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In Observance of Israeli Apartheid Week

Posted on March 7, 2016
Israeli Apartheid Week is being observed in a number of different countries this week, including South Africa…
Press Statement: Palestinian Christians Call on South African Churches to Support #IsraeliApartheidWeek
Writing from the Holy Town of Bethlehem, the Palestinian Christian organization Kairos Palestine, has called on South African Churches to participate and support this year’s #IsraeliApartheidWeek. Their letter reads to the SA Churches and members of the Christian community reads:
Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,
“[W]e write from Palestine to express our thanks and appreciation for your solidarity; the solidarity of all South Africans with our people, our struggle, and our quest for liberation and freedom. With great appreciation we turn to South Africa and its preparation for theIsraeli Apartheid Week from 7th – 13th of March 2016. Today, such events are more important than ever, because of the increase in discrimination, violence and apartheid imposed on us Palestinians who have suffered Israeli occupation for almost 50 years now.”
“We, Palestinian Christians, call upon you, head of churches, church communities and brothers and sisters in faith in South Africa to campaign and advocate for greater awareness of the Palestinian struggle in general and the plight of Palestinian Christians in particular. We ask you to dedicate Sunday services during that week to pray for and reflect on the plight of your Palestinian fellows who have suffered under apartheid for decades…”
“The voices of Palestinian Christians have been drowned out in the turmoil of events; the Western narrative about the ‘Promised Land’ dominates theological discourses in Palestine/Israel and justifies injustices towards Palestinians. As active, responsible, and believing Christians, it is time to review Christian theology and promote a true, Christian way of resisting injustice and work for a just peace – in the Middle East and in the world.We wish you a successful week, full of hope and faith and led by the most essential Christian value of Love. Our prayers are with you during this important event.” (Click here to read the full letter).

In an attempt to highlight the plight of Palestinian Christians living under Israeli Apartheid, this year, the official movie which will screened in various South African cities and towns as part of #IsraeliApartheidWeek is “The Stones Cry Out”. The movie documents the plight of the Palestinian Christian community (click here for a trailer, or email southafrica.iaw@gmail.com for a free copy).

In the past various South African Church leaders have lent their support to the #IsraeliApartheidWeek (click here).


#IsraeliApartheidWeek (IAW) is an annual international series of events (including rallies, lectures, cultural performances, music shows, films and workshops) that raises awareness of Israel’s apartheid policies, violations of international law and human rights abuses toward the indigenous Palestinian people. It is endorsed in South Africa by over 85 organizations including our ruling party, the ANC, and takes place in over 250 cities across the world.

Members of the media are invited to an interfaith press conference today (Sunday, 6 March 2016) at Freedom Park Museum (Corner Koch & 7th Avenue, Pretoria starting at 11am). The press conference will launch the South African leg of the annual international #IsraeliApartheidWeek awareness-raising campaign taking place in SA between 7 and 13 March. Speakers at the press conference will include representatives and leaders from the Hindu, Jewish, Tamil, Christian, Muslim and other communities.
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