Friday, 29 January 2016

Obama: Serial Killer

January 29th, 2016  

Stephen Lendman

On Wednesday, a banner was displayed on the top floor of a building across from Washington’s Moscow embassy - the word “KILLER” prominently displayed on Obama’s image in blood red.

The previous evening, a laser display projected the accusation “Obama Killer #1” on the embassy itself. Moscow-based Glavplakat art society took credit, calling its action a response to Washington’s “plans to invade the territory of yet another sovereign state.”

“The word ‘killer’ defines the 44th US president, and is given to him because of his decision to send the infamous 101st Airborne Division into the Syrian conflict,” it said.“Let’s keep in mind that this division (notoriously called “The Screaming Eagles”) carried out practically every US military invasion in the last decade.”

Ahead of peace talks beginning in Geneva on Friday, Sergey Lavrov said “there will be no business as usual between Russia and the West.”

Obama’s sordid record in office exceeds the worst of his predecessors, including endless wars of aggression.
He terror-bombed or remains complicit in naked aggression against seven countries.

They include Afghanistan and Pakistan (AfPak), Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen - along with orchestrating US-installed putschists’ war on its own Donbass people, Israel’s slow-motion genocide against Palestinians, and US special forces operating overtly and covertly in over two-thirds of world nations, destabilizing them.

Like his predecessors, Obama is addicted to endless wars of aggression, raping one country after another, responsible for millions of deaths, the severest refugee crisis since WW II, and unspeakable human misery.
Advancing America’s imperium matters most, fundamental rule of law principles discarded, democratic values ignored.

America is a pariah state, the world’s most hated and feared country, wanting unchallenged world dominance, willing to risk destroying planet earth to own it.

Its nuclear arsenal is humanity’s greatest threat, on hair-trigger alert. Never before in world history has one nation threatened humanity’s survival like America.

Lunatics in charge risk the unthinkable. All US wars are illegal, violating international, constitutional and US statute laws.

Reports indicate Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is fast-tracking a measure introduced by lunatic fringe Republican Senator Lindsey Graham - authorizing unlimited war, supporting Obama’s intention to keep waging them, likely against new targeted nations.

The measure places no restrictions on naked aggression, deployments of US combat troops anywhere at Obama’s discretion.

McConnell’s spokesman Don Stewart said the new Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) won’t “tie the president’s hands.”

It’s a prescription for possible global war - all sovereign independent nations vulnerable, targeted by Washington for regime change, wanting them transformed into US vassal states, perhaps willing to wage nuclear war to achieve its objectives - risking ending life on earth.

Today’s thermonuclear weapons are a 1,000 times more powerful than ones used against Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Large cities and surrounding areas can be turned to smoldering rubble, countless millions incinerated.
Lunatics run the Washington asylum, a bipartisan criminal class, Obama their nominal head.

Militarism is a national addiction. The business of America is war - multiple ones, endless ones, an ideologically over-the-top agenda able to kill us all.
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