Thursday, 24 March 2016

Ahmed Dawabsha Returns Home from Spain

In the photo above we see five-year-old Ahmed Dawabsha greeting the children of his village of Duma after returning home from Spain. I have a feeling when this kid grows up he’s going to be one special human being.
In case you’re not familiar with his story, Ahmed is the only surviving member of his family. His younger brother, 18-month-old Ali, was killed instantly when Jewish settlers in the West Bank carried out an arson attack on the family home last summer. His mother and father, Riham and Sa’ad, died later of their injuries. Ahmed, as you can see from the photo, suffered major burns, but has emerged whole. He is now being cared for by his grandfather.
After his release from the hospital, young Ahmed got to make a trip to Spain, where he had a chance to meet stars from the Real Madrid professional football club, including his idol, Christiano Ronaldo.
I have posted several articles about Ahmed, most recently this one, posted about a month ago, which includes a photo of the young boy staring at a poster of his martyred family. The article mentions that villagers in Duma remained worried about possible future attacks. Their fears proved warranted this past Sunday when arsonists attacked a second home in Duma, that of Ibrahim Dawabsha, who happens to be the only witness to last summer’s attack. An Israeli settler has been charged with murder in that case, but has not yet gone to trial.
Ibrahim Dawabsha and his wife were able to escape their burning home this past Sunday.

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