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مجموعة إرهابية

HOMS:  Another terrorist rodent commander took the escalator down to the Eternal Barbecue at the village of West Al-Farahaaniyya (13kms north of Homs City in the Talbeesa area) after agents of the Syrian security services opened fire on his van killing the rat and his wife who was on board.  The rodent disinformation websites claimed that “unknown” individuals opened fire on the stinking rat, but, as we all know, they just won’t give credit where credit is due.  The vermin was named Muhammad Hassaan Raatib Al-Sayyid who went by the name of “Abu Raatib Al-Homsi”. 


LATAKIA:  What fun it must be watching Chechens and Uighers frolicking in the snow as skilled SAA and NDF snipers continue to rain, so to speak, on their parade.   It has been widely reported that the SAA and PDC have overrun terrorist positions at Ruwaysat Qubayb, adding more strategic positions ahead of the assault on Jisr Al-Shughoor.

قائد ميداني يؤكد سيطرة الجيش على أكثر من 10 كم2 بريف اللاذقية الشمالي

Al-Qassab Village:  The Nusra/Alqaeda vermin mounted a ferocious attack exploiting the severe weather conditions in the mountains, but, forgetting that the weather conditions which supposedly interfere with the mobility of the SAA also have the same effect on the terrorists themselves.  Thus, another chapter in the persistent tales of rodent stupidity is closed.  The attack was blunted decisively by both the SAA and PDC although the rats assaulted defensive positions with over 70 Chechen and Uigher blowhards.  The attack was thought to be sudden.  It wasn’t.  SAA-MI had already predicted the attack which meant that artillery was already fixed on points designed to maximize the number of casualties for the terrorist attacking force.  The rodents were trying to restore their control over the Latakia Highway in order to recapture their former supply routes through Salmaa, Rubay’ah and Kinsibba.  Moreover, they were hoping to dislodge the SAA from positions overlooking the Baraadoon Dam where the SAA has snipers popping the rats on a daily basis.

Burj Al-Qassab:  It looks down on the Aleppo-Latakia Highway and its is under the exclusive control of the SAA.

DER’AH:  Here is another area which the terrorists want to take back, Shaykh Miskeen, but, it doesn’t look like they either have the resolve or the manpower to do it.  They are desperate to take back Tal Al-Hash and the 82nd Brigade Base.  They are also aiming to retake the central Roundabout in Shaykh Miskeen.  14 separate groups mounted the attack, which demonstrates how emaciated the Nusra/Alqaeda group has become.  The attack, which used the usual suicide drivers followed by smiling rodents was foiled.  The number of dead scum is unknown because the area is too dangerous to perform any field assessments.  My source said the SAA and RuAF killed “scads” of rats.

الجيش السوري يتقدم في ريف حماة الشرقي ويحمي مواقعه في الشيخ مسكين ودير الزور

North of Shaykh Miskeen:  SAA artillery won the day with focused fire on convoys of rodents belonging to Harakat Al-Muthannaa Al-Islamiyya.  We can confirm the deaths of 14 rodents, at least, with scores wounded quite critically.
“Abu Bakr Al-Muhaajir” (rodent leader)

Other rodents whose names were announced by the usual terrorist websites:
Alaa` Nidhaal Abu-Al-Danaf
Ibraaheem Farhaan Al-Beetaari



Al-Mab’ooja Village:  The SAA and PDC repelled an assault on this village by ISIS.  It lies about 55 kms east of Hama City.  The terrorist attack started at dawn this morning but was foiled with extremely heavy artillery fire directed by masterful spotters.  Those rodents who survived the wave of rockets by the SAA were seen escaping into the desert leaving hundreds of rounds of ammo and many machine guns behind.   Terrorists were heard on their cellphone pleading for help.  It didn’t come.

Over the last 4 days, the SAA and its allies have liberated all these towns and villages on the Salamiyya-Hama Highway:

Jinaan, Al-Saaroomiyya, Al-Maksoot, Sareehayn, Kuraymish, Ra’boon, Al-Makhraz, Al-Muraadiyya, Zoor Haneefa, Zoor Al-Ziyaara, Al-Rumayla, Al-Jirniyya.  These villages lie to the east and west of the Orontes (Al-‘Aassi) River.

It should be noted also that the SAA has now eliminated the threat of terrorist rocket-fire at the villages of Al-Durra and Al-Kaafaat, which are under the control of government forces.


Hayyaan:  A pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed on the highway to Turkey which is a major supply route for the rats.

Al-Barqoom Village:  Nusra took a hit here. I have no other details at present.

Heavy SAA activity at these locations: Al-Raashideen Number 4, Bani Zayd, Al-Na’naa’iy Square, Al-Layramoon, Al-Ashrafiyya in Aleppo City.

Tal Al-Hattaabaat:  ISIS had almost all its fortifications destroyed by the RuAF.  We can confirm the destruction of one pickup with 23mm cannon.

Somewhere in East Rural Aleppo:  ISIS attempted 7 separate operations with suicide trucks laden with over 10 tons of weapons-grade TNT enhanced by C-4, all provided by America’s allies, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.  All 7 suicide drivers were sent to Hell and the operations, apparently, ended in dismal failure.

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