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Ba’ath Party Youth Vanguards from Hama join the celebrations in Nibbul.  One of the placards announces “No” to Sectarianism”. 

Here are some views of the celebratory atmosphere from Almanar: 

Nubbul and Zahraa after liberation

It’s no longer the breaking of the siege. The Syrian Army has now conquered the towns of Nibbul and Al-Zahraa`.  Accompanied by allies in the Badr Brigades from Iraq, Hizbollah and the National Defense Forces, the army was greeted with the full-throated approbation of a people who had to live for over 3 years in the cross hairs of weapons held by the world’s most mephitic forms of rodenta.  I have been informed that the army opened up a corridor for tons of supplies carried in trucks to mitigate the suffering of the people who have vowed to advance their finest sons and daughters to help the army to exterminate all the Saudi and Turk grubs who have infested the holy land of Syria.    

These are scenes I told you I could not wait to see.  But, the amazing thing was how easy it was to liberate these towns when you had a precise plan backed up by the invincible Russian Air Force.  Most remnant terrorist rodents fled, ignoring the orders of their mostly Saudi commanders.  I have been informed by a giggling Wael that the Saudi trash was taken out to alleyways and beheaded on the spot by angry citizens.  It was glorious.

As a follow-up to the astonishing victories in north Aleppo, the SAA exploited the opportunity to engage the attention of the awkward rodents of northern Homs.  Surely they heard about the triumph at Nibbul and Al-Zahraa`, and just as surely, they probably have started to read the writing on the wall.  The Syrian Army dropped leaflets over their heads in which they were told to “drop your arms or else”.  The message was not totally menacing.  There was a refined alternative:  sign up for amnesty and you’ll go back to a normal life.

Those who had blood on their hands would be dealt with by the prosecution and those who are foreigners would be thrown to the wolves (so to speak).  In any case, they have until February 5, 2016 to surrender.  We suspect hundreds will emerge from the crevices, the holes and sewers in which they had to live in order to perfect the suffering of the Syrian people.  The leaflets concluded with the statement that “the Islamic slogans which guided them were fraudulent”.

DAYR EL-ZOR:  The ISIS rodents are desperate for some stunning victory to outshine their competition in Nusra/Alqaeda.  They sent another 2 miserable specimens from some rancid pond to their deaths in 2 separate trucks.  The trucks came out of terrorist-occupied Huwayjat Al-Muree’iyya intending to breach the southeastern wall of the DZ-AB whose defenders are commanded by the legendary, Maj. Gen. ‘Issaam Zhahreddeen, the officer-paratrooper who is known to fire on the enemy alongside his soldiers at the front lines.

The 2 trucks were spotted by drones and the Intel was directed immediately to the “Mad Druze General”.  It didn’t take a genius of his caliber to figure out that the trucks had to be delayed either by pure destruction or mechanical disability.  Several Kornet and Milan missile operators were deployed to the south side of the road on which the rodents were approaching.  The first driver knew, we believe, that he was going to be sacrificed so that the second driver could pass him and head directly into the wall thereby causing a gap which the rats could invade at night.  We know this because the second truck was fitted with different tires designed for tougher terrain.  In any case, all this is quite academic since the Syrian rangers who fired their missiles did so before the 2 trucks could even get within a quarter mile of the wall.  The trucks were stuffed with military grade TNT and C-4.  The explosions, I understand, were typical of these kinds of operations – the drivers turned into a billion atoms right after their smiling faces transformed to frowns displaying the typical realization of abject failure and the sense that all was for naught.  May they roast slowly in Hell.


Sharmine Narwani sends this must-see report by the BBC about British chicanery in Syria.  It’s unbelievable:

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