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AL-RAQQA:  There are operatives working for the Syrian government inside Al-Raqqa City.  Their work is sensitive and they have to exercise great caution since the mere suspicion they are working to undermine the rule of ISIS will land them in front of a video camera which will memorialize their dreory execution.  There are hundreds of men and women inside the city who regularly report events to both the media and the government in Damascus.  The most important group is the Ba’ath Party Vanguards.  Dressed often as ordinary peasants or denizens of the poor quarters, they mix with the people and gather information about ISIS, its family structure, command structure and troop movements.  Their military role has not been activated until very recently as the Syrian Army begins the ineluctable flow eastward to liberate the city from the plague of Islamist heresies.
The majority of ISIS terrorists are foreigners, many from Pakistan, Tajikistan, Chechnya, Daghestan, Malaysia, Sinkiang Province China, Bangla Desh, Turkey and Libya, to name but a few of the countries which have provided Syria with this cancer.  They are kept in homogeneous groups to prevent confusion arising from differences in language.  If a Chechen, for example, speaks Arabic, he is regularly appointed as a “liaison officer”.  Where Turks speak Urdu, a language they may have learned while working in Pakistan or the Arabian Gulf, they are placed in a location to best communicate with Pakistani rodents.  The problem of language is at the core of ISIS’s major difficulty in mobilizing its units.
Moreover, many ISIS recruits brought their entire immediate families to the “Islamic State” in a move calculated to provide them with a life under the resplendence of the Great Caliph of Cockadoodledoo, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi, many of them idealists who imagined Utopia to be all the more perfect in the way it suffocates the human spirit, infusing it with infinite ignorance and a black hole for its teleology.  The presence of families, squatters really, makes movement substantially more difficult since a putative male head of household would have to make arrangements to get his rodent-wife and mini-rats out lest they fall into the hands of a very vindictive platoon of militiamen who do not operate under the rules of a disciplined army like that of the Syrian government.
One of the major problems has been European terrorists coming in from Holland, Denmark, Germany or England.  They differ greatly from the terrorists who originate in the poorer Asian countries.  Oftentimes, they are simply motivated by anger toward an insensitive European government, not by any religious devotion to the Idiot-God to which the Caliph directs his meaningless prayers.  They are rebelling against the secular iciness of an industrial society that slides Islam into a pigeonhole atop which a label is plastered announcing: “Just Another Belief System”.   Once inside the Caliphate, with its austere view of mankind’s temporal existence, many have revolted, making efforts to escape the clutches of a government obsessed with blood-sport, grisly display and albophobia.  Hundreds of terrorists now infest Europe – but, they may not be as dangerous as some suspect in light of the chastening nature of living in a universe of dread and doom such as the one created by Barack Obama and his slimy allies in Saudi Arabia (with a little help from Saddam’s “Ba’ath”).  Many might revel in the freedoms they have in Europe especially after their introduction to the asphyxiating life of the average ISIS grunt.
With many seasoned Iraqi officers overseeing the building of fortifications and the planting of mines and IEDs; with many Afghan veterans exhibiting the training they received at the hands of the United States and Britain, the society inside Al-Raqqa appears self-absorbed – not a care in the world.  Why, they have opened schools (“madrasas”) where children are taught mostly how to end their lives with a smile on their face as they blow themselves up among innocent strangers in marketplaces.  This is a place where scholarship is a fast track to oblivion.

The morale of the population is at a record depressed level.  The propagandists regularly kite the same lies about how the people of Al-Raqqa still stand against the government.  Well, that’s just amazing because our information is that the people of the city are clamoring to provide Intel to anyone who will listen, mostly to the Syrian government which they have suddenly started to appreciate.  The people know the army is moving toward the city.  At the head of the army is Major General Suhayl (“The Tiger”) Al-Hassan who has been tasked with the enviable job of exterminating the ISIS rats.
The Ba’ath Party, as everyone knows, had a large branch inside the province with many operatives remaining inside after the fall of Al-Raqqa City, at the behest of the party’s Security Bureau, (الامن الحزبي), an agency which monitors members for moral lapses and, even, defection, in order to keep tabs on developments.  The members were also tasked with mapping out locations of enemy defenses, fortifications, revetments and traps designed to slow the movement of the army once it entered the city.  Throughout the last 9 months, the SAA and its allies in the Kurdish militias have been successfully smuggling weapons into the city and placing them in easily accessible locations for the fighters who will spearhead the attack on ISIS when the SAA appears on the horizon. Many of those in the Ba’ath are former active duty soldiers whose tours of duty ended.  They still have the training either from the army or the Ba’ath Party Vanguards.  They are a formidable enemy whose patience has run out with life under the obnoxious hypocrisy of Wahhabism.
Yesterday, an ISIS gunman was found garroted professionally in an alleyway giving upon the river.  In 5 quarters of Al-Raqqa, people rebelled against the various Gauleiters, appointed by the Caliph of Cuckoo himself, raising the flag of the republic proudly in defiance of the empty and vacuous platitudes about the oneness of God, as though polytheists still existed in the Islamic World.  This is not a war against ISIS.  It is a war against vapidity.  ISIS commanders ordered a security clampdown with attendant curfews in those quarters where the republican flags were raised.  Many ISIS rodents have refused orders to invade the areas to look for homes hiding the flags out of fear they shan’t return in one piece.  The ISIS scourge is coming to an end, just as it is in Idlib.
DAYR EL-ZOR:  This has been the most trying center of battle for ISIS.  It is reachable easily from Iraq with its vast desert opening up a thousand entry points into Syria for supplies and reinforcements, and, yet, the inept former Iraqi officers cannot break the will of the Republican Guard commanded by the legendary Maj. General ‘Issaam Zhahreddeen.


Al-Muree’iyya:  One day after we reported the action at the Agricultural College, the SAAF continued operations on ISIS command-control centers.  5 sorties were flows with 12 targets being struck with uncanny precision.

Al-Bughayliyya:  A fortification and command-control center were annihilated by the SAAF.
HAMA/IDLIB:  Abu Dhuhoor Town:  11 Nusra/Alqaeda rodents confirmed killed by the SAA and PDC.  A headquarters-cum-C&C was also destroyed in this area about 50kms southeast of Idlib.

Jarjanaaz:  A nest with 7 rats of Al-Nusra destroyed.  It is 10kms east of Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan.

Atma Village:  A group calling itself “Faylaq Al-Shaam” suffered the indignity of a Syrian Army Military Intelligence IED exploding at the side of its 4-wheel drive Toyota pickup armed with the usual Doschka right on the Turk border.  3 rodents were instantly killed.

Hamaadi ‘Umar:  SAA artillery struck ISIS destroying 2 pickups with 23mm cannons.

Al-Shaykh Hilaal:  More artillery struck ISIS destroying 1 pickup near Atharyaa-Khanaassir Road.

Salamiyya:  Near Mafkar/Birri east of Rasm Al-Teena in the rural areas, the SAA and PDC hit ISIS very hard and took down 5 vehicles and an armored car.

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