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As we write today’s post, SyrPer has received incontrovertible evidence that the SAA is handing out fliers to residents of Central Old Aleppo, exhorting them to leave their areas temporarily because the area of Bani Zayd/Al-Rusaafa is now the staging ground for a Mossad-planned operation involving over 1,000 canisters of propane gas concentrated on the borders of secure, largely Christian areas, like Sulaymaaniyya, Siryaaniyya, Ashrafiyya, Zuhoor, all areas just southeast of the Quwayq River.  We have received a copy of the flier and have confirmed that my wife’s family has left its apartment in Sulaymaaniyya in anticipation of the SAA’s assured assault on the site.  The operation was discovered by MI 3 days ago and plans are afoot to neutralize the stash of lethal gas squirreled away by the terrorist Jihadist cannibal terrorists.  SYRPER PREDICTS AN AERIAL BOMBARDMENT OF THE SITE WITHIN THE NEXT 48 HOURS.
Syria army soldiers


Almost terrorist-free now.  The Air Force Intelligence Building Complex is safe and no more efforts by Obama’s hyenas to overrun it are imminent.  The area has been reinforced.  The heroes of this siege are unfairly unsung.

Turaab Hulluk:

A largely Armenian area saw the SAA and NDF hunt down 4 Pakistani terrorists and kill all of them.  Wael describes the vermin as committed Jihadists who actually wanted to be killed so as to reach the 72 Virginians promised to them:
  • ‘Abdul-Qadir Ismaa’eel
  • Iqbaal Koorashi
  • Muhammad Saaleh Shawdhari
  • Ahmad Ghulaam Ansaari

 syrian army

Hanaanu Residencies: More skirmishing as the SAA moves in from building to building.  Terrorists ordered to hold out to the end. These are all J.Nusra and J. Islam specimens of terrorists.

Bani Zayd: (See first article above).  SAA preparing to overwhelm terrorists here after the danger of the propane gas is averted.  Expect SAAF to start carpet bombing this largely-abandoned area.

Bustaan Al-Qassr:  SAA killed 2 snakes and took 11 prisoners all demanding Amnesty Program consideration.  No names.

  • Fighting in these areas: Bustaan Al-Baashaa, Al-Raashideen (almost no terrorists), Jandool Roundabout, Al-Zabadiyya, Al-Ashrafiyya, Handaraat Camp to the north and west, Ataareb, Maare’, Khaan Al-‘Asal, Kafr Daa’el, Tal Al-Maraah, ‘Anadaan, Al-Mansoora, Kuwayris, Rasm Al-‘Abbood, Al-Judayda, Industrial Zone at Khaan Al-Najjaar, East Huraytaan (warehouse with weapons and 10 terrorists killed), Tal Sooseen, Tal Rif’aat, East Kafr Hamraa, North Castillo, Tal Sha’eer, Ba’eedeen roundabout (nest destroyed), Al-Muslimiyya (nest destroyed), Tal Qurraah, Al-Shuqayf, Kafr Sagheer, Kafr Antoon, Daarat ‘Izza, Maayer, Qaadhi ‘Askar

Khirbat Al-Manaasher:

CONFIRMED 32 TERRORISTS OF JABHAT AL-NUSRA, AHRAAR AL-SHAAM AND JABHAT AL-ISLAM KILLED HERE as SAA and SAAF helicopter gunships laid waste to their ranks in a sudden assault that was clearly not expected.  These terrorists made the mistake of placing their fate in the hands of Turk “officers” belonging to Hakan Fidan’s utterly inept MIT.  With communication lines wide open, SAA knew far ahead of time exactly where they were going to be.  These were the only id-carrying Syrians in the group:
  • ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Al-Mukhtaar
  • Saj’aan Warfali
  • Mahmoud ‘Ali-Ahmad
  • Raakaan Jallool
  • Hussayn Ghaaleb


Frank Reizenstein sends this blockbuster article about Turkey Al-Faysal’s past as promoter of terrorism.  He must be arrested!

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