Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Professor Tony Martin on the Jewish Role in the Slave Trade

We often hear about Jewish involvement in the Civil Rights Movement.  According to some Jewish scholars, 75% of Martin Luther King’s finances were paid by Jewish sources. Some insist that many of Martin Luther King’s speeches were actually writtenStanley Levison. According to Professor Tony Martin, this may explain MLK’s attitude to anti-Semitism as reflected in his last book.
Jewish history has a black side to it that is not flattering. Dr. Martin has reached the conclusion that Jews dominated the slave trade. The black American academic has also speculated that Jewish and Zionist support for the Civil Rights movement was driven by Jewish self interest. This suggestion made Professor Martin the subject of an orchestrated Jewish onslaught led by the ADL, AJC and Jewish student unions. In the following video Professor Martin speaks about his studies and the abuses that he has endured for articulating his ideas.

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