Thursday, 28 January 2016

Orthodox Jew Pays Homeless Man $5 to Pour Coffee on Himself

According to a Fox News report on this incident, the man who offered Ron Leggatt, the homeless gentleman shown in the video, $5 to pour coffee over his own head and allow him to film it “belonged to the local Orthodox Jewish community” and reportedly said police wouldn’t prosecute him because “we run this town.”

Carlos Mejia, the man who intervened in the sordid affair, is now being accused of “anti-Semitism” for having reported, presumably on a Facebook page, that the miscreant who made the offer was Jewish. You can go here to access the full Fox News report–unfortunately, however, the report doesn’t give the Jewish man’s name.

You can also go here to watch a video filmed by a man identifying himself as “Ari,” who tells Leggatt, “We’re going to make this up to you,” and offers to pay for a haircut and a meal for him.

Finally, you can go here to see a video of the original Jewish guy, i.e. the one with the coffee, seeking to purchase penance and make amends by offering Leggatt $20–though here again his name isn’t given and the video carefully omits any view of his face.

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