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Kurdistan aka “Second Israel”- Ethnic Cleansing the Indigenous of the Middle East


In a nutshell- Kurds/Israel cojoined- Like cojoined twins?“twin babies born joined together at some point” Long term readers here KNOW that Kurdistan is simply Greater Israel

Notice the overlap?- Cojoined! This just ain’t that difficult folks..
 From "Jew News" October 2014 -GREATER ISRAEL and KURDISTAN: Now this is my kind of a Middle East
And Israeli kind of Middle East. Get the picture?
Consider this cojoinment of Israel/Kurdistan in the context of the so called ‘refugee crisis

Instigated and encouraged by NATO/Israel. The so called “refugee crisis” is cover for ethnic cleansing aka forced removal of Arabs and other indigenous persons  from their ancestral lands! Destruction  and theft of their culture and history- A process that was initiated with the creation of Israel and continues on through to today. This explains why Israel refuses to take any refugees. - Israel: A Major Instigator in the Syrian refugee crisis.

Ethnic cleansing defined:
The practice of removing or killing people who belong to an ethnic group that is different from the ruling group in a country or region
Gee, doesn't that describe exactly what is going on in Syria & Iraq, right now!?

Canada, the US and Europe aka NATO nations are participating in the ethnic cleansing of the Arabs  and others from their lands and history. That’s what ethnic cleansing is folks- the practice of removing or killing people who belong to an ethnic group different then the ruling group in a country or region Which group/nation wants to rule that entire region?  Israel. Israel as a nation has done all it can to ‘ethnically cleanse’ Arabs from their ancestral homelands- It’s quite straightforward!

This fake concern for Arab and other indigenous persons from the Middle East  globally is plain and simple cover for the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people from their homes, their history, their ancestry, their everything!

Flashback! Barbara's Spectre: Israel's Refugee's Materialize in Europe
This plan to ethnically cleanse the region of it's people and history, altering the demographics of the area, helps to explain the demonization of Turkey and Erdogan- Turkey has to be destroyed for the benefit of Israel/Kurdistan.  Anyone who is on the bash Turkey meme is playing into the NATO/Israel agenda of ethnically cleansing the middle east- Witting or unwitting? Makes no difference. They are promoting destruction, death and mayhem. They are promoting ethnic cleansing of the indigenous population.

Where did I get the name "Second Israel" to describe Kurdistan? From Tablet Magazine- A term used by Ofra Bengio is professor emerita at the department of history of the Middle East and Africa and senior Research Associate at the Moshe Dayan Center, Tel Aviv University.

Tablet Mag 2014

Ofra Bengio makes it very clear that the Middle East is for Israel and it’s cojoined twin Kurdistan. Not for Arabs, Persians or Turks. Pay attention to the language. Think about the refugee crisis. Think about ethnic cleansing. And read!
"How should Israelis and Jews approach the idea of an independent Kurdish state? I argue that if there is one state that should support the idea of an independent Kurdistan in Iraq it is Israel, for various moral, political, economic, and strategic reasons.
Indeed, the affinities between these two small non-Arab nations, both of which have been denied the legitimacy to have a state in a region that the Arabs define as belonging solely to them, go a long way back. 

These relations, which started in the 1960s and have gone on intermittently until today, have been advantageous for both parties. The Kurds gained military, technological, and humanitarian support while Israel gained access to intelligence. The Kurds also helped Jews who were fleeing from Iraq. However, both parties chose to keep these ties secret because of the expected negative reaction of the surrounding countries.
On the political level, the idea of another non-Arab state coming into existence in the Middle East sends a powerful message to the world and the people of the region that the right to statehood should not be the prerogative of Arabs, Turks, and Persians alone

No less important for Israel is the strategic benefit of a Kurdish state that is stable, prosperous, and more secular and democratic than surrounding countries, and that may act as a bulwark against the terrorist, radical, and destabilizing forces that are becoming rampant in the region. The emergence of ISIS in Iraq, if not contained, may endanger Israel as well.
With regard to the possible stance of a Kurdish state toward Israel one may safely assume that it will be friendly to the Jewish state. For one thing, the Kurds will need the sympathy and support of another non-Arab state in the international arena. For another, the Kurds have never been in conflict with Israel nor were they exposed to anti-Israeli or anti-Jewish indoctrination, nor do they harbor anti-Israeli feelings the way the Arab population does. Indeed, rarely did we hear vitriolic attacks or anti-Israeli propaganda from their leaders or from the Kurdish population at large. In a recent opinion poll that asked Kurds which country could be trusted to support Kurdish independence, 56.3 percent said Israel, 8.2 percent Turkey, and 4 percent the United States.
Although hard facts are missing one may assume that as the Kurdish leadership was accelerating its efforts for declaring independence it had itself approached Israeli leaders to grant their public support to such a move, which might be of crucial importance vis-à-vis the United States.
This may explain the fact that the three most important Israeli leaders, namely Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former President Shimon Peres, and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman came out publicly last June almost in tandem to support the establishment of a Kurdish state. The most outspoken was Netanyahu who declared: “We need to support the Kurdish aspiration for independence. They deserve it.”
These declarations seem also to signal that Israel and the United States are no longer on opposing poles regarding the Kurdistan project
With regard to Arab countries, as much as they blame Israel for promoting the breakup of Arab countries, the truth is that the collapse of such states as Sudan, Libya, Syria, or Iraq was home-made.( What utter trash, outrageous lies- but then isn’t it lies that pass as truth these days?) Similarly, while blaming “Zionists” for encouraging the formation of what some refer to as a “second Israel,”... Notice he is calling Kurdistan a “second Israel”?
 A Kurdish official, Adnan Mufti, stated that these countries would “accept the reality of a Kurdish state.” So, the formation of a “second Israel” will, in a way, take the onus from the first one and form a bulwark against radical and destabilizing forces in the region emanating either from states like Iran or terrorist organizations like ISIS or Hamas.
ISIS? Israeli Secret Intelligence Services? They are no threat to Israel- So this professor is actually talking about using this second Israel as a bulwark against Iran or Hamas. My readers should recall a post about the Kurdish aka second Israel threat against Iran written here some time back-
As for Turkey the assumption was that Israeli ties with the Kurds would be fatal for its relations with Ankara.
Clearly, the writing is on the wall for Turkey- The demonize Turkey meme pushing through the msm and the regurgitating alt media makes clear that Israel, the US and others are done with Ankara.
Covered extensively in yesterday's post

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I found my earliest post on Kurdistan from August 2012- So well over three years ago!

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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