Friday, 6 June 2014


Is Jewish power falling apart?
Haaretz reported yesterday that  India, China and Turkey called on the international community to throw its support behind the new Palestinian government. Russia followed suit several hours later. European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton also issued a statement calling the formation of the unity government "an important step" the process of Palestinian reconciliation.
Ashton said: "we welcome the appointment of a government of independent personalities and the declaration by President Abbas that this new government is committed to the principle of the two state solution based on the 1967 borders, to the recognition of Israel's legitimate right to exist, to non-violence and to the respect of previous agreements," the statement read. "The EU's engagement with the new Palestinian government will be based on its adherence to these policies and commitments."
The USA also supported the new Palestinian Government.  “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took his confrontation with Washington over the new Palestinian government up a notch on Tuesday, saying he was "deeply troubled" by the United States' decision to maintain ties with the new unity government. Despite his protests, however, a groundswell of recognition for Abbas' government has rolled in from around the world.”
Speaking with the Associated Press, Netanyahu urged Washington to tell Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that his alliance with the Hamas militant group is unacceptable.  I guess that no one picks BB’s phone call in Washington anymore.
It is hard to believe, but even the French Occupied Government  issued a statement supporting the unity government.
It may be possible that by now, more than a  few world leaders happen to identify the Jewish State and its lobby as the biggest threat to world peace.
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