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Penny believes the PKK is behind the Istanbul explosion

Bomb Rips Through Tourist Spot In Istanbul- An Expected Development

As most recently predicted in the post from last week. In line with what had been predicted for well over a year now.

"As I've suggested:  Increasing the destabilization geographically- worsening it in Turkey. Iraq. Syria. Moving into Iran"

 Moving from bad to worse. Sadly the msm alongside the so called alt media are still not grasping Turkey is and has been for some time now in the process of being destabilized.(I expect obfuscation from the msm, but, have spent the past year increasingly disenchanted with the so called alternative media) The visit by Dunford. Who he met with? As covered in the above post. The series of meetings held were sure fire indicators that the middle east destabilization was being kicked up to the next level.
 "I want to get this latest news posted before it get’s too dated. Why?Because I suspect it’s important. Undoubtedly related to the Saudi/Iran situation. Keep it under your hat"
 Hope you read it and kept it under your hat?
 VIDEO: Suicide bomber kills 10 in Istanbul tourist square
Video by: Matt King
Blue Mosque

A suicide bomber thought to be from Syria killed at least 10 people, many of them German tourists, in Istanbul's historic heart on Tuesday, an attack senior security officials said was probably planned by Islamic State.

President Tayyip Erdogan condemned the bombing in Sultanahmet square, near the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, major tourist sites in the center of one of the world's most visited cities. He said a Syrian was thought responsible and that the blast would only harden Turkey's resolve in fighting terrorism.

Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said the bomber had been identified from body parts at the scene, and was a Syrian national born in 1988 whose links were being investigated.

Sources in Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu's office said most of those killed were Germans and he had spoken by phone with Chancellor Angela Merkel to express condolences. Merkel earlier said she was very worried Germans might be among the victims.
Inside the Blue Mosque
I'm predicting a PKK suicide bomber (witting or unwitting)  And that includes ISIS brand also -Because the KurdIShIS symbiosis has always been apparent.  Haven't read that anywhere but it seems the most plausible evil do'er based on everything, all acquired information via my own reading and writings. The targeting of German tourists is most likely intentional. If one wants to use terror to affect change in the EU, one hits the Germans, to put pressure on the German leadership. This is where we tie back to the PKK, again. The PKK and it's supporters have raised hell in Germany. Demanding Germany revere the PKK as opposed to reviling them.

A friend of the blog also mentioned that Kurds may have been involved in the incident in Cologne, Germany. I can't substantiate it. But, also have no reason to doubt it.

Making it quite clear why the German tourists would be a target for the PKK suicide bomber.

*Location, Location, Location! hattip anonymous commenter!
"Sultanahmet square in Istanbul? Square + Sultan = Neo ottomsnism. Rich with irony"
  * 1st Secretary General of NATO, describing the purpose of NATO: -While Secretary General, Ismay is also credited as having been the first person to say that the purpose of the alliance was "to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down," a saying that has since become a common way to quickly describe the alliance.

The US aka head of NATO has been targeting German interests in a number of ways:
 The whole VW Scandal, so called sure looks to be economic warfare- As is mentioned in the comment section below alongside the Federal Reserve's investigation of Deutsche Bank 

hattip anonymous again 
 Germany VW refuses to cooperate with US prosecutor

Germanwings and the crash of that A4000 in Seville unresolved

Germany wants its gold as DB selling US private banking gets Fed internal monitors for lack of risk controls

DB CEO - who took on UBS CEO after the US led collapse of private banking secrecy reminiscent of the latest FIFA scandal- in wake of Jain ouster>
Reuters days ago
Merkel ally claims U.S. VW scrutiny could help U.S. car makers
Reminds of the Toyota scandals and those trucks in ISIS land
I think there is a post here regarding the pressure the US put on Japan regarding the Toyota vehicles and of course- KurdIShIS/PKK and all NATO backed terrorists, including Special Ops are driving Toytotas' around the Middle East
 More on the Deutsche Bank "scandal" according to the Federal Reserve- For what ever that's worth
anonymous there is also the Deutsche bank Fed Reserve stuff
If you're feeling a bit "mad' and want to go down a deep dark rabbit hole alongside Alice?

Think about  the JFK assassination, spooky David Ferrie and the Wandering Bishops- Allindependent Bishops, like the fellow below

Then read the news item directly below- Suspicious? If you know just a little about spooks and spies it is!

Narrow Escape for Northern Ireland Independent Bishop in Istanbul Bombing

Independent prelate Pat Buckley says group missed explosion ‘by seven to 10 minutes’
 Independent Bishop Pat Buckley had a narrow escape inIstanbul on Tuesday morning when he and the small group he was with posed for photographs at theEgyptian obelisk near the city’s Blue Mosque where less than 10 minutes later a suicide bomber killed at least 10 people.
Speaking to The Irish Times, Bishop Buckley who is based at Larne Co Antrim said “we missed it by seven to 10 minutes”. They were in the Blue Mosque when they heard the bomb detonate outside.
I cannot find which church this man is affiliated with at Lairne Co Antrim. Strange choice of words.
Why not Bishop Buckley who is based IN Larne Co Antrim? Rather then "AT" Larne Co Antrim
And Lairne Co Antrim is Northern Ireland.  All of Northern Ireland. So where does this"bishop" base himself?
Bishop Buckley- A wandering Bishop?
Independent Bishop Buckley had been taking photos in Sultanahmet Square shortly before the blast today and had moved on into the famous Blue Mosque.
Speaking to the BBC, Bishop Buckley said: “I have lived in Northern Ireland since the 70s, and I have heard explosions, and this was incredibly loud. I saw dust through the doorway of the mosque and I could smell the explosives.”
He added: “I am slightly worried because there is talk here that they are expecting further trouble and we have been warned to avoid crowds.”
Taking into consideration this 'bishop' is delivering the perception management news to the BBC tells me, we are definitely looking at a spook. And getting a proscribed fiction.

 Vital Flashbacks!
August 2015: The ISIS Threat to Turkey? It's serious. Destabilizing Turkey continues apace!

ISIL’s/ISIS magazine slams Erdoğan, Turkey for first time.

ISIS/Kurd Symbiosis: Conquer Istanbul/PKK Declares Autonomy Zone & US Silent
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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