Saturday, 16 January 2016

Israel Arrests Jewish Activist on Fraudulent Charges

Ezra Nawi
Israel arrested Ezra Nawi without just cause. A police state sting operation targeted him because of his activism. He’s held incommunicado, denied contact with legal counsel for five days, perhaps longer.

An illegal gag order barring revelation of his identity and information about his case was violated.

He’s detained at least through next Tuesday, possibly indefinitely, on fabricated charges of activities endangering state security - Israel’s usual dubious claim against activist resistors when no credible evidence exists.

Authorities claim he collected unspecified confidential information on behalf of an unnamed foreign nation or terrorist organization, as well as unexplained involvement in criminal activity.

Judicial hearings on his case will be held behind closed doors, denying him the right to present his defense publicly.

His lawyer, Lea Tselem, said “police are (fraudulently) trying to create symmetry between (Palestinian Dewabsha family) murders and my client. The same method and the same practice. It won’t help them.”

On Tuesday, Rabbis for Human Rights head Arik Ascherman expressed solidarity with Nawi, saying:

“I have known and respected him for many years. He is not a perfect individual, but he has done a lot of good in the world.” He’s done nothing wrong, Ascherman maintains.

“Every Palestinian in the South Hebron Hills knows him. If there is an attack there by Israelis at dawn, they all know they can call him, and he'll be there” - staunchly supporting justice.

Israel tolerates no opposition to its ruthlessness, wanting its high crimes suppressed, Jews as vulnerable as Palestinians when revealing them.

Nawi’s rights were systematically violated. He’s gotten death threats.

He’s a Ta’ayush advocacy member (Arabic for living together) - “a grassroots movement of Arabs and Jews working to break down the walls of racism and” apartheid through nonviolent unity for “equality, justice and peace” - polar opposite longstanding Israeli policy.

Haaretz editors blasted Israeli authorities for persecuting Nawi unjustly, saying they operate like other regional police states.

Denying him fundamental rights guaranteed under international law is more evidence of Israeli ruthlessness. Allegations against him are without just cause, entirely for political reasons.

“The two-facedness and hypocrisy of the authorities point to their true motives: to hound human rights organizations and delegitimize the entire left,” Haaretz editors stressed.

“Detention under the cover of darkness is another phase in the (regime’s) attempts to crush all resistance and opposition to the occupation.”

Kangaroo courts outrageously “are abetting” police state lawlessness.

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