Monday, 25 January 2016



LATAKIA:  Only 12 hours ago, the Syrian Army was able to establish complete, unchallenged control over the crucial town of Al-Rubay’ah.  This town was the second most important locale for terrorist infestation.  It contained a fairly high quality logistical center operated by Turk MIT vultures under direct control of that agency’s rodent director, Hakan Fidan, whom we predict will soon be dangling by the neck from a piano wire in Ankara.  The town contained a multitude of warehouses and underground storage facilities for weapons appropriate for Islamist terrorist vermin.  It was the center for terrorist control over the Jabal Al-Turkmaan region.  It also contained several training bases all of which have been turned into a fine powder by the Russian and Syrian air forces.

As of 12 hours ago, terrorists, almost all Chechens, Daghestaanis, Uzbekis and other assorted trash from the bowels of Asia,  were observed heading for Elevations 1154 and 1112 and Kinsibba, the only rat-held village left for them and which is directly in the cross hairs of the Syrian Army.  In point of fact, we urge these rodents from the Caucasus to engage the services of a cleric to offer them the Islamic equivalent of extreme unction as I have been told that the Syrian militias are intent upon exterminating them to a rat.  It was very painful for many of our soldiers to enter Al-Rubay’ah and see the kinds of graffiti these monsters sprayed on the walls of homes, one graffito warning the Alawis of their imminent genocide.

During the last 24 hours, the Syrian Army and Popular Defense Committees liberated 18 towns and villages in an area spanning 120 square kilometers.  The army has also been extremely farsighted in its planning by deploying special forces around all areas liberated in order to insure the terrorists not be able to escape the destiny which has been plotted for them.  As I write, spotters are directing aerial strikes on convoys of Chechen vultures trying to elude fate – a fate nestled in the thousands of bullets and missiles bearing the names of the fleeing vermin.


Jabal Al-Turkmaan is now rat free.  As soon as our positions have been secured, the army will descend like the wolf on the fold into Idlib.

(Thanks, Khaled Nawaz Al-Nouri)

(Thanks, Khaled again)

(Thanks, Hans)

Note to readers:  Tal Al-Hattaabaat and Qatr have also been liberated in Aleppo as reported by Canthama.

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