Thursday, 17 March 2016

Russian Partial Withdrawal from Syria Won’t Weaken Assad, Iran and Russia Military Mission in Syria to Continue

ZakharovaA spokeswoman for Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that the withdrawal of the main part of Russia’s armed forces in Syria would not weaken Assad, Interfax reported.
Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman, added that the main theme of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to Russia next week would be Syria, Reuters reported.
On Monday, Putin announced Russian forces would begin withdrawing from Syria less than six months after they began an air campaign in the country on Sep. 30.
Putin said Russia’s objective in Syria had been “fulfilled.”
Source: Agencies
16-03-2016 – 15:19 Last updated 16-03-2016 – 15:19
Iran and Russia will continue their mission as military advisory for Syria to help fight with terrorism, secretary of the Supreme National Security Council said.
ShamkhaniAli Shamkhani described Russian forces’ recent move to leave Syria a preplanned action based on due coordination. Fight with terrorism has not halted but still continues, he said.
Syrian army, with the help of military advisory by Iran and Russia, continues advancing towards the regions where terrorist groups threaten security of both people and region, he stressed.
Any plan which aims to ignore the role of the Syrian nation to decide for their fate is doomed to failure, he added.
At the outset, efforts to weaken the Syrian system have been made by the US and Israel in order to make the resistance in the region less powerful, he said adding certain regional countries unfortunately followed such American-Israeli plot.
On the issue of Hezbollah, Shamkhani condemned the decision made by Arab League and Persian Gulf Cooperation Council to label Lebanon’s Hezbollah as ‘terrorist group’.
He further appreciated some countries which were vigilant against such decision and did not accept it.
Hezbollah has played leading role in defeating the terrorist groups in Syria as well as ensuring the security in Lebanon, he added.
Source: IRNA
16-03-2016 – 13:56 Last updated 16-03-2016 – 13:56

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