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مصدر عسكري: الجيش يسيطر على بلدة كنسبا بريف اللاذقية الشمالي
Soldiers of the Republican Guards celebrating the liberation of Kinsibba.  It is only a few kms from Idlib and our rendezvous with ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini


LATAKIA:  Despite overheard Turkish vituperations, the mostly Chechen trash holed up in Kinsibba decided to leave anyway for western Idlib, specifically Bidaamaa Village which is on the route to the doomed town of Jisr Al-Shughoor after they had lost over 183 of their rodent litter-mates.  The entire province of Latakia which the Saudis wanted to level as a message to Dr. Assad has now been restored to the government in its entirety with little damage.  Efforts by the rodents to shell various localities met with general failure as the army kept the rodents sufficiently far hence such that their shelling had no more of a menace than the sting of a common housefly.  The rats left in total disgrace having done nothing more than desecrate people‘s homes.  The SAA is now conducting wide-ranging mop-up operations including dismantling IEDs and mines which were emplaced to slow down the progress of the army’s land forces.  As we wrote the day before yesterday, SAA-Special Operations units were instrumental in bringing down crucial fortifications whilst the Russian Air Force turned the northern areas of the town into a living, burning Hell.  JIsr Al-Shughoor is next on the menu.  The SAA has also liberated the Shalaf Citadel, Al-Qastal, Al-‘Eedu, Marj Al-Zaawiya, Sheer Al-Quboo’Jabal Al-‘Amooli and Point 422 about 8 hours ago.

الجيش السوري

Syrian Army stalwarts beam down from the Shalaf Citadel which they just liberated a few hours ago.

Watch the Tiger Forces take control over the Thermal Power Station in east Aleppo:  (Thanks, Khaled)

SAA engineers are working night and day to restore electricity.

The Turks have injected 500+ terrorists to the defenders at A’zaaz which they want to make into their laughable capital of a 10-kilometer deep safety zone.  It has been reported that nearly every one of these rodents is from Central Asia or the areas north of the Black Sea.  They are not even trying any longer to make it seem like a Syrian Civil War.  It’s now an open secret that the crisis in Syria is being promoted by 2 American allies: Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  However, as we wrote in an article this week, there is a wide chasm between supporting terrorist groups and doing it yourself when a big bear is swimming off the waters of Latakia and Tartous.   The rodents were allowed to enter Syria through the Baab Al-Salaam Crossing right under the supervision of the Turk MIT.


Al-Tayyiba Village:  Liberated completely as of February 15, 2016.  All fortifications were destroyed.  26 rodents surrendered and are now warbling.

These areas are now under tight artillery control: Baab Al-Nayrab Quarter, Karm Al-Qaatirji, Al-Shaykh Khudhr, Al-Ansaari Quarter.

Tal Rif’aat:  Kurdish patriotic forces are at the gates of this terribly important locale.  Expect liberation during the next 72 hours.

Al-Baab:  Terrorist chatter indicates a desire to relocate.  Over 70 ISIS hyenas have died here under SAAF bombing during the last 48 hours.

Another 80+ ISIS cockroaches have been declared killed by ISIS itself during the last 48 hours at these villages and towns northeast of the city by about 70kms:

Jubb Ghibsha
Tal ‘Alam
Dayr Qaaq

Along with the dead vermin, the SAAF has confirmed destroying 16 vehicles and a major command-control center.


Barlaheen Village: Liberated
Al-Seen Village:  Liberated
Kafr-Naahaa Village:  Liberated
Misqaan Village:  Liberated
Ihris Village:  Liberated
Kafr Naasih: Liberated

City:  Al-Raashideen, Al-Raamoosa, Al-Saakhoor.  All are under heavy artillery fire as the SAA prepares for the cleansing assault.

Tal ‘Areesh: ISIS nest annihilated along with all fortifications.
Al-Qaarootiyya Village: ISIS nests destroyed north of Al-Sufayra.
Turaydiyya Village:  More ISIS casualties from the air.

Qabbaaseen Village:  North of Al-Baab.  A storehouse for weapons and ammo destroyed with a confirmed 4 rats killed.
Al-Barqoom Village:  A command-control center destroyed.
Al-Hulluk:  Inside the northern capital where my departed close friend, Missak Tikoyan, was born.  Artillery pounding the area.
Al-Shuqayf, Ma’arrat Al-Arteeq, Yaaqid Village near Huraytaan:  All being pulverized as I write.



A truck hauling a big payload of land mines designed to disable tanks was stopped, searched and seized.  Security forces set up an ambush for the driver who began warbling like some barroom thrush as soon as he realized his miserable little plan had gone to Hell.  The truck crossed over from Eastern Der’ah into Suwaydaa` but was being tracked at all times.  The origin of the 246 landmines and some of the mortar shells was Jordan, and before that the Zionist Obscenity. 

Another Turk convoy blown up by heroes of freedom, this time near the southeastern city of Diyaar-Bakr.  Te hee hee. 


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