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Say what you will about Obama’s clumsiness in delegating authority;  Jen Psaki, Eric Holder, John Kerry, Jay Carney, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Victoria Nuland…and the list goes on and on.  It is hard to remember any president or head of state anywhere in the world who has been so lacking in discretion, so unlucky, when it came to selecting aides and advisors.  And so it is a fact with his selection of vice presidents.
Many people seem to think of Joe Biden as some buffoon with a big pearly, piano-keyboard smile with the graces of a 50’s standup comic, a quintessential avuncular bowling alley denizen or Pepsodent Toothpaste poster boy.  While he may be exactly that in some respects, he is also, potentially, a rabid war criminal as you soon shall see.  Don’t pooh pooh this idea by denigrating him.  Remember John Wayne Gacy was a beloved clown before it was learned he managed to stuff over 30 young male bodies into the crawl space beneath his house.  Even Ted Bundy was so much like the boy next door you would have loved to have him date your daughter, picking her up in his VW bug.  Or even Rheinhard Heydrich, whose love of opera and poetry made him so ill-suited for the role of chief Nazi genocidal freak.
The plan to wreck the Iraqi republic came out in full glory with an article co-written for the New York Times by the illustrious subject of this article here.

Biden is being praised today for his “prescience”, a word he will probably have his aide look up in the dictionary just to make sure it’s not something scurrilous since he has become so inured to the banter, satire, sarcasm and good-hearted degradation that have become the eternal symbols on his family’s escutcheon.  He is actually being lauded because he wrote something 8 years ago that might have finally come true.  Imagine if Agamemnon had beseeched the Oracle at Delphi for a prophecy, but, learned to his damnation it wouldn’t come true for at least a decade.  But what’s a tyrant to do?
I don’t believe that Biden is just playing the role of Sonny Bono to Obama’s Cher, the Captain to Tenille, Gower to Marie Champion.  Obama relies on Biden’s “deep” knowledge of foreign affairs, a knowledge so deep that Robert Gates once said that Biden has not been right about anything in foreign relations for the last four decades.  I think that Obama thinks of Biden as an “eminence grise”, a gray eminence, among the young bumbling oafs with whom he has surrounded himself; in whose ordure he must wade in daily.  I believe he was given the Iraq portfolio (or fortpolio) to make his prophecy fulfill itself.  I think ISIS gets its orders from Joe Biden!!
So what’s the proof?  The proof is in the Biden – Puddinhead!  It has been reported reliably by the BBC (The British Balderdash Corporation and the Mercury News Service) that Bandar bin Sultan (a/k/a Bandar Bush) was in the company of Joe Biden both in D.C. and Morocco where the former was being treated for “dipsomaniacal malignant narcissism”, a condition, he claims, made him cavort with sociopathic decapitating satyrs in the Nusra organization.  But, fresh from his sojourn in various sanitariums, a fortnight with Biden in his Ashram in Rabat, and flush with pride instilled in him by Mr. Joe, himself, he has emerged as not only the Special Advisor to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, but also as “BANDAR BIDEN”.  And that’s not all, Bandar has also been handed the IRAQ FORTPOLIO as a Ramadan gift by King Abdullah.   We know Bandar will do his utmost to make Iraqi life as miserable as possible by insuring that Mr. Biden’s minions in ISIS receive the very best equipment the kingdom can buy from the United States.  Mr. Bean himself couldn’t do a better job of ruining people’s lives.
And why do you snort at this article?  If the Iranians can conclude deals with the Qataris about stemming the tide of terrorism, Biden can do just the opposite. It’s totally logical in a world so unbalanced, so riddled with pimps who supposedly represent the Syrian people, WMDs in Saddam’s Iraq, French presidents with 4 illegitimate children, alleged Hebrews with Slavic names, ambassadors in Syria and Libya who specialize in demolishing countries – smuggling arms, half-black American presidents born in Hawai, raised in Indonesia and Kenya, raised in the Midwest, raised in the gutters of Chicago, attending radical churches in Chicago, not attending any church in D.C. and caring more about basketball than the number of civilians they’ve killed by supplying Alqaeda with arms!  IT’S KOYAANISQATSI, MY FRIENDS.  I have proven it.  Biden is a war criminal. QED.

Robert Gates may still have the final say.  It might be that Iraq won’t fall apart.  Joe Biden will still be wrong about everything……Sigh.  ZAF

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