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Exposed - U.S. Diplomat Behind Artillery Satellite Images was Involved in the Toppling of Yanukovich

Geoffrey Pyatt - U.S. State Department Toppling of Yanukovich Ukraine
It turns out that the man the U.S. State Department chose to handle the the latest phase of Russia demonization played an integral role in the toppling of the Ukrainian government.
Yesterday, July 27th, the U.S. state department decided to launch what turned out to be a rather weak propaganda spasm in their long running campaign against Russia. Interestingly, this round involved satellite images which were supposedly taken four days after the MH17 crash, but if you were expecting these images to be the long awaited evidence proving that the separatists shot down MH17 you are in for a disappointment. No, the images released by the U.S. State Department have absolutely nothing to do with the downing of MH17, or any other aircraft for that matter. These images supposedly show that Russia fired HEAVY ARTILLERY into Ukraine recently.
U.S. Government Artillery Images Ukraine Russia
U.S. Government Artillery Images Ukraine Russia
U.S. Government Artillery Images Ukraine Russia
Heavy artillery can't hit an airliner (unless it's parked on the ground), so one can only assume that these new claims are designed distract the public from the MH17 debacle (which seems to have decidedly backfired on them at this point), and to draw their attention to a new warmongering narrative. In any case, the fact that the U.S. State Department was willing to go to the trouble to fish out a set of grainy images that have absolutely nothing to do with what may very well be the most important airline disaster since 9/11, when the whole world is questioning their story, makes it abundantly clear that whatever the satellite images taken on July 17th actually show, they don't support Washington's narrative.
UPDATE: Some people have pointed out that there are anti-aircraft guns that they refer to as anti-aircraft artillery, however the artillery described by the State Department in their pdf report were heavy artillery used to attack terrestrial targets, not anti-aircraft artillery, and they specifically mention craters on the ground where the shells supposedly landed. Go read it yourself.
Again heavy artillery cannot hit an airliner flying at 32,000 feet. It can't even come close, so don't let people try to blur this issue.
Now Russia has come out to call these images fake, and until the dust settles on this it's a bit premature to call it one way or another, but even while the jury is out on the technical side, we have one major red flag already. It turns out that the man that the U.S. State Department has put in charge of pushing this story is none other than our good friend Geoffrey Pyatt.
Geoffrey Pyatt - U.S. State Department
Geoffrey Pyatt - U.S. State Department
Geoffrey Pyatt was the man on the other end of the now infamous leaked Victoria Nuland call. That was the call in which the U.S. State Department got caught red handed discussing who they were going to install in the Ukrainian government after the fall of Yanukovich. If you haven't listened to that call, you should. It was very revealing.
Oh, by the way, you probably heard of this audio clip back when it was first released. The main stream media put all attention on the fact that Victoria Nuland said "Fuck the E.U." Apparently these "journalists" consider her potty mouth to be more important than the fact that the U.S. State Department was caught red handed installing a puppet government.
One has to wonder why the U.S. government is willing to use these same characters even after they've been compromised in previous operations. Are they just having a hard time recruiting qualified henchmen, are they just counting on the public having the attention span of a gnat, or are they just getting desperate? It might be a combination of the three.
By the way, if you missed the opening act of this fiasco, watch the video below to catch up.
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