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US-led Coalition Strikes Syrian Army instead of ’ISIS’: Several Dead, Injured

US-led coalition warplanes are reported to have killed four Syrian soldiers in the Dier al Zor province, which is mostly under the control of "ISIS". 

US-led Coalition Strikes Syrian Army instead of

A Syrian government source confirmed that the airstrike had taken place and that there had been casualties. The source also added that vehicles had been destroyed.

A total of four Syrian Army soldiers have been killed, while a further 16 were injured, a government source told RIA Novosti.

"The airstrike hit an ammunition dump belonging to the Syrian Army in Dier al Zor. According to our information, four soldiers have died and 16 were injured. Two tanks were also damaged. This was the work of the US-led coalition," the government source added.

The so-called Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said an air raid "by the international coalition" hit the camp in the west of Deir Ezzor province, "around two kilometers one mile from an area controlled by "ISIS".

"Regime forces have never previously been hit by raids from the international coalition, which was targeting extremist bases and oil tankers in Deir Ezzor," Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman said.

The Dier al Zor province is eastern Syria, and is largely controlled by "ISIS".The region is of extreme strategic importance to the terrorist group, as it contains a number of oilfields, which are a major source of revenue for "ISIS".

On November 24, a Turkish Air Force F-16 jet shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber over Syria.
Ankara claims the Russian plane briefly crossed into Turkish airspace. One of the Russian pilots was killed by Syrian rebels as he ejected from the stricken plane, while the other was rescued in a swift operation during which one Russian serviceman was killed.

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 US-Led Coalition Targets Military Base in Deir Ezzor: 3 Syrian Soldiers Martyred

Damascus said on Monday that three Syrrian soldiers were martyred when US-led coalition warplanes struck a Syrian army post in Deir Ezzor.

“Four US-led coalition warplanes targeted with 9 rockets one of the Syrian army’s posts in Deir Ezzor province, claiming the lives of 3 soldiers and injuring 13 others,” the Syrian foreign ministry said in a statement.

Syrian Foreign Ministry
The strike also destroyed “three armored vehicles, four military vehicles, 23 mm machinegun, 14.5 machinegun and a depot of arms and ammunition,” the statement added.

The ministry said it had sent a letter o the UN Secretary General and Chairman of the UN Security Council in which Damascus “strongly condemns this heinous aggression by the coalition and affirms that it contradicts with the goals and wills of the UN Charter.”

“Syria called on the Security Council to immediately take the urgent measures to prevent such aggressions from occurring again, adding that the aggression on the military post hinders the efforts aiming to fight terrorism and reiterates that the US-led coalition lacks seriousness and credibility in the fight against terrorism,” SANA news agency cited the Syrian foreign ministry’s letter as saying.

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