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Al-Maarooniyyaat Village north of Salmaa:  The Republican Guard is on a roll in northeast Latakia Province.  This village was just liberated last night after 80% of the Alqaeda rodents were exterminated with the rest rushing helter-skelter to Al-Rubay’ah on the Turk border.  A huge cache of weapons and ammo was uncovered after the rodents left.   As the vermin headed out to Al-Rubya’ah, the SAAF was called in to pepper the routes used to insure maximum casualties since all Syrian Air Force bombers today are fitted with night capabilities.  The SAAF struck hard at Al-Rubay’ah and Marj Khawkha to insure the rats know well that the army is coming.

Tartiyaah:  Liberated completely.  Confirmed as of 2 days ago.  It appears a large SAA and PDC force is now moving to  Qaaraa Town.
The following locations have been confirmed liberated during the last 48 hours:
Jurun Al-Qal’ah Hills
Ruwaysat Al-Qal’ah
Sheesh Al-Qaadhi
Dhahr Al-‘Adra
Ruwaysat Al-Tunoor
Qaraaqifi Mountain
867 and 1014 Elevations
Waadi Nab’ Meeru
Ruwaysat Al-Qaamoo’ Village
Hawsh Al-Mughayriyya
Ruwaysat Ibn Jaazi


All reports coming in to us indicate the rodents to be in a state of complete anarchy.  Terrorist chatter and communications with Turkey show a group completely incapable of adjusting to a status of a defeated enemy with no hope of restoring their now spent assets.

الجيش السوري يسيطر على قرية «المارونيات» في ريف اللاذقية ويحبط هجوم على «عدرا»

​الجيش السوري يفرض سيطرته على «سلمى» والفوضى تعم صفوف التنظيمات الإرهابية



The SAA regularly strips off the upper clothing from the rodents to make sure none have been wearing explosive belts.

‘Adraa Workers Town:  A small group of terrorists belonging to ‘Alloosh’s Jaysh Al-Islam tried to disturb the peace in this once-contested town.  They attacked an artillery unit close to the Research School while wearing actual SAA uniforms.  The soldiers inside the perimeter were surprised by the attack and withdrew all their mechanize equipment lest it fall into the hands of these criminals.  It took only one hour and the SAA counterattacked.  All 20 rodents were killed.  None survived.
Daarayyaa:  5 rodents were killed here yesterday.  They belonged to Liwaa` Shuhadaa` Al-Islam’s (yawn)  Kateebat ‘Abdul-Qaadir Al-Saalih who was known as “Abu Marea”, a rodent leader killed by the SAA in Aleppo.  The Syrian rodents identified on rat websites were:
Jamaal Abu Ayman (rat leader)
Khaalid Abu Khaleel
Baasim Abu Zayd
Ahmad Abu Yaassir
‘Alaa` Al-Ahmad
Only the last one is confirmed for identity.  The others’ identities are pending.



Jisr Al-Shughoor:  After 3 days of thorough surveillance, the SAA struck killing 9 rodents who were aboard 3 trucks traveling on the western fringe of the town.  One of the dead vermin was identified as a Pakistani:

Jisr Al-Shughoor:  Now on the east side.  7 rats were killed in an SAA ambush with 10 confirmed wounded.  Weapons and ammo were seized.  These belonged to Jaysh Al-Fath.

Al-Habeet:  Al-Ittihaad Al-Islami li-Ajnaad Al-Shaam (The Islamic Union of Syria’s Soldiers, yawn) took a big hit here.  This is a gang of monsters mostly from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, so, it’s a lot of fun to kill them.  Yesterday, the SAA and PDC wiped out 25 of them.  Here are the only Syrians:
Muhammad Khaleel
Muhammad ‘Abdul-Qaadir Al-Warraar
Ahmad Al-Baraazi

Al-Nabi Ayyoob Summit:  41 rodents dead from Nusra/Alqaeda and Ahraar Al-Shaam.  I have no names as the area is still being assessed.

Al-Tamaani’ah, Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan, Sarmada Town, Saraaqib:  Scores of rodents have been killed here yesterday by the RuAF and SAAF.



Al-Mansoora:  It is reported that the SAAF struck the Nusra/Alqaeda here with a vengeance.  A HQ and warehouse filled with ammo were destroyed.  This town is about 10 kms west of the city.  I am expecting more details about the potentially record-breaking fatalities among the rodents.

Bani Zayd Quarter:  In the city, the SAA invaded a nest of rats and killed all 7 of them:
Sufyaan Dawaaleebi
Mufeed Ahmad Al-Khawli
The others were not identified.

Khaan Toomaan Area:  SAA ambush netted 12 rodents:
‘Abdul-Razzaaq Al-Hakeem  (Field commander of Kateebat Al-Naassir Li-Deenillaah. Baloney)
Abu ‘Ubayda Ataarib (Nusra leader with id pending)

‘Ayn Al-Baydha Village:  Liberated 24 hours ago.  Of note, the SAA has expanded remarkably in the area between ‘Aysha Village and ‘Ayn Al-Baydha and has restored control over the water pump which used to supply Aleppo City.  The number of dead rats in these operations is quite impressive.


This cave stretches 15 kms under the ground between ‘Ayn Al-Baydha and ‘Aysha Villages and was found by the SAA with the help of local citizens.  Inside was a mother lode of weapons and ammunition provided by the Turks including drugs like Captagon.

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