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ALEPPO:  Other than publishing the names of the Syrian government’s delegation to the Geneva-3 talks, we haven’t really paid much attention to what many sites in the Alternative Media call “farcical”.  I don’t agree that the talks in Geneva are “farcical”.  I just disagree with the word.  A farce is usually something funny, often a light comedy with characters who bungle their way through some challenge which, in itself, is absurd.  I often leave theatres in a jovial mood after sitting through an elegant, and well-scripted farce.  But, the talks in Geneva are, actually, just “useless” or “pathetic”.
Without a Kurdish delegation, the talks are doomed.  And, as long as the Saudis cast a simian shadow over the meeting, you can be assured nothing can come of it.  The Turks don’t want the Kurds involved.  The Saudis want their favorite internationally recognized terrorists to be involved.  Does anybody wonder why Dr. Bashaar Al-Ja’fari declared the entire opposition delegation to be a “bunch of amateurs with no experience in politics”?
The Syrian opposition, besides always asking for Dr. Assad to step down as president of the republic, are now insisting frenetically on a “cease-fire”, for one; a “cessation to all sieges laid by the government”, for two; and “a release of all detainees”, for three; “humanitarian aid to deprived areas even though it is the terrorists who prevent the aid from arriving, for four.  The real meaty issue now, however, is getting the Syrian Army to stop defeating the terrorists, most importantly in Aleppo.  They are watching in Geneva the unfolding of a catastrophic debacle because of which the SAA is now able to completely cut off all supply lines from Turkey.  (See our Al-Manar article in the News section below).  The Turks, in the meanwhile, are testing Russia’s patience by massing forces and even entering Syria in violation of international law.  By doing so, the Turks have taken themselves out of the NATO alliance’s mutual-defense protocols because they are instigating conflict.
There are critical developments taking place today and the Syrian opposition, which is mostly made up of mercenaries hired by Saudi Arabia, is receiving daily and hourly reports about the cesspool in which their terrorist heroes are finding themselves.
I have written substantially about the significance of ‘Anadaan before.  It is the northern gateway into Aleppo and is crucial for control over the northern capital.  Only a few hours ago, the SAA established unchallenged control over the Maayir-‘Anadaan Road.  This is the most important single supply route for the terrorists inside Aleppo.  No more.  Add to that the sudden, unexpected SAA assault on all rat positions on the Aleppo-A’zaaz Road to Turkey.  That route is now also completely controlled by the SAA.   As I write, I can confirm to all readers that the terrorist defenses, all their fortifications and revetments are now a thing of the past in the northern rural area of Aleppo as testified to by hundreds of intercepted communications between them and their Turk/Saudi/British handlers.  And now, for even more tartness, the SAAF has dropped thousands of leaflets over all areas controlled by rodents.  The gist of the leaflet is that residents had better start evicting their unwanted pests because a dome of fire is going to descend on their neighborhoods very soon.  The alternative in the leaflet is that residents should leave their areas temporarily in order to allow the army to blast the rodents out.  Residents are asked to turn in foreign terrorists to the security services, the NDF or the SAA.

All the while, the 4th Mechanized Armored Division is taking position around the besieged towns of Nibbul and Al-Zahraa`.  The assault will start any hour now.  Already, reports are coming in to us indicating large-scale defections and desertions among the Nusra/Alqaeda rodents with many being shot on sight while driving away.  I am predicting an easier-than-normal breaking of the siege and I expect an announcement during the next 48 hours.  I can’t wait to see the throngs of long-suffering Syrian citizens emerge from their hovels to greet the victorious army of Syria, of the Ba’ath, of the people.  I would not want to be a captured foreign rodent when HZB or the PDC comes in for the Day of Judgment.
There are vague reports in several reliable media sites declaring a “mass defection” to the Syrian Army by northern former rodent terrorists.  I am watching this development carefully and will bring detailed information upon receipt.  In the meantime, rodents are calling for “general mobilization” in the north Aleppo area and for reinforcements from Idlib – which we believe will never come.

Anadaan Town:  An unnamed Nusra/Alqaeda leader has been killed here by SAA artillery.

Maayer-Ma’rasat Al-Khaan Road:  This is another major supply artery to the rodents who have escaped from other areas.  It is now under the control of the Syrian Army.  This road is important for the lifting of the siege at Nibbul and Al-Zahraa`.

Ma’arasat Al-Khaan Hamlet:  This is the only obstacle before the SAA reaches Nibbul and Al-Zahraa`.  Yesterday, the SAA destroyed 4 pickups with 23mm cannons and undefined weapons and ammunition.  This area has a high concentration of rodents belonging to Nusra/Alqaeda and Ahraar Al-Shaam.

Rutyaan:  Syrian Army now has complete artillery control over this town.  It is south of the recently liberated village of Hardatneen.  Artillery purportedly killed 5 rodents there last night.

Heavy fighting in Tal Rif’at and Maari’ with no details.  The SAAF has flown 150+ sorties over this area during the last 24 hours.

Al-‘Uwaynaat Village:  Just liberated by the SAA in ISIS-controlled area of rural east Aleppo.

Bayaanoon Hatchery:  The SAA has destroyed a rat position.  No other details.

Terrorist rodent web sites have acknowledged these dear departed:
‘Umar Qateesh (Var: Qutaysh) Leader of Kataa`ib Rijaal-Ullaah (The Brigades of the Men of God, yawn)
Abu Hamza Al-Halabi   (His deputy)
Muhammad Hamdu Al-Haayik
Muhammad Haytham Qinti


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