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’Israel’ Fears the Outcome of Aleppo Battle?

The turning point in the battle for Aleppo, where the Syrian Army achieved a major success after years of little progress in the country's bloody war, happened far from the "Israeli" occupied borders, but it is nevertheless being closely watched by the entity's intelligence.

’Israel’ Fears the Outcome of Aleppo Battle?

The "Israelis" consider that the most important development is that the balance tilted in favor of what they define as the "radical axis", referring to the axis of resistance represented by Iran and Hizbullah.

Though the issue is almost never publicized, the Tel Aviv regime would clearly have preferred a continuation of the status quo ante: a war of attrition between the government and its enemies, whose forces were equal enough that each side had to devote all its resources to this war, thereby largely preventing either from taking any action against the "Israeli" entity.

The resounding success in Aleppo won't merely entrench Assad, but could also bolster the status of its allies and ultimately affect the situation on Syria's border with the occupied Golan Heights.

Since January, the Syrian Army and its allied forces have also had some minor successes on the ground. But its first major success on the ground happened in the last few days, when the army nearly encircled the militants in Aleppo, thereby cutting them off almost completely from the Turkish border and severing most of their supply lines.

The battle in Aleppo, like the entire war, hasn't yet been won. But developments there bolster several emerging "Israeli" conclusions:

First, Russia reinforced its status as a key player in the Middle East, and everyone else must take its views into account. The "Israeli" entity is already doing so, via de-confliction procedures to avoid aerial clashes with the Russians over Syria, but it will have to continue acting cautiously on the northern front so as not to interfere with Moscow's interests.

Second, the operation in Aleppo, at the height of the Geneva talks, once again highlighted America's weakness: It can neither save those it repeatedly defined as the "good guys" in the Syrian war nor block Russia's influence.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly from the standpoint of the "Israeli" so-called security, a victory in Aleppo would urge Assad to increase efforts in southern Syria, in Daraa and then westward toward the Golan Heights.

Violent clashes between the Syrian army and the militants on the Golan would undermine the stability on the Syrian border with the occupied territories, and could ultimately lead to a bigger presence of Hizbullah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard alongside the borders with the "Israeli" entity.

Source: Haaretz, Edited by website team
09-02-2016 | 12:42

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