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Many doubted the existence of the group calling itself “Khurasaan”, an area of Iran which played a major role in the expansion of early Islam.  Well, it appears the Syrian government has no doubt it exists.  The day before yesterday, the SAA used its artillery in a very precise way killing an entire grouping of these savages.  Wounded members of thisKhurasaan group were interrogated by MI at SAA HQ in Latakia.  All were non-Syrians, mostly from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Chechnya and China (Uighers).  The group has aligned itself with Nusra and came in to Syria through Turkey with the assistance of the barbaric Erdoghan regime.  They were vaporized at the two towns of Al-Kirt and ‘Ayn Al-Baydhaa about 3kms from border of Turk-Occupied Syria (Hatay) along with a pickup armed with a 23mm machine gun cannon.  In this particular instance, captured rodents also stated that some of the terrorists belonged to a new group called Jaysh Al-Mujaahideen.  Here are the names of the carcasses which were made available:
‘Abdul-Rahmaan Islaamov (Leader of Khurasaan born in Kazakhstan.  A/k/a Abu Hurayra Al-Kazakhstaani)
Abu Muslima Al-Sheeshaani (CHECHEN SKUNK AND HERETIC.  He was a leader of Jaysh Al-Mujaahideen)
Mahmoud Khadeeja (Acted as scout for the scavenging rodents)
‘Abdul-Salaam Khadeeja (Another scout for the noisome plague-carrying skunks)

syrian army
Al-Daghmishliyya:  SAA assaulted a Nusra pack and devastated it:
Ibraaheem Al-‘Umar
As’ad Al-‘Umar
Maajid Abu Al-Laban

More SAA victories reported against infiltrating Nusra rodents at Al-Zuwayk, Ghammaam, Tartiyaah.  
 الجيش السوري يستهدف متزعم جماعة
DAMASCUS:  We can confirm the death of an FSA leader at Jawbar last night.  Along with him were 7 carcasses belonging to Nusra.  So much for the “moderate” camp.

Faleeta Foothils:  A group of clumsy skunks from the Lebanese side tried again to enter Syria and were exterminated:
Muhammad Sa’eed Al-Buraaqi
Saati’ Al-Buraaqi
Saalih Bakr
Yousif Shalaash
Sa’eed Al-Qaadhi
Our congrats to the Al-Buraaqi tribe of syphilis-carrying monkeys for their fine contribution to the Hades Zoo.

Ra`s Al-Ma’arra:  More futile efforts to regain a foothold in the Qalamoon.  SAA snipers picked these rats and converted them to fertilizer:
Amjad ‘Abdoon
Mustafaa Karaakeesh
Anwar Muhammad
Another 8 could not be positively identified.

‘Ayn Turmaa:  A pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed and its 3 occupants killed:
Wadee’ Al-Mullaa
Subhi Mahmoud Qa’war
‘Abdul-Jaleel Nasr

Hizza Village:  In the East Ghouta.  Confirmed 20 rodents killed:
No other names available.

Hawsh Al-Dhawaahira:  East of Doumaa.  19 confirmed rat kills from an organization called Liwaa` Fajr Al-Umma (yawn).  No names available.

‘Irbeen:  At the Al-Sahaabaa Mosque, the SAA killed 5 rodents and took another 11 prisoner.  No names.

Zamalkaa: East of Jawbar, a warehouse was uncovered and all contents distributed to the NDF for the purpose of killing Saudis.

Al-Mushrifa and Qurnat Shihaada in the Qalamoon:  More rats dispatched trying to enter Syria.  Really pathetic.

MASSIVE VICTORY FOR SAA IN QALAMOON: Syrian Army has killed a confirmed 48 rats at the following crosspoints: Martabiyya, Zamraani, Al-Jaraajeer, Waadi Al-Karm, Al-Hamraa.  No details are available at this time, but, will be sent possibly tomorrow.  Humiliating defeat for the Nusra and ISIS rodents.
Al-Nishaabiyya in the Ghouta:  Fighting with no details.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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