Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Turkey the center of equipping terrorists and causing Europe's Tsunami Migration

A Europe MP announced that they have recently obtained documents that testifies to the Turkish help and support of terrorist groups in Syria and ISIS.

According to "AWD NEWS" news agency, in an interview with "Lobe log" news agency, "Kati Piri" an EU MP and a member of EU Turkey parliament friendship group said ISIS oil purchase by Turkey is quite serious, Turkish intelligence agencies have a pivotal role in conspiring for Syrian refugees EU migration tsunami and this has actually undermined European national security. European Parliament will not let go of these problems and Turkey should be held accountable in this regard.

This EUMP also said Turkey's EU accession process is faced with very serious problems and has become almost impossible.

Based on this report, in another interview in Europe with Sacad Kerim, another member of EU Turkey parliament friendship group, also known as Saudi lobby in Europe, the lobe log news agency confirms Kati Piri's statements about Turkish pivotal role in equipping extremist terrorist groups in Syria and also quoted him as saying: EU parliament will legally persecute Turkish officials and those of the justice and development party  and will call for a EU MP's strict crackdown on granting visas to Turkish citizens for possible terrorist incidents.

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