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Iraqi Hezbollah popular forces: “Deployment of more U.S. ground troops to Iraq is a plot to help Daesh”


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Iraqi Hezbollah Blasts Deployment of Marines as US Plot to Help ISIL

Fars News Agency, 21 March 2016 ~ The Hezbollah movement in Iraq warned that the US deployment of its marines in the country is meant to help the ISIL terrorist group.
According to al-Mayadeen news channel, the Hezbollah battalions underlined that the US has sent its forces to Iraq to further assist the ISIL, stressing its resistance against Washington’s occupation of the regional states.
The US announced on Sunday it will put more troops on the ground in Iraq after a marine was killed in an ISIL rocket barrage.
Troops from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit will add to American forces, the Pentagon said, despite the Iraqi government’s emphasis that it doesn’t need foreign forces to fight against the terrorists.
It was unclear exactly how many marines would be deployed, but the move was made to bolster security at a coalition base near Makhmur in Northern Iraq.



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Iraqi Forces Infiltrate into Heart of ISIL Land in Kirkuk

Fars News Agency, 17 March 2016 ~ The Iraqi popular forces broke the ISIL defense lines in the Northern province of Kirkuk and infiltrated into the central parts of ISIL-controlled regions.
The Iraqi forces reached the Central parts of al-Hawija city in Kirkuk and planted bombs in the region.
After the successful operations, they managed to flee the scene and deploy their forces in secure areas.
The volunteer forces then exploded the planted bombs by remote-control systems, destroying the terrorists’ command center in Hawija.

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Fars News Agency
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