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عودة نحو 500 عائلة إلى منطقة القدم جنوب دمشق

Al-Qadam Suburb:  This area was once infested with the plague of ISIS, inter alia.   Today, it is free.  The Syrian Army has welcomes over 500 families during the last 3 days as they were shipped in to their homes by 25 government-provided buses.  The agreement to vacate this suburb was a degrading one for the terrorist rats and their Saudi cockroach handlers.  They had to leave all weapons behind and head to Al-Raqqa where they would ingather in advance of the Syrian Army push to exterminate them all at one time.  Also, as part of the agreement, those citizens who cooperated with the ISIS rodents would be granted amnesty on one condition:  that they join the PDC and fight the terrorists infecting the country.  They have agreed to do exactly that.

Yarmouk Camp and Al-Hajar Al-Aswad:  ISIS is leaving its positions here also, although there remains a stumbling block with Nusra/Alqaeda.  Whatever the case, Nusra’s military position is compromised irrevocably now since Palestinian fighters, themselves, can extract the remaining vermin with little support from the Syrian Army.  The fighters who will take up ISIS positions here are from the neighboring areas of Baldaa, Bayt Sahm and Babeelaa.

Between the German Camp and Al-Sirmaaniyya:  The SAA supported by the air force killed 12 Jaysh Al-Fath terrorist vultures here and destroyed an armored car. After a military assessment of the area, these were the only Syrians:
Ibraaheem Hussayn Khammaash
Muhammad ‘Abdul-Qaader Al-Sirhaan
Wadhdhaah Amjad ‘Eedu

Areehaa Area:  The SAA-MI people never sleep.  After pursuing 2 main Nusra/Alqaeda figures for days, 2 MI agents, dressed like the terrorists, on motorcycles drove in the direction of Ayaad Al-‘Adl (Justice Dispenser?, a/k/a “Abu ‘Ateeq”) and his aide, Muhammad ‘Abdul-Wahhaab (a/k/a “Abu Haazim”) and sprayed them with lead.  To make sure they were dead, the agents dropped a grenade on them for good measure.

Hazaan Town:  An SAA commando unit assassinated one terrorist called “Al-Shaykh Al-Ghaali” (id pending) and 19 others with him in this area on the Baab AlHawaa Road which leads straight to Antioch in Turk Occupied Syria.

Kafr ‘Uwayd:  This is 20kms west of Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan.  The SAA assassinated another terrorist commander in Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islamiyya:
Hassan Ba’rabbu

Kinsafraa:  SAA artillery in the Areehaa area devastated Jaysh Al-Nasr headquarters and c&c center at a tiny village called Al-Mawzara.  No other details available.

Shahshabu Mountain:  SAA blasted a Ahraar Al-Shaam HQ and another one for Jaysh Al-Nasr.  As the terrorists were being sauted in Hell-fire, army cannons also struck a warehouse brimming with rockets, mortars and 3 vehicles, all provided by the Saudi rodents.

Latmeen Village:  To the southeast.  Tajammu’ Al-‘Izza, a group known for its exclusively foreign make-up, saw 2 of its pickups with 14.5mm cannons destroyed.  This group is openly trained by the Turks.

Lihaayaa Village:  A Jaysh Al-Fath c&c, monitoring stations and safe house were all destroyed by SAA artillery.

Hurr bi-Nafsihi and Talaf villages were all the targets of SAAF bombers over South Hama.

The ISIS assault on the city of Dayr El-Zor failed.  It’s as simple as that.  Using over 30 suicide bombers driving expensive trucks resulted in successful suicides, only.  The Saudi plan was to break into areas such as the Workers’ and Industrial Quarters.  Attacks on the DZ AB were even more dismally repelled with our soldiers demonstrating vast experience in defending the base whilst our air force continues to fly reconnaissance over rodent positions exposing their every moven to the field commanders.  Russian satellite Intel is also shared generously with the SAA General Staff.
The SAAF and RuAF are flying multiple missions over these areas today: Al-Jab’ah, Al-Junayniyya, Al-Bughayliyya (fortifications destroyed), Al-Jafra, Haawi Khareeta, Zurayr, Muhaymida.  At ‘Ayyaash, yesterday, the SAAF destroyed a reported 11 pickups with 23mm cannons.   
LATAKIA:  Make no mistake about it, the rodents in this province are a disappearing species.  For the last 2 months, they have seen all their fortifications and revetments turned into piles of dust.  And now, we are only hours away from the complete liberation of this region as the army prepares a full frontal assault on Al-Rubay’ah.  And so the saga continues.  The SAA has liberated these new areas:
Al-Baraadoon Dam and Al-Baraadoon Hills
‘Ayn Al-Hawr (Liberated yesterday by the SAA northwest of Salmaa after artillery pounded the rodents into mincemeat)
Al-Ghunayma Village:  Now completely liberated north of ‘Ayn Al-Hawr.
Al-Kaaluksi Mountain
Kitf Al-Qaamoo’
Bayt Sukkar
Khaan Al-Jawz
Bayt Reehaa
Burj Rahmaliyya
And a major terrorist brigade known for electronic warfare
PHOTO OF THE DAY FROM RANA ABBOUD:  Syrian soldiers ham it up for the cameras.  They know victory is at hand.

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