today – has banned the 6th of April movement and confiscated their assets hoping by this to enhance the nationalistic aspect of his rule and have people forget his transgressions regarding the Muslim Brothers and his affiliation to Israel whom they say is funding his electoral campaign.."

Mazbout who whitewashed Brotherhood's sins - the 34 Years of Israeli-Egyptian Relation Blamed On Morsi - is blaming Al-sisi for the 34 Years of Israeli-Egyptian relations. 

Mazbout forget what he wrote after the crisis in Ukraine:

"God knows what is in store for Putin and what destiny awaits him . Is it that of Saddam Hussein or that of Kaddhafi with whom Putin shares so much especially in the way he relates to western powers and identifies with these powers ? ... Putin seems to be as vulnerable as Kaddhafi if not more"
"Did the failure in reaching a satisfactory compromise in Geneva 2 – that will please US by giving concessions to the opposition – behind the stirring up of the Ukrainian protests ? Will Syria be pressured along this line by Russia to give in to the opposition in order to ease the pressure on Russia?"
The Syrian Elections answers the above Mazbout's questions. 
Now, according to Mazbout, Obama and Putin are SECRET PARTNERS  coordinating" against a presumed common enemy to Russia and US which is fanatic Islam". 

Mazbout revealed his true color in saying fanatic ISLAM instead of fanatic "MUSLIMS"
Consequently, the war on fanatic "MUSLIMS" should be stopped, they are not the enemy, they are not tools rented to save US-ISRAELI-NATO Lives and  Dollars!!!

In fact the cold war between the so called SECRET PARTNERS has started not over Crimea, but after the crisis in Libya.

 What's going on in Egypt, "they call terrorism", is not Terrorism  threatening the Egyptian national security!!!! The American-Russian coordination -not confrontation- started in Syria. 
"This coordination between Russia and US is not restricted to Egypt that is facing what they call terrorism; it had already started in Syria.....when the war -in Syria- against NATO proxy armies became war against Gulf sponsored terrorism from which Israel was excluded, and when US- who could not achieve any of its goals in Syria- was reintroduced by Russia to the Syrian scene as directly concerned with the war against terror ". 
"The parallel drawn after the chemical weapons deal between the Egyptian army -sponsored by the Pentagon – and the Syrian Arab army backed by Moscow- as both fighting fanatic terrorist groups- reveals an even further intention of normalization between the two armies and neutralizing the struggle with Israel replacing it by the war against terror. This is also starting in Lebanon where the minister of foreign affairs announced -today- that Lebanon cannot fight terrorism without Russia’s logistic help speaking about the Lebanese army who is already coordinating with US Intelligence regarding so called terrorist activities on the Lebanese soil ."
"The losers here are the people. Whether the Syrians where the bloody war has been extended indefinitely while sparing Israel and NATO forces, or in Egypt where Russia – lately- has been fueling civil war by warning against a presumed attempt on al Sisi’s life plotted by US and HAMAS in order to turn Egypt into another Syria, or in Ukraine that is threatened by civil war and by partition , the people everywhere are the victims because these wars use the people as fuel and are conducted and concluded at their detriment."
Conclusion, Russia, is fueling civil war in Egypt to turn Egypt into another   Syria. Therefore the so-called war on Syria is Russian made.

Fact check

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