Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Zionist Army Chief: Hezbollah Major Danger Threatening ’Israel’

The Israeli Army Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot stressed that Hezbollah represents the main peril that endangers the Zionist entity, adding that the party is increasing its military power and benefiting from its rich experience in Syria fight.

Eizenkot noted that Hezbollah will also benefit from the Iran's nuclear agreement in order to support its structure militarily and financially.

Zionist analysts approved Eizenkot's statements, considering that Hezbollah has a huge military power and a strategic geographical position which allows it to strike Israel'.

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The Zionist Army revealed its fresh estimations about Hezbollah rocketry power, noting that the party obtained sophisticated Russian anti-ship missiles, Yakhont, which can strike all the marine vessels and oil platforms along the Palestinian coast.

The Zionist sources expressed deep worry about this development, considering that it will tremendous effects on the movement of the Israeli navy.

The sources added that the Zionist army has launched continuous drills to confront Hezbollah threats that include, according to the enemy's analysis, launching anti-ship rockets and abducting Israeli boats.

It is worth to note that Hezbollah managed during 2006 war to strike Zionist Saar 5  warship.
Source: Al Manar TV

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