Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Mujtahid Attributes Saudi Move against Lebanon to Captagon Scandal

CaptagonSaudi political activist, Mujtahid, said that the Saudi decision to halt the military aids program to the Lebanese army and security forces has nothing to do with the stances of Hezbollah and Lebanon’s government.
On his Twitter account, the political activist asserted that the collapse of the negotiations which aimed at releasing the Saudi prince on charges of drug trafficking pushed KSA to take the decision.
“The Kingdom is trying to press all the Lebanese factions to release the Saudi prince in return for the aids.”
Mujtahid added that the resignation of the Lebanese justice minister Ashraf Rifi is due to the cause of “Captagon Prince” as well.
The Saudi Prince Abol Mohsen ben Walid ben Abdol Mohsen ben Abdol Aziz was arrested by the Lebanese security forces at Neirut International airport for attempting to smuggle two tons of Captagon pills into KSA.
Source: Al-Manar Website
22-02-2016 – 16:09 Last updated 22-02-2016 – 16:09
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