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Sayf-Al-Deen Ya’qoobi, the Tunisian terrorist, was a gift from Hollande and Cameron to the tourists of Tunisia.  (Photo: VK.Com)

The men who killed 39 tourists, mostly British, are not the criminals here.  The ones responsible for this carnage are those who sit in palaces with the accouterments of power – those in England, France, Germany and Brussels.   They empowered the terrorists when they aided them in attacking innocent Iraqi and Syrian civilians in order to destabilize the same Middle East they so much wanted to control as though the world were still some ripe apple for them to slice up and devour.  These are the wages of arrogance, stupidity and malevolence.  
No one rat among this elite group of charlatans and murderers deserves this treat more than David Cameron and Francois Hollande.  Their bloodthirsty policies of hate and obsequious patronization of the socially and historically useless Arabians have brought them to the pinnacle of war crime immortality.   
If any family in England or France, or Germany or Belgium, for that matter, are aggrieved by this violent act of pure nihilism,  don’t let them waste their venomous wrath on the miserable wretches who carried out their orders from some non-existent deity in a metaphysical Oblivion – instead, let them point their accusatory fingers at the enablers, the vicious felons who directed the rise of ISIS; who worked with Erdoghan to establish bases for ISIS in Turkey; who gave the rats logistical and material assistance; and, yes, even financial assistance.  Those are the murderers, in reality,  and they are the ones who should sit in the dock with their lives measured by the length of the rope which awaits them at the gallows.

أغلب القتلى بريطانيون..

Sayf-Al-Deen Ya’qoobi whose nom de guerre was, evidently, Abu Yahyaa Al-Qayrawaani, along with two others, ended the lives of 39 tourists seated comfortably on the beach at the Imperial Hotel in Soussa, Tunisia.  He was described as jovial, bantering with security people, hawkers and tourists.  What the innocents did not know was that he carried a high-powered automatic machine gun backed up by reams of bullets which he used to reemphasize what President Assad has been telling the world for the last 5 years about terrorism: 
 it is metastatic – attacking Syria will shatter the fault lines in the Near East and bring the horror right back to the enablers, those who aid and abet murder – right back to the world’s most mephitic terrorists, Francois Hollande and David Cameron.  
It is only a matter of time before the criminal in the White House gets his dues when Americans become the target of this malignant philosophy of nihilism.  But, today is the Day of Shame for the two confederates of ISIS- the ones who will not relent even though the writing on the wall is now lit in neon outlines.
And there were attacks in Kuwait at the Imaam Al-Saadiq Mosque.  A Saudi Arabian blew himself and innocent Shi’is into piles of dismemberment because Shi’is don’t have the right to live in peace and tranquility.  That the rat was Saudi should shock no one, after all they were mostly responsible for 9/11.  While the murders at the mosque were horrendous, they in no way match the systematic slaughter of Yemeni civilians as conducted by the Saudi war criminals who call themselves members of the “royal” ape family of Saudi Arabia; their jets flown by foreigners, Zionists and American mercenaries, Pakistani mercenaries, all brought together by a clan so afraid of its own people it spends most of its defense dollars on retired officers from other nations who are more trustworthy than the people who are champing at the bit to end the Wahhabist Reign of Terror in the Peninsula – in their own country.
And then, a man was beheaded in France by another disgruntled North African nihilist.  Hollande was given another chance to build up some points with his largely hostile electorate by hinting at tears, scowling with disgust or just posing like the mass-murdering gangster he really is. 
 This is the same garbage which allowed the assassination of Sakine Cansiz in Paris, the Kurdish revolutionary who was about to expose Ocalan for what he really was:  a Quisling who bargained with Erdoghan over a wide-screen television in his solitary cell on Imrali Island.

Even his cultivated image of pure idiocy cannot hide the fact that this thug is a virulent enemy of humanity.  He fathered 4 bastard children with his slatternly concubine, Segolene Royale, and wouldn’t have the decency to marry her for one day just to legitimize his offspring.  Hollande is the war criminal par excellence.

So, there we are, in the parlance of the English.  A spreading plague whose microbial provenience is directly related to the vicious rats who now must treat it.  And treat it they won’t!  These degenerates, like Cameron and Hollande, feed off death and destruction.  They are immune to the bug.  They wallow in it like pigs in a sty.  Slugs whose malignant slime communicates death – they are the godfathers of nihilism.  They will take Europe to the twilight of its existence.  May they burn in Hell.  ZAF        

Watch the tape of the attack taken by a very courageous man on his cellphone.  (Courtesy of Alalam)

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Security Clampdown in Tunisia, ’ISIL’ Claims Attack

Local Editor

Tunisia deployed extra security to tourist sites and vowed to close down mosques accused of inciting violence, after a deadly attack at a beach resort.
Tunisian Prime Minister Habib al-Essid

Habib al-Essid, Tunisia's Prime Minister announced a clampdown on security after the terrorist attack where a gunman opened fire and killed 38 people, mostly foreign tourists on vacation in the resort city of Sousse situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the country's north.
There were three attackers in the Tunisian massacre, Interior Ministry spokesman Mohammed Ali Aroui declared. One of the men was killed, one was arrested and another managed to escape.
Friday's attack was claimed by "ISIL" terrorist group which was also wreaking havoc in other parts of the world, mainly in Iraq and Syria.
"Our brother, the soldier of the Caliphate, Abu Yihya al-Kairouni, reached his target the Imperial hotel despite the security measures," the statement said. It said he attacked a "bordel" and killed "infidels'.
In light of Friday's beach massacre, some 80 mosques outside state control would be closed down to prevent the possible incitement of violence, the Tunisian government announced.

Security Clampdown in Tunisia,

"All 80 mosques will close within a week," al-Essid announced on Saturday, adding that Tunisians must "coordinate and help" the government as confronting terrorism is a national duty.
"No mosque that does not conform to the law will be tolerated," added the premier.
Furthermore, the victims of Friday's Tunisian beach resort shooting were mostly British. However, other Europeans were also among the victims.
"The majority are British," al-Essid said. 
"After [this] come[s] the Germans, then the Belgians and then other nationalities," he stated, adding that there were also French nationals among the victims.
The PM also declared that reserve troops would be deployed to protect "sensitive sites... and places that could be targets of terrorist attacks."
Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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US To Begin Invasion of Syria

US policymakers sign and date paper calling for the division, destruction, and US occupation of Syria. 

Unbeknownst to the general public, their elected politicians do not create the policy that binds their national destiny domestically or within the arena of geopolitics. Instead, corporate-financier funded think tanks do – teams of unelected policymakers which transcend elections, and which produce papers that then become the foundation of legislation rubber stamped by “legislators,” as well as the enumerated talking points repeated ad naseum by the corporate-media.
Such a policy paper has been recently written by the notorious US policy think-tank, the Brookings Institution, titled, “Deconstructing Syria: Towards a regionalized strategy for a confederal country.” The signed and dated open-conspiracy to divide, destroy, then incrementally occupy a sovereign nation thousands of miles from America’s shores serves as a sobering example of how dangerous and enduring modern imperialism is, even in the 21st century.

Pretext ISIS: US Poured Billions Into “Moderates” Who Don’t Exist 

The document openly admits that the US has provided billions in arming and training militants fed into the devastating and increasingly regional conflict. It admits that the US maintains – and should expand – operations in Jordan and NATO-member Turkey to provide even more weapons, cash, and fighters to the already catastrophic conflict.
It then recounts the rise of the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS), but fails to account from where its money, cash, and weapons came. It should be obvious to readers that if the United States has committed billions in cash, weapons, and training on multiple fronts to alleged “moderates” who for all intents and purposes do not exist on the battlefield, a state-sponsor of greater magnitude would be required to create and sustain ISIS and Al Qaeda’s Al Nusra Front who Brookings admits dominates the “opposition” uncontested.

Image: By all accounts, including Western think-tanks and corporate-media, ISIS territory includes corridors that lead up to NATO-member Turkey’s borders, as well as US-ally Jordan’s. Both nations host a significant number of US military personnel as well as CIA and special forces contingents. Clearly ISIS is a creation and perpetuation of the West, subsiding on a steady stream of supplies streaming from these two bases of operation. 

In reality, ISIS’ supply lines lead right into US operational zones in Turkey and Jordan, because it was ISIS and Al Qaeda all along that the West planned to use before the 2011 conflict began, and has based its strategy on ever since – including this most recent leg of the campaign.

The US Invasion of  Syria
After arming and funding a literal region-wide army of Al Qaeda terrorists, the United States now plans to use the resulting chaos to justify what it has sought since the beginning of the conflict when it became clear the Syrian government was not to capitulate or collapse – the establishment of buffer zones now called “safe zones” by Brookings.
These zones once created, will include US armed forces on the ground, literally occupying seized Syrian territory cleared by proxies including Kurdish groups and bands of Al Qaeda fighters in the north, and foreign terrorist militias operating along the Jordanian-Syrian border in the south. Brookings even admits that many of these zones would be created by extremists, but that “ideological purity” wound “no longer be quite as high of a bar.

Image: The West has only thinly veiled its support for Al Qaeda and ISIS before an impressionable general public. In policy circles, talk of using Al Qaeda to divide and destroy Wall Street’s enemies around the planet is lively and enthusiastic. 

The US assumes that once this territory is seized and US troops stationed there, the Syrian Arab Army will not dare attack in fear of provoking a direct US military response against Damascus. The Brookings paper states (emphasis added):
The  idea would be to help moderate elements establish reliable safe zones within Syria once they were able. American, as well as Saudi and Turkish and British and Jordanian and other Arab forces would actin support, not only from the air but eventually on the ground via the  presence  of  special  forces  as  well. The  approach would  benefit  from  Syria’s open desert  terrain  which  could  allow  creation  of  buffer  zones  that could  be  monitored  for possible  signs  of  enemy  attack  through  a  combination  of  technologies, patrols,  and other methods that outside special forces could help Syrian local fighters set up.
Were Assad foolish enough to challenge these zones, even if he somehow forced the withdrawal  of  the  outside  special  forces,  he  would  be  likely  to  lose  his  air power  in ensuing  retaliatory  strikes  by  outside  forces,  depriving  his  military  of  one  of its  few advantages over ISIL.Thus, he would be unlikely to do this.

In a single statement, Brookings admits that the government of Syria is not engaged in a war against its own people, but against “ISIL” (ISIS). It is clear that Brookings, politicians, and other strategists across the West are using the threat of ISIS in combination with the threat of direct military intervention as a means of leverage for finally overrunning and seizing Syria entirely.

The Invasion Could Succeed, But Not for US Proxies  

The entire plan is predicated on America’s ability to first take and hold these “zones” and subsequently mesh them into functioning autonomous regions. Similar attempts at US “nation building” are currently on display in the ravaged failed state that used to be North Africa’s nation of Libya, Syria’s neighbor to the southeast, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and the list goes on extensively.

The folly of this plan both in attempts to use non-existent credibility and military will to actually implement it, as well as in terms of those foolish enough to place their trust in a nation that has left a swath of global destruction and failed states in its wake stretching from South Vietnam to Libya and back again, can be described only as monumental.
This strategy can almost certainly be used to finally destroy Syria. It cannot however, be used to do any of the things the US will promise in order to get the various players necessary for it to succeed, to cooperate.

Image: US-NATO “liberated” Libya is dominated by Al Qaeda who has more recently rebranded itself as ISIS. Claims by US policymakers that its incremental invasion of Syria will result in anything differently for Syrians is dishonest at best.
Almost certainly there are measures Syria, its allies Iran and Hezbollah, as well as Russia, China, and all other nations facing the threats of Western hegemony can take to ensure that US forces will not be able to take and hold Syrian territory or ultimately succeed in what is essentially an invasion in slow motion. Already the US has used their own ISIS hordes as a pretext to operate militarily within Syrian territory, which as predicted, has led to this next stage in incremental invasion.

An increase in non-NATO peacekeeping forces in Syria could ultimately unhinge Western plans altogether. The presence of Iranian, Lebanese, Yemeni, Afghan, and other forces across Syria, particularly bordering “zone” the US attempts to create, may offer the US the prospect of a multinational confrontation it has neither the political will, nor the resources to undertake.

The ability of Syria and its allies to create a sufficient deterrence against US aggression in Syria, while cutting off the logistical lines the US is using to supply ISIS and other terrorist groups operating in Syria and Iraq will ultimately determine Syria’s survival.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

الصورة المحيرة.. موناليزا جهاد ماكين!

الصورة المحيرة.. موناليزا جهاد ماكين!

هل تعرفتم على الرجل الملفوف بالشاش والقطن وقد ملأ الدم ضماده وتسرب الذل والانكسار من جروحه الغائرة ونظرته الكسيرة الحائرة والحيّرة؟؟

إنه ضيف عزيز على كل المعارضات العربية وعلى الشعوب الحرة التي تريد إسقاط النظام.. وهو عدو بغيض لإسرائيل.. والبعض يقسم بالله أن الرجل شوهد بهذا الشكل النازف الصادم في تل أبيب لأن شبيحة إسرائيل ضربوه لشدة ميوله الإسلامية وتأثره بالقضايا العربية وآلام العرب.. وربما تعرض لمحاولة اغتيال لأنه طالب الأمم المتحدة بتطبيق القرار 242 تحت الفصل السابع دون إبطاء.. ويقسم بعض آخر أن الرجل ضربه في بيروت ناشطون من تيار المستقبل لأنه رفض محكمة الحريري وحارب القرار 1559 بشدة واستمات من أجل إسقاطه.. فيما يؤكد آخرون أن المضروب تلقى معاملة عنيفة من شباب الإخوان المسلمين لأنه يريد أن تكون القدس عاصمة أبدية لإسرائيل.. ويؤكد شهود عيان من الجزيرة القطرية أن المغدور سال دمه من شدة قسوة أعضاء الائتلاف السوري المعارض لأنه نادى بتقسيم سورية دون خجل وتمنى ضربها باليورانيوم المنضب إن لزم الأمر.. إلا أن مصادر في قناة العربية تؤكد من قنوات شديدة الاطلاع وشديدة الثقة رفضت الإفصاح عن اسمها أن العملية من تدبير المخابرات الأمريكية التابعة لنظام باراك اوباما الذي أحس بأن صاحب الصورة سيكون مرشحا جمهوريا خطرا في انتخابات 2016 ضد الحزب الديمقراطي.. وتقول مصادر القناة وهي على يقين أن العملية شبيهة بعملية تصفية خلية الأزمة في سورية التي نفذها النظام السوري للتخلص من صهر الرئيس ووزير دفاعه ورئيس الأركان ورئيس مكتب الأمن القومي..

وحسب فيصل القاسم فإن الرجل أصيب بسبب اعتداء مجموعة من شباب مدينة طرطوس لأنه لم يبق في سورية أحياء يعتدي عليهم هؤلاء الشباب الطائفيون الذين أبادوا سكان سورية فلم يجدوا أمامهم إلا هذا الرجل المسكين الذي بقي على قيد الحياة.. ولكن بعض الجهات المحايدة من مكتب فاليري آموس في الأمم المتحدة تنفي ذلك وتؤكد أن الرجل أصيب ببرميل متفجر سقط على رأسه مباشره في ادلب وهو يقوم بزيارة إحدى المدارس الابتدائية المكتظة بالتلاميذ الصغار التي يحب النظام السوري قصفها ويتلذذ بقتل الأطفال فقط..
وحسب وليد بيك جنبلاط فإن هذا الرجل المصاب قد صار الشهيد الحي رقم 2 (بعد مروان حمادة طبعا) بعد أن نجا من موت محقق إثر محاولة عملاء النظام السوري المتوحشين متابعة هوايتهم في قتل الأحرار والأصوات التي تنادي بالحئيأة والاستئلال للبنان.. أما سمير جعجع فيرى أن النظام السوري قد بدأ يضرب كالمسعور لأنه بدأ بالانهيار السريع.. ويشبّه جعجع هذا الانهيار السريع بمنظر تهاوي طائرة الراحل رشيد كرامي الذي زرع جعجع قنبلة تحت كرسيه في الطائرة.. وتشبه ورطة النظام السوري بهذا الفعل الإجرامي انفجار القنبلة التي زرعها جعجع وتسببت بتهاوي طائرة رشيد كرامي نحو نهايتها المحتومة..

ولكن أنباء من داخل حزب العدالة والتنمية تقول بأن إصابة الرجل ناجمة عن فقدان أردوغان لأعصابه لأنه كان يريد إرسال قواته الشيشانية والداعشية وجبهة النصرة لفك حصار غزة فواجهه اعتراض ماكين.. فانفجرت أعصاب الطيب وضربه ضرب غرائب الإبل وكاد يقول له أني لأرى رأسا قد أينع وحان قطافه.. ومع هذا فإن مقربين جدا من مكتب اردوغان يقولون إن الرجل لم يضرب بل في الحقيقة تلقى درسا عمليا في معنى سياسة صفر مشاكل في مكتب داود أوغلو.. وعندما حاول تطبيقه وصل إلى هذه النتيجة.. صفر مشاكل..

غير أن صفحات داعش تؤكد أن صاحب الصورة قد نجا من عقوبة أمير المؤمنين الذي أراد وضعه في فرّامات اللحم لأنه أهان مجاهدة نكاح وكان عليه أن يكتفي بإهانة النبي وإلقاء جثة بن لادن في البحر والاكتفاء بغوانتانامو.. أما أعراض المجاهدات فإن من يتناولها فإن عقوبته الفرم عقابا وفاقا..

ولكن إذا لم تتعرفوا على صاحب الصورة فيمكنكم تخمين صاحب هذا العيون المنبثقة كعيون الجرذان المذعورة من تحت الضماد الأبيض ومن ذلك الأنف الذي تجذبه رائحة الدم في العالم كسمك القرش فيسرع إلى أي نزاع دموي ليلتهم اللحم النازف..
الروايات كثيرة والتحليلات متضاربة جدا والتخمينات بلا حدود في تحديد هوية المعتدى عليه وسبب الاعتداء على هذا الرجل النبيل الطيب الذي يتجول مثل بابا نويل في الشرق الأوسط يحمل الشوكولاته والحلوى والهدايا للسبايا واليتامى والأيامى ويكفكف أدمع الثكالى.. ويمر على سوق السبايا يشتري بماله حرية الإماء في الدولة الإسلامية.. والأخبار بشأن ذلك الاعتداء الإرهابي لاتزال تتواصل تباعا..

إلا أننا اكتشفنا أخيرا أن الشخص الجريح هو نفس الشخص في الصورة الثانية والذي يحيط به ثورجيون مبتهجون فرحون مغتبطون بالزائر الكريم الذي منّ على الثوار بعطفه وسافر آلاف الأميال وعبر البحار من أجل إقامة شرع الله ودين محمد ورفع الأذان الذي لايرفعه النظام السوري منذ أربعين عاما!!.. إنه محاط بفتية مؤمنين بالله ورسله وملائكته وكتبه واليوم الآخر والقضاء والقدر خيره وشره.. ويصلون عشرين ركعة كل يوم ونيّفا.. ويصومون رمضان وأكثر من رمضان.. ويحجون إلى بيت الله الحرام كل عام ويكتب أحدهم متباهيا على جدار بيته "حجا مبرورا وسعيا مشكورا" ويفاخر أنه ضرب الجمرات ووقف على عرفات وأكمل السعي والطواف حول البيت الحرام وقبّل جدران الكعبة ولامس الحجر الأسود.. ثم ينهي هؤلاء رحلة الإيمان العظيم بالجهاد مع المؤمن ابن المؤمن والمؤمنة جون ماكين الذي يحب المسلمين ونبيهم ويسعى لنشر دين الإسلام في أمريكا لأن إسلام أمريكا يبدأ من نشر الإسلام في بلاد الشام أولا.. ولذلك استحق أن يسميه مضيفوه (جهاد ماكين)..

وتبين في آخر الأخبار أن الرجل صاحب الصورة جهاد ماكين ربما قد تم تلقينه درسا قاسيا على يد شباب أوكرانيين يرون أنه يتدخل في شؤون بلدهم.. فضربوه حتى أدموه.. ثم التقطت له صورة لاااااااااااااااا تنسى..

يشاع أن الشباب الأوكراني ربما لقن هذا الوقح درسا في احترام الشعوب.. ورغم معارضتنا للعنف كوسيلة تعبير إلا أن الرجل يعبر بالعنف المطلق عن مشاريعه وبرامجه.. ويستحق هذا الاستقبال إن صدقت الصورة.. ويبدو أن ماكين يحتاج درسا يلقنه له شباب من الشرق الأوسط.. فكل حارة في الشرق الأوسط تتمنى أن يكون لها شرف إلقاء الدرس وإقامة حفل الاستقبال على الطريقة الأوكرانية.. فهل ننتظر طويلا شباب الشرق الأوسط ليقدموا لنا عرضهم المثير بحق هذا الجرذ الحقير.. لالتقاط صورة حقيقية دامية لموناليزا.. جهاد ماكين؟؟

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian 
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!


 DER’AH:  This report should be read in conjunction with the earlier on we published this morning EST.  We can confirm that the Syrian Army aided by hundreds of volunteers in our National Defense Forces (PDC) have smashed an attempted infiltration into the Manshiyya Quarter of Der’ah last night, Damascus time.  It was a massacre.  Evidently, SAA-MI had intercepted messages between rat groups, this time Nusra/Alqaeda and Harakat Al-Muthanna Al-Islamiyya.  The operational details were set out for the SAA with incredibly stupid clarity.  Once the plan was detected, more than sufficient troops were detailed to the area armed with Kornet launchers, sharpshooters, infantry and Shilkas.  Monzer writes that the attack was disastrous for the rodents.  No sooner had they launched their assault than the SAA sprang the trap shooting over 40 rodents in the first wave, destroying 6 pickups with 23mm cannons, 3 armored cars, all lining up like ducks behind a loaded Mercedes truck with Jordanian license plates.  The area will be assessed tomorrow morning as flies and vultures descend upon the carcasses.  Monzer says specialized units of the SAA are roving the area looking for foreign rodents to kill.


 Bayt Jinn:  Around the farms and the forest lands, the SAA and SAAF clobbered the ugly, bearded, oily, malodorous rodents of Alqaeda with a barrage of fire killing an estimated 15 and wounding scores.  The details are being prepared.



 Al-Tilaal Al-Humur:  (The Red Hills).  The SAA and PDC have killed scores of vultures here in an area that connects Mt. Hermon to Jibaataa Al-Khashab and Mashaati Hadhar cutting all supply lines to Khaan Al-Shaykh.  Major event that makes Zionists gnash their teeth.  Take note that the rat group fighting here calls itself the Hebraic Jaysh Al-Hirmoon.
Heavy fighting in Al-Hurriyya Village, Al-Hameediyya, Ufaaniyaa at the cemetery, Mas-hara.



FATHER NATHANAEL’S CORNER:  I hate John Hagee and hope he enjoys his next coronary:

WILE E. COYOTE MOMENT: (thanks, Canthama)

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  River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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طريق دمشق درعا تحت سيطرة الجيش.. محافظ درعا ينفي دخول الإرهابيين للمدينة Governor of Der’ah, Hon. Muhammad Khaalid Al-Hindoos, told the world the rats have neither entered Der’ah City nor have they blocked the International Highway linking Der’ah to Damascus.  The operation is a flop thanks to Jordanian imbeciles.

Over 50 separate groups of vermin are participating in the campaign to occupy Der’ah City.  Their orders come straight from Jordan – from an “Operations Room” run by the traitor Jordanians, American CIA operatives, and a kaleidoscope of European and Arabian apes whose experience in warfare has led to the destruction of nations from Vietnam all the way to Libya and Central America.  They think they are playing some kind of board game.  They think their heroes in battle are expendable.  It’s just a fun game for the British, especially, who love to send brown people to their graves in the name of their miserable little island.
From Al-Hasaka to Tartous, the people are rising up against the terrorist savages.  I don’t have figures, but recruitment centers in Damascus are flooded daily with young men and women who want to join the defense militias.  Reserve soldiers who were not called up, or who once avoided being called up, are volunteering for the army and the militias to save their country from the United States and its blood-thirsty leader, the Muslim Brotherhood fanatic, Barack Obama.  They never knew how free they were under the Ba’ath; but, a few years of threat from Alqaeda and ISIS has awakened them to harsh reality.
We are at war with Jordan.  Jordanian citizens who do not rise up against the Hashemite usurping regime are complicit in the war against the Syrian people. Anyone who supports the rodent terrorist army is, by definition, a rat terrorist.  This is an existential war for all Arabs who cherish personal freedom and progress.  It is also an existential war for Zionists and their troglodyte allies in Arabia for they will ultimately fall into history’s oblivion.

2 North of Al-Beetaar Farms:  The SAA has kicked out rodents of Harakat Al-Muthannaa Al-Islamiyya and killed 7 of the rats.  Among the weapons seized were LAV rockets from the Zionist Nazi State.

South of Tal ‘Antar:  The Syrian Army wasted 16 rodents and took 7 prisoners.  Here are some of those identified:
‘Abduh Salaah Al-Quwaydir
Nasr Ghayth Al-Rujoob
“Abu Al-Haytham Al-Sa’oodi”  (Id pending.  SAUDI ARABIAN HOG SNOT)
The rest could not be identified.

East Al-Mahajja:  A mortar launcher was destroyed in a battle that took place 45 kms north of the provincial capital.

Almaa:  Nusra/Alqaeda rodents tried to infiltrate into this sleepy town, but, were met by a torrent of hot lead courtesy of the SAA.

Northwest Kharaab Al-Shahm:  A nest of Alqaeda rodents was decimated by a SAA platoon using high-power weapons.  A pickup with a 23mm cannon was destroyed by a Kornet rocket that incinerated the passengers.  All 6 rodents were killed.

Ibta’:  The SAAF annihilated an entire grouping of Alqaeda rats and destroyed a weapons depot in the process.  No details available.

Tafass:  The SAAF was in action again destroying a newly established warehouse of weapons from Jordan.  Complete destruction.

Al-Siyaaqa Field:  A nest of vipers and 2 vehicles were destroyed. No other details.

City:  Don’t believe the British liars. There is no truth to the lie being spread by British-Zionist-controlled Arab media about the rats holding on to the National Hospital or the Zenobia School.  It’s just the opposite.  The rats tried to infiltrate and failed.  The number killed so far is 16.

Fighting reported in these areas:  ‘Itmaan, Kafr Naasij, Kafr Shams. 
سلاح الجو السوري يدمر معسكر تدريب للإرهابيين في ريف اللاذقية Eedu Village:  The SAAF has completely destroyed a training base operated by the Turk MIT killing or wounding many terrorists including Turk officers.  This operation was conducted after intense intelligence gathering.  This base will never be used again.

Kinsibba:  The SAAF throttled Alqaeda/Nusra here with 2 sorties killing scores of rats.  No other details available.

Shalaf Village:  The SAAF bombed a convoy of rodents coming out of Turkey destroying several vans and an armored vehicle.  No other details.

Waadi Baasoor Village:  The SAA killed 22 rodents in a firefight where the rats would not surrender. All killed.
Abu ‘Abdullaah Al-Kuwayti (KUWAYTI RAT PUSTULE. Leader of Liwaa` Al-Islam)
Hayyaan Al-Imaaraati (UAE CAT PUS. Leader of Kataa`ib Ahraar Al-Shaam)
Faheem Al-Mukhtaar
‘Ammaar Sa’eed Shuhaylu
Ridhaa Mustafaa Samhaat
The others were not identified.

Fighting reported in these areas:  Waadi Salmaa, Al-Hamraat

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لقاء مع العقيد اياد الفارس الذي اختطفته العصابات الارهابية | الفضائية السورية

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Wahhab: Any Aggression on Hadar Will Blow Lebanese-Syrian-Palestinian Triangle

Local Editor

WahhabThe head of Tawhid Lebanese party, ex-minister Wiam Wahhab, broke the blockade imposed on the Syrian village of Hadar in Mount Hermon and paid a surprise visit to it as its residents hailed his stances and underscored their support to the Syrian army and rejection to the Israeli plots.

Wahhab, who met with the village's clerics and fighters, said that any aggression on Hadar will blow the Lebanese-Syrian-Palestinian triangle entirely, noting that the village's locals will face the challenges steadfastly.

"Let all the regional sponsors of the terrorists know that any invasion or aggression on Hadar will be considered as an assault on Rashaya, Hasbayya, Golan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine," Wahhab said.
Wahhab hailed the Druze in Majdal Shams in the occupied Golan Heights for attacking the Israeli ambulance which was transporting Nusra Front wounded terrorists, stressing that Arabism and supporting President Bashar Assad is the only option which Golan residents have always been sticking to.

The Israeli hypocrisy was exposed after the latest developments in Golan as the Zionist leaders started threatening the people there, Wahhab added, any Israeli oppression against the people in the occupied Golan Heights will be faced with popular resistance.
Source: Al-Manar Website
26-06-2015 - 16:33 Last updated 26-06-2015 - 16:33

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الحدث : الوزير السابق وئام وهاب | الجديد

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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

ISIL : Created in Langley, Supported by Tel Aviv and Riyadh


By Wayne Madsen

It is becoming more and more apparent that the Islamic State for Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), or «Daesh» as it is known in Arabic, or ISIS – the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham — preferred by Israel supporters because of the uncomforting similarity between «Israel» and «ISIL» – is part of another Central Intelligence Agency operation to artificially create a new «strategy of tensions» for the Eurasian and African land masses.
Yet another example of ISIL’s non-Islamic nature has been witnessed in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra – the blowing up of the tomb of Mohammad Bin Ali, a descendant of the Prophet Mohammed’s cousin Imam Ali, by the brigands and mercenaries of ISIL. ISIL’s true goal is to eradicate the Arab and pre-Arab history of the Middle East with one major exception. There have been virtually no reports of important antiquities sacred to the Zionists having been destroyed by ISIL in either Syria or Iraq. The major targets for the ISIL demolition teams have been Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Roman, Assyrian, Persian, Alawite, Druze, Turkmen, Yazidi, Parthian, Christian, Shi’a, and Sufi (the other major tomb destroyed in Palmyra was the tomb of Nizar Abu Bahaa Eddine, a Sufi scholar who lived 500 years ago). ISIL destroyed the Tomb of Yunus (Jonah) Mosque in Iraq not because it honored the Jewish patriarch Jonah but because it was a mosque.

The alleged tomb of the Jewish prophet Daniel destroyed by ISIL in Mosul is but one of six Daniel tombs located in Iraq, Iran, and Uzbekistan. The Talmud, the Jewish book from which the Zionists obtain most of their geo-political inspiration, strictly prohibits any images of faces, but permits owning images of faces created by non-Jews. Although ISIL and Talmudists are on the same page on destroying sculptures, tiles, and paintings depicting people, the Talmud’s exception that allows Jews to own images created by non-Jews has resulted in a lucrative black market for antiquities stolen by ISIL and sold through brokers in Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, and Geneva.

It is becoming clear that ISIL, from the very beginning, was a construct of the CIA and its pro-Saudi and pro-Israeli director, John Brennan; Israel’s Mossad, which has ensured that Israeli targets are exempt from ISIL attack; and Saudi Arabia, which actually permitted ISIL attacks against two Shi’a mosques, one in the village of al-Qadeeh and the other in Dammam, in the Eastern Province, where Shi’as have a majority over Wahhabist Sunnis. In Iraq and Syria, U.S. and Israeli weapons have been seen by eyewitnesses being transferred to ISIL and forces of its allies, including the Al Nusra Front in Syria. Saudi bank cash receipts have been found in abandoned ISIL headquarters in both Syria and Iraq. The ISIL attacks on the Shi’as of Saudi Arabia are believed by many to be warnings by the unholy alliance of Washington, Tel Aviv, and Riyadh against predominantly Shi’a Iran.

From the terrorist Gladio «stay behind» network of fascists, which carried out terrorist attacks in Europe in the 1970s and 80s that were blamed on leftist irregulars, to the grand alliance of terrorists from Angola’s UNITA, the Afghan mujaheddin, the Nicaraguan contras, Laotian Hmongs who, under American auspices, met in 1985 in Jamba, Angola, the CIA has historically found that terrorist groups make advantageous allies. The CIA clandestinely and illegally violated two U.S. laws, the Clark and Boland Amendments, respectively, to support Angolan and Nicaraguan terrorists.

ISIL now serves as an important CIA, Saudi, and Israeli asset against common foes like Iran. ISIL has made no secret of its desire to bring the death and destruction it has visited upon Syria and Iraq into the heart of Iran. The destabilization of Iran by sponsoring terrorist attacks in Iran and against Iranian targets abroad has long been the modus operandi of the U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia, acting mostly through the anti-Tehran Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK) and Baluchi separatists based in Pakistan. ISIL refers to Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan as «Wilayat Khorasan» or Korasan State. An ISIL affiliate, known as the Khorasan Group, has been fighting in Syria and is believed to be made up of central Asian ISIL recruits and commanders.

It was recently announced that Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov, the one-time head of the Tajikistan elite anti-terrorism police force, known as OMON, defected to ISIL and is now one its top field commanders in Syria. Khalimov, who was trained by U.S. Special Operations, Blackwater, and CIA officers during a number of official visits to the United States, has vowed to return to the Tajikistan to «slaughter» Tajik President Emomali Rakhmonov, recruit Tajiks working in Russia to launch terrorist attacks inside Russia itself and Tajiks in Tajikistan to attack Russian military troops stationed in Tajikistan (which makes Khalimov an ally of NATO top military commander General Philip Breedlove and U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, who want to increase military pressure on Russia to Cold War levels). ISIL guerrillas, mostly Chechens, fresh from combat in Syria and Iraq, have been discovered fighting for Ihor Kolomoisky’s Israeli- and neo-Nazi-led mercenary battalions against the pro-Russian forces of Donetsk and Lugansk in Eastern Ukraine.

ISIL has, conveniently for the West, attacked Taliban forces in Afghanistan. The Taliban declared ISIL’s self-declared caliphate as illegitimate, and its caliph leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who may be an artificial product of the CIA’s and Mossad’s psychological warfare units, to be a fraud. The Taliban became alarmed as some of its members broke ranks with the jihadist movement and joined ISIL in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Moreover, ISIL declared the Taliban to be «kafirs», or unbelievers of Islam. In April, Al-Baghadi declared the Taliban’s Mullah Omar to be «a fool and illiterate warlord.» It is no coincidence that ISIL’s rhetoric about the enigmatic Taliban leader matches nicely with that issued forth by the U.S. military psy-ops units in Afghanistan at the height of the U.S. military intervention in that country. In mid-June, ISIL released a video tape showing its forces decapitating a Taliban prisoner in Afghanistan.

ISIL has, also, in concert with increasing U.S. military pressure on China and North Korea, declared jihad or holy war on the two Asian nations. In May, a North Korean couple, who worked as doctors at the local hospital in Zallah, Libya, were taken captive by ISIL in Libya. No word has been received on the fate of the North Korean husband and wife medical duo. In January, ISIL computer hackers, known as the «Cyber Caliphate», claimed credit for altering the Facebook page of Air Koryo, North Korea’s state-owned airline. ISIL’s black and white flag was pasted on the Facebook page with a statement calling North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un «a crying pig.» The ISIL hackers also had a warning for both North Korea and China: «North Korea, the communist thug nation, and the Chinese communist thugs will pay a price for their collaboration with the enemies of the mujahideen».

ISIL propaganda rhetoric about China and North Korea also coincide with pronouncements emanating from the U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii about the military threats posed by Beijing and Pyongyang. North Korea has responded to the ISIL threats by providing the Type 73 machine gun, manufactured by the First Machine Industry Bureau of North Korea to Iraqi government and Kurdish forces fighting against ISIL in Iraq. North Korean military advisers are also believed to be assisting Syrian government and Lebanese Hezbollah forces battling ISIL in Syria. South Korea, which never misses an opportunity to confront North Korea militarily, permitted a South Korean citizen, known only by the very common Korean name «Kim», to join ISIL ranks in Syria in February. It is more likely that «Kim» is a South Korean intelligence agent who is responsible for coordinating ISIL attacks on North Korean assets in the region, including the North Korean medical couple in Libya.

Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro, who the CIA is busy trying to overthrow, called ISIL a «Frankenstein, a monster nursed by the West itself» in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly in 2014. Not coincidentally, as President Barack Obama declared that Venezuela posed a «national security threat» to the United States in March, there were reports of nascent ISIL activity in Venezuela. The U.S. Army War College, including Professor Robert Bunker, began issuing statements that increased ISIL activity in Venezuela would be good for U.S. national security because ISIL is the natural enemy of Hezbollah, which the U.S. neocons are claiming has gained a strategic toehold in Venezuela. The links between ISIL and the West in Latin America have not been lost on the Western Hemisphere’s sage senior statesman, former Cuban president Fidel Castro. In September 2014, Castro accused Israel’s Mossad, in league with Senator McCain, of helping to create ISIL.

The ultimate perpetrators of ISIL’s ravaging of the Middle East are not to be found in the deserts of the Middle East and the mountains of Afghanistan but in the seventh floor director’s suite at CIA headquarters in Langley. In 1985, the same year the CIA sponsored the summit of right-wing terrorist groups in Jamba, Angola, the CIA tried to kill Lebanon’s Shi’a Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Hussein Fadl-Allah with a car bomb in Beirut. The CIA missed the ayatollah but killed 80 innocent people and wounded 256. Today, the CIA allows ISIL to get its fingers dirty in carrying out such terrorist attacks from Iraq and Syria to Yemen and Libya. ISIL cannot be brought to its knees without dealing harshly with Mr. Brennan and his top advisers.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian 
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!