Monday, 28 March 2016

Palmyra liberated: the day after, video collection

The Syrian Arab Army troops were out in force on the streets of Palmyra after recapturing the ancient city and its encompassing UNESCO World Heritage site from the so called Islamic State (Daesh, IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).
Soldiers on the ground thanked Russia for their contribution, explaining that they had taken Palmyra’s hills with the help of Russian aerial assistance.
Syrian army soldiers are currently in the process of securing the ancient city, rooting out unexploded devices at various locations across the city.
Numerous bombs and booby traps have been scattered across the region by IS who were repelled from the region on Sunday.
On Monday, news came from the head of the Russian General Staff Valeri Gerasimov that Russia will be sending in bomb disposal experts and technology to assist in the mission.
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Syrian army retakes Palmyra from Daesh
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