Tuesday, 8 March 2016


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Al-Ays and Al-Ays Mountain:  The rodents came from nowhere.  Actually, they came from Idlib in part to create a new front as a diversion for the Syrian Army and its numerous allies on the field of battle.  The assault was a surprise to the defenders and the rats quickly took over this area which has a specific strategic quality in that it overlooks the Aleppo-Damascus-Der’ah Highway.  It also enjoys a swift exit to Idlib if the situation requires the kind of constant withdrawal to which the rats have become accustomed since the end of September 2015.
The town itself is only important because the inhabitants are loyal to the state and must be protected.  It’s the elevation at Al-Ays Mountain which is militarily significant.  The rat plans were obvious by the nature of the equipment they intended to deploy in order to cut the highway in order to block the arrival of even more reinforcements for the expected assault on A’zaaz, a battle which may involve Turkish troops in direct confrontation with both the Syrian and Russian militaries.
Jund Al-Aqsaa means the “Soldiers of the Aqsaa Mosque” in Jerusalem.  It is mainly made up of foreigners, many from Palestine with a smattering of Jordanians.   It is a takfiri group with loyalties to Wahhabist Saudi Arabia which provides it with salaries, amphetamines and weapons.  Yesterday, those weapons fell into the hands of the Syrian Army and we, for the umpteenth time, want to extend our appreciation and gratitude to the Saudi monkeys for their munificence.  I know I speak for all loyal Syrians when I say “thanks a million” for the weapons we are going to be using to exterminate the entire House of Saud.
There were 350 terrorists involved in the attack on Al-Ays.  They appeared out of nowhere under cover of fog and quickly took over PDC and SAA checkpoints at the highway using about 9 pickups with 23mm cannons.  Before they reached their destination, Syrian Army High Command directed 2 fully mechanized battalions from the Third Mechanized Armored Division into the battle while Russian and Syrian bombers turned the elevations at Al-Ays Mountain into an inferno.  Once the rats realized they could not position at the heights, they left their weapons behind in order to escape the soaring birds of prey streaking over their heads.  At this moment, PDC are scouring the countryside searching for terrorist rodents who chose to leave the field of battle with their boots on.
The SAA knew by 4:00 a.m. today they had restored government authority when a terrorist rodent calmly told his commander with a Palesteezian accent in Idlib that “I’m going back. We’re all going back.  It’s a mess (anarchy)”  (انا راجع …..كلنا راجعين….هي كلها فوضى).
SAA-MI has conducted a field assessment and counted 64 rat carcasses.

The Saker envisions a crackpot Turk-Saudi gambit that will engulf the world: (Thanks, Nick Reardon)
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