Friday, 6 June 2014

President Assad Says Syrians Sent Strong Message to West, Decided Their Destiny

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad said the high turnout in presidential elections drives home a strong message to the West and the countries involved in the war against Syria, SANA reported.

AssadThe Syrian citizens, who turned out in big numbers to have their say, have sent a strong message that the Syrian people are lively, forward-looking, and determined to manage their own affairs and decide their destiny, said President al-Assad.

President al-Assad's remarks came during his meeting on Thursday with Chairman of the Iranian Shura Council's Foreign Policy and National Security Committee Alaeddin Boroujerdi.

Boroujerdi is in Syria at the top of an Iranian parliamentary delegation who came, among other delegations from friendly countries, to observe the electoral process upon the invitation of the People's Assembly.

President al-Assad hailed the achievements of the Syrian people, applauding Iran's successes on many levels, especially as pertaining to its nuclear program.

Moreover, President al-Assad expressed satisfaction over "positive changes" in many regional countries that serve to "make us more assured and confident about the future of the regions' nations."

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Assad after Meeting Iran’s Boroujerdi: West to Lose Power in Syria

Chairman of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi congratulated on Thursday Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on his landslide victory and reelection.

Assad, Boroujerdi
Boroujerdi discussed with Assad bilateral ties, regional developments and the recent presidential election in the country, according to Fars news agency. He underlined the necessity of formation of a joint committee to rebuild Syria.

Boroujerdi arrived in Syria at the head of a large delegation of Iranian and foreign lawmakers to monitor the Presidential vote on Tuesday. The foreign delegations approved election standards after monitoring the vote in several cities.

Parliamentary delegations from 30 states were in Tehran on Sunday to discuss the situation in Syria in the 2nd Friends of Syria conference.

For his part, President Assad reaffirmed commitment to the outcome of the election. “From now on the Western supporters of terrorist groups will gradually lose their power in Syria," President Assad said.

He hailed national turnout for the election despite efforts by certain governments to hamper the sound and successful course of the voting, Fars said.

On Wednesday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry, in a statement, praised the Syrian nation's massive participation in the presidential election, and called on the world states and international bodies to respect the results of the election.

 “Undoubtedly, this election, which was held with a competitive approach and within the framework of democratic components, heralds a new stage of stability and national reconciliation in the country,” the statement said.

Source: Agencies
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