Sunday, 31 January 2016

Female Syrian Army Recruits Undergo Training

Defending their country from foreign-backed terrorists? Or propping up a brutal dictator who “kills his own people”? You decide.

The Syrian peace talks were set to begin tomorrow, but according to a Reutersreport released earlier today, the talks have been “derailed” by an announcement from the “Syrian opposition” that they intend withdrawing. One opposition group says it will “certainly” not be in Geneva on Friday, while another says it might be in the city but would not attend the talks, so it’s hard to say really for sure what’s going to happen.

What seems clear, though, is that the West is applying a great deal of pressure for terrorists to be seated at the table, while Syria, Russia, and Iran are equally resisting that pressure. Why foreign-backed mercenaries should be included in discussions to determine Syria’s future is of course a question no one has adequately addressed.

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